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The Establishment is Fighting for Its Life and Playing for Keeps

Anyone who thought the Tea Party and movement conservatives had won and we could all go back to sleep after the 2010 congressional election victory was sadly mistaken.

From the phony spending cuts Congress passed last Spring, to the August 2011 fight to raise the federal debt ceiling, to the cone of media silence that has dropped over the Rick Santorum and Ron Paul presidential campaigns, to the carpet bombing of Newt Gingrich in the Florida presidential primary -- the Republican establishment and their mainstream media allies have fought one desperate rearguard action after another to preserve their power and Washington’s spend, tax and borrow status quo.

Nowhere is this desperate battle more apparent than in the Florida Republican presidential primary where, through a combination of more money, better organization and scorched earth advertising, Romney plans to grind-down his conservative adversaries and post a win that will revive his claim to inevitability after his defeats in Iowa and South Carolina.

But the Romney nomination is far from inevitable.

While Romney may be polling ahead of the other candidates individually, “not-Romney” continues to hold a commanding lead in most polls. But will this lack of enthusiasm for Romney have practical, on-the-ground political implications in a campaign that will likely go on straight through to the GOP Convention?

The enthusiasm gap between Romney and the conservatives in the field has been on stunning display in Florida, as Santorum and especially Gingrich drew larger and more enthusiastic crowds throughout the state. However, this grassroots conservative enthusiasm has yet to match the results at the polls that are being produced by the desperate fight the GOP establishment is waging to hold on to power.

In politics, as in life, every day there is a race between rabbits and foxes. Occasionally, a fox catches a rabbit, otherwise there would be no foxes -- but more often the rabbit escapes, because while the fox is running for his dinner, the rabbit is running for his life.

Right now, the establishment rabbits are winning only because they know they are in a desperate race for life -- and that their hold on power and their grip on the throats of the American taxpayer are over if they lose. Conservatives have the numbers on their side, and at a time when half of Americans fear big government, conservatives have the issues on their side. However, right does not automatically defeat might; to defeat the establishment and win the Republican presidential nomination, and the coming battles in Congress, conservatives must wake-up and match the fierce desperation of an establishment that is fighting for its life.

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Romney not the Establishment?

This is not about opinion!  Of course Romney is the Establishment choice!  Do you know who and what the Establishment is?  Sheesh!  Wake up!

Romney Not the Establishment

This supposition by Gingrich that Romney is the Establishment is ridiculous.  Gingrich is the ultimate representative of the Establishment, except that because of his past behavior, he doesn't have their support.  He is a Washington Insider and failed.  We don't need more of the same!  Romney is a moral, family man of great integrity who can win against Obama and bring out country back.  The Tea Party, for whom I used to hold respect, chose poorly in this race.  It is incomprehensible that they would support Gingrich, the completely opposite of Tea Party values and goals.

Romney is not moral

Romney may be moral on a personal decisions and family values, but he is totally immoral in regards to war and his support of the banking system.  

The reason he has so many donations from the banking industry is because they know who will keep that gravy train working for their profits.  The banking industry is raking in fortunes at the expense of the American public. Banking welfare happens through the manipulation of the money supply by the Fed, below market interest loans to insider banks, commission deals to favored banks regarding sales of US debt and more.  Romney is an expert at bilking others through financial manipulations that are not obvious to the public.  That is not a moral position.

His endorsement of war with Iran is another sham to give western oil industries access to the Iranian wealth and more profits to the military industrial complex.  Killing hundreds of thousands of people and devastating a country for the profits of your supporters, is not moral.

Did you not know of these unethical positions that he favors?  Sometimes it is hard to get accurate information when he has so much money to influence the media regarding his background.

The fight will contine...

The Sam's Club Republicans will be out in force, breaking the Country Club Republican's golf clubs over their knees.