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Too Late, Populists Line-Up Behind Newt in Florida GOP Primary

Sarah Palin’s de facto endorsement of Newt Gingrich coupled with the weekend endorsement of Newt by his former presidential rival -- and Tea Party favorite -- Herman Cain has added a new dynamic to the race for the Republican presidential nomination: Newt Gingrich as the overtly populist candidate.

Those who find this development puzzling in light of Gingrich’s long status as a Washington insider should consider that in the politics of endorsements, personal relationships often trump the candidate’s stands on the issues.

Gingrich is one of the few national figures who consistently stood-up for Palin and has been respectful of her pretty much since day one of her rise on the national stage.

And who can forget the friendly sparring session in Texas between Gingrich and Cain (who have known each other and worked together in Georgia politics for years) that showed how two Republican candidates can indeed debate the issues and agree to disagree without trashing each other.

While Gingrich’s populist critique of Romney’s hypocritical “free markets on the way up, bailouts on the way down” form of capitalism caused him to take a lot of heat from Wall Street’s cheering section in the establishment GOP, it resonated with many in the grassroots. At a 4,000 person rally in Lady Lake, Florida, for example, Gingrich drew enthusiastic cheers when he said:

“I do not believe Wall Street can give enough money to run enough negative ads to hide from the truth,” he declared. “The truth is we’ve been served badly, the American people, by the establishment in this country in both parties — let’s be clear about it — in both parties. And it’s time somebody stood up for hard-working, taxpaying Americans and said ‘enough!’ And if that makes the old order uncomfortable, my answer is, good!”

Gingrich’s attacks on Wall Street owe a lot to Palin’s own critiques of the Wall Street/Washington Axis. But Newt’s toughest problem to overcome with the grassroots Tea Partiers is his long history in Washington, not his ideas about how to curb Wall Street -- or his support for other elements of the Tea Party agenda.

The establishment and their media allies are hoping that a Romney win in Florida will deflate the Tea Party and the populist wing of the GOP. If Governor Palin, Herman Cain and others truly want their friend Newt Gingrich to be their standard bearer and expect him to win the nomination, it will take a lot more than last minute endorsements to get the job done.

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CFR is ok too!

We now know that Palin and Cain are ok with the Council on Foreign Relations where Newton is a member along with Timothy Geithner and other famous Leftists.   Newt is known as a Rockefeller Republican and this proves it.   The CFR was founded by Rockefeller and is a globalist NWO type of organization.

Give a real conservative a chance

If Sarah Palin and Herman Cain wanted to see a consolidation of the Tea Party conservative vote, they would suggest that Newt Gingrich, the Freddie Mac "populist", should step aside and let the real conservative, Rick Santorum, have a one-on-one shot against Romney from here on out. Newt's negatives are almost as high as his proposed moon colony, and he has no chance to win swing voters in battleground states against Obama, but Santorum could do that as nominee. Newt is running a destructive race, as fits his destructive personality. After Florida, he will be finished.

Real Conservative?

Honestly, we need a widely held discussion on what constitutes a "conservative" if anyone really believes that Santorum is one.