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Assault on America, Day 576: Bored Democrats politicizing COVID-19 to petrify America

Joe Biden Campaign Ad
Tedious Democrats savage Trump for COVID-19, but it’s all partisan hot air

Let’s face it -- it must be boring to be a Democrat.

Imagine going to work everyday knowing precisely what you have to do and say all day long. Like telemarketers reading from a script and a quota of 30 calls an hour, Democrats sound as though they’re handed a set of talking points by some message-spinner consultant in an undisclosed location, from which they’re expected to make media appearances and tout the party line regardless of the facts or circumstances that contradict their message.

That’s it. Democrats are glorified telemarketers. If politics is showbiz for ugly people, then liberals excel at acting the part.

It’s definitely the case for liberal party members during the Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus pandemic. With the public remaining in semi-permanent fright mode over something we can neither see nor thoroughly understand, Democrats reason all they need to do is talk about how President Donald Trump was slow to react to the danger, didn’t take the necessary steps to combat it (whatever they are), is racist or xenophobic in blaming the Chinese, and most of all, isn’t leading the country through this (purported) time of trial.

Mainstream establishment media reports fan the panic in those most gullibly susceptible to a malady far more toxic and ominous than anything a raging flu bug could ever inflict: commonly known as fear. Many Americans seem to have forgotten the basic lesson that “Chicken Little syndrome” taught us as children, namely that any old alarmist can claim the sky is falling, but after a while, when the heavens remain up above the land, it isn’t true.

So Democrats rely on echoing the same hysteric doomsday hyperbole, over and over again. In an op-ed titled, “COVID-stricken USA is desperate for a strong leader. Instead we have Trump.Senator Kamala Harris wrote at USA Today, “[Trump] failed to follow the science or listen to public health experts. He failed to address the longstanding disparities that the pandemic put on full display. He failed to solve the underlying public health crisis that caused and prolonged the economic collapse. And when the American people and the news media raised the president’s failures, he responded with insults and lies. America is desperate for a strong, competent and honest leader [who do you think she’s talking about?] who seizes the moment, takes responsibility and does everything possible to solve the crises plaguing our country. Instead, we have Donald Trump.

“And the results have been disastrous…

“Solutions are out there; we just need competent leaders who know how to listen, lead with empathy and get things done. People across the country are begging the president and his Republican boosters in Congress to approach these crises with the seriousness they deserve, recognize their missteps and work on behalf of the people who sent them to Washington. If they can’t, it’s time for them to move aside and let real leaders lead.”

Harris’s last point is particularly humorous. With the quadrennial election less than 100 days away, it’s every Democrat’s fantasy to see Trump apologetically own up to his incompetence, selfishness and lack of foresight and simply resign his elected office. The moment would be further enhanced if the president were to fall to one knee and raise his fist in the air, sporting a “Joe Biden for president” mask and sneering like an Antifa street terrorizer. He could then slink back to New York City to live out his years staring down at the yellow “Black Lives Matter” mural painted on fifth avenue in front of Trump Tower.

They reason -- that dang Trump, he’s gonna get what he deserves! Why bother with the voting when polls show Americans overwhelmingly think he’s a failure!

Not to get too far off track here, but the above referenced BLM artwork was “vandalized” again last weekend, purportedly the fourth time someone purposely ventured out to express their own opinions on the validity of the “movement.” Speaker Nancy Pelosi basically dismissed the recent statue-destroying wave of vandalism occurring all across the country with an arrogant wave of her hand and flatly stating, “People will do what they do.” Is the same true of souls who dump paint on the Black Lives Matter mural(s)? Or is it just racism to even touch the thing? “Leaders” like Harris and Grampa Joe Biden must inform us of the distinction!

More to the point, Democrats have been uniformly spouting the same “he didn’t take it seriously” nonsense from day one figuring it’s the easiest and most convenient line of attack that can’t be countered or disproved. If signing trillion dollar relief bills, proffering guidelines (30 Days to Control the Spread), conducting daily press events and working overtime to ensure that governors’ demands for help were answered isn’t “taking it seriously,” it’s hard to imagine what would satisfy the complainers.

Like with everything else Trump does as president, liberals chastised his administration’s response as too little and too late. This isn’t news. The opposition faction in a two-party system isn’t expected to agree with the contingent in power, perhaps excepting in national emergencies. If this is truly such an occasion, as they maintain, then it would behoove Democrats to support Trump’s efforts rather than resorting to submitting op-eds making blatantly untrue claims about “ignoring” the “seriousness” of the pandemic.

All along, it seems, Trump was aligned with those advocating for gradual but sensible reopening of businesses and schools, reasoning that shutting everything down and essentially paying people not to work would have disastrous social consequences that couldn’t be neatly measured by positive test cases and…deaths. Harris and company can sit atop their high horses and point fingers all they like, but with the federal government’s “relief” money dwindling and the virus still not completely contained, what exactly is it that they recommend?

“Leader” Harris would send lots of borrowed federal money to people. Problem solved!

In her piece, Harris mentioned the “Save Our Street” Act, which she introduced with “Squad” member Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts. The senator claims the legislation “gets resources to neighborhood businesses — local mom-and-pop establishments like nail salons, barber shops and bodegas — instead of deep-pocketed companies that can weather the storm.”

For what it’s worth, I didn’t know what the heck a “bodega” was -- had to look it up. “Bodega is the Spanish word for ‘warehouse.’ When Spanish-speaking people began arriving in New York in large numbers during the first half of the 20th Century, they brought this word with them to describe small stores selling a variety of items including packaged food, beverages, cigarettes, newspapers, and candy.”

Sounds quaint, don’t it? Hence, snobby elitist Harris uses colloquial terms like Mom & Pop shops and “bodegas” to make it sound as though she and her political henchmen care more than the cold, unfeeling, capitalism-loving Trump about the average business owner in the cities and towns. However, Democrats, their media allies and Trump’s so-called “conservative” enemies are hypocrites. Whereas big box stores like Walmart, Costco and Home Depot were permitted to remain open during the lockdowns as “essential businesses,” the rest of the closings were highly arbitrary, including shuttering churches and other houses of worship.

Instead of more borrowed federal money for mom and pop shops and “bodegas,” couldn’t these establishments simply be given the green light to operate with social distancing, masks where appropriate -- indoors -- and recommended sterilization techniques? And let the people decide whether they feel it’s “safe” to patronize these places. Were there never any viruses or sickness inducing bacteria prior to the CCP virus? Anyone who’s been to Subway must realize the store is chock full of bacteria, yet that $5 footlong special was just too enticing to pass up.

We don’t live in a germ-proof bubble, do we? Ever been to an amusement park? Touch the handrail while waiting in line for Space Mountain at Disneyland and everyone over the age of ten realizes it’s been handled dozens if not hundreds of times since the last cleaning. How about riding on an airplane or staying in a hotel? Doesn’t someone’s immune system -- and personal hygiene -- factor in here somewhere? Or is Trump equally responsible for every time a human being gets the sniffles?

Yes, the (forgive the term) health Nazis will swear that COVID-19 is SO much worse than the flu, but why aren’t people dropping like flies with the number of positive cases supposedly accelerating? Worldwide deaths are still well below 700,000 in a global population of almost 8 billion. The “WorldOMeter” reflects births and deaths this year. Hint: the population is still rising… rapidly.

Other “solutions” Harris advanced in her op-ed were the “The Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act,” which is co-sponsored by crazy Bernie Sanders and nutso liberal idiot Sen. Ed Markey. It would provide up to $2000 a month for those who qualify. This is your standard Universal Basic Income proposal -- welfare for (almost) all! Lastly, Kamala talked about banning evictions and foreclosures for a year! Gee, such a move wouldn’t have any adverse consequences, right? Perhaps we all could stop paying rent and mortgages while feigning sickness and citing the coronavirus. Talk about a society-wide breakdown.

Perspective, please. The world isn’t coming to an end.

Let’s get some perspective here. This mysterious virus devastates a small percentage of folks but leaves the vast majority who contract it with very light or undetectable symptoms. Past closures were intended to allow the health system to adequately prepare for an influx of patients. Overcrowded hospitals occurred in a few places but in general, the predicted mass wave of sick and dying never materialized. There just isn’t any further justification for placing shackles on people trying to make a living.

And it’s true no matter what Kamala Harris -- and Joe Biden -- claim or what Dr. Anthony Fauci says. The nation’s top disease “expert” has been wrong as often as a TV weatherman yet the media still holds him up as though he’s the all-knowing, all-seeing guru of life preservation.

The other day, Joe Biden said “You can’t get this country going again without dealing with COVID.” Why not? Or, why not try? For how long?

Here's thinking Kamala Harris and her fellow Dems are going to extremes in blaming Trump for the pandemic, a political savaging not supported by reality. She has to do it, though -- she’s auditioning for a spot on Joe Biden’s ticket. It’s a one-shot deal, and Kamala’s up to the task!

Schools aren’t opening. So much for data, “science” and common sense

Now that we’ve reached the end of July, it’s safe to say lots of people are thinking about schools reopening for the upcoming school year. But in the age of coronavirus-inspired panic, Democrats are fighting like heck to make sure young people remain at home -- and in many locations (like here in Virginia), they’ve succeeded. It’s yet another area where the decision-makers are using the health scare to influence politics, hoping to blame the dread on Trump.

Bill O’Reilly wrote at Real Clear Politics, “In 2016, women voted for Hillary Clinton 54%-42%. Today, the school issue is obviously very important to mothers and grandmothers because they tend to be closer to the urchin action on the ground. Most women want their kids back in school safely.

“But some, not all, Trump opponents do not want in-person classes to begin and they use a speculative argument that it might not be safe. Many teachers unions, fiercely pro-Democrat, are opposed to classroom education this fall, citing ‘danger’ from the vicious contagion that might devastate the schools. The national press, also pro-Democrat, generally agrees. And if one child contracts Covid in school, you will definitely come to know his or her name…

“With some exceptions in Covid danger zones, American schools should reopen with distancing and as many other protections as possible. Children need structure and the nation must regain some normalcy. Let’s follow the ‘science.’”

Instead of concentrating on what could -- but in all likelihood won’t -- happen, the truth must prevail. Or at the very least, Democrats should acknowledge there’s another side to the argument, that being children are more likely to die from the regular ordinary flu than they are from COVID-19. Transmission of the virus from asymptomatic people is rare. Teachers can be protected through distancing and reasonable preventative measures. Life can go on.

One month away from the traditional, post Labor Day start of the presidential campaign season, Democrats are pulling out all the stops to pin the ongoing CCP virus pandemic on President Trump and his administration. The liberal party’s “solutions” always involve dumping more money; other than that, they haven’t a clue.

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