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Too Bad Project Veritas Wasn’t Around for These Election Fraud Debacles

Just three weeks after conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe and his colleagues at Project Veritas released their bombshell video showing election workers in New Hampshire giving out ballots in the names of dead voters during the state’s primary election, two high profile election fraud trials are set to begin.

It is not often two high profile election fraud trials (involving both the established political parties) begin the same week, but such is the case as trials involving alleged Democrat absentee ballot fraud in New York and alleged voter registration fraud by Indiana’s Republican Secretary of State, no less, will begin this week.

Democrats -- schooled in the Chicago way -- have a notorious aversion to anything remotely resembling ballot security. Vote early and often is their mantra, and Democrats persist in watering down or defeating laws requiring voters to produce identification when they request a ballot. But the Democrats in the New York case are accused of the even more brazen ploy of simply voting stacks of phony absentee ballots -- and then in their defense, claiming it was a common practice.

In the Indiana case, the state’s highest election official, the Secretary of State, is accused of falsifying his voter registration, so that prior to running for Secretary of State, he could maintain his seat on his hometown city council (and the $1,000 a month salary that went with it).

These two high profile trials of elected public officials of both parties show independent investigation and oversight of the election process is vital, because the possibility of error, venality or outright fraud is unfortunately not limited to one political party. It is part of any human endeavor where money and power are at stake.

To their credit, even before James and the film makers at Project Veritas proved the point, New Hampshire’s Republican legislature recognized the potential for fraud and passed a voter ID law -- and it was promptly vetoed by the Democratic Governor on the grounds that there was no evidence of vote fraud in the state.

O’Keefe and Project Veritas deflated that liberal conceit, and anytime you show the failure of establishment politicians someone has to pay -- which is why New Hampshire’s Democrat Governor and Attorney General seem prepared to come after James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, rather than switch gears to support the Republican voter ID law.

The average guy on the street understands human imperfection, especially in politicians, which is why citizens enthusiastically support James O’Keefe and his colleagues at Project Veritas when they undertake ballot security projects -- but elected officials and professional politicians, not so much.

James O’Keefe and his colleagues at Project Veritas filled an important void in the ballot security process in New Hampshire by showing that where voter ID requirements are lax, dead people can indeed vote. One can only wish that a year or two ago they had been around with projects in Indiana and New York tailored to catch the outrages on trial there.

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O'Keefe is Guilty of Voter Fraud

Unless you argue that the ends justify the means (i.e. It's OK to let the Chinese steal our intellectual property since free trade means we'll all like each other more.), then you have to admit that O'Keefe belongs in jail for criminally violating New Hampshire law.  I don't expect you'll argue that O'Keefe should stay out because even though he's a criminal, he's our criminal.

Natural Born Citizen

Would this organization look into Romney's eligibility as to his Natural Born Citizen status?  His father was not a citizen but a Mexican Nationalist.  What is good for Obama must be also applied to all candidates who wish to be the United States President.  Thanks for all you are and will do.