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A Comparison of the Occupy Movement and the Tea Party

The liberal media said that the Occupy Party has a lot in common with the Tea Party. Here is a look at how they compare:

Reported Occupy Party Tea Party
Cost to Taxpayers
(as of 11/9)
$19,327,487 $0
Damage to Property $10,000,000 $0
Arrests 4,149+ 0
Rapes Yes No
Public Defecation Yes No
Antisemitic Rants Yes No
Public Masturbation Yes No
Molotov Cocktails Thrown Yes No
Fights Started Yes No
Children Exploited Yes No
Police Cars Damaged Yes No
Public Intoxication Yes No
Drug Possession Arrest Yes No
Concealed Weapon Arrest Yes No
Drug Overdose Yes No
Thefts Yes No
Burglaries Yes No
Vandalism Arrest Yes No
Trespassing Arrest Yes No
Non-Fatal Shootings Yes No
Public Urination Yes No
Urination on Others Yes No
Israeli Flags Burned Yes No
American Flags Burned Yes No
American Flag Desecration Yes No
Felony Assault on an EMT Yes No
Head/Body Lice Outbreaks Yes No
Tuberculosis Outbreaks Yes No
Scabies Outbreaks Yes No
Murder Yes No
Suicide Yes No
Shots Fired at White House Yes No
Obama Endorsed It Yes No
Pelosi Endorsed It Yes No
Biden Endorsed It Yes No
Hugo Chavez Endorsed It Yes No
Farrakhan Endorsed It Yes No
CAIR Endorsed It Yes No
Socialist Party Endorsed It Yes No
NAZI Party Endorsed It Yes No
Muslim Brotherhood Endorsed It Yes No
Communist Party Endorsed It Yes No
Black Panthers Endorsed It Yes No
Marxist Union Endorsed It Yes No
9/11 Truthers Endorsed It Yes No
Nation of Islam Endorsed It Yes No

I see the similarities now: they both have the word “Party.” (Author of the table unknown) 

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Divide and Conquer

like much of the Hippie movement in the 60s, the OWS movemwent appears to be funded by the CIA and other parties to channel the disgruntlemengt of the public that would ortherwise end upp in teh Tea Party movement so that it can be descredited and destroyed. They do this in 3rd world countries when they want to get rid of a ruler. What they are doing is not working  so, inspite of their old bag of tricks, they need to be replaced.

If you don't like the facts, make them up

Because I wanted to see with my own eyes, I attended a Tea Party rally in DC last spring.  I saw posters with antisemitic rants (and many posters with racist depictions of Obama -- somehow this didn't makeyour list) and saw several posters supporting the 9/11 'truther' movement.  Regarding the cost to taxpayers, I don't imagine the 50 or so park employees who were cleaning up after the rally were volunteering their time.  Every time I read a political screed that says 'we' are 100% right and 'they' are 100% wrong, I know that the author is someone who can't handle the reality that we are all falible human beings as created by our Maker.

Old Trick

The IMF and the CIA do the same thing in other countries when they want to start a revolution to depose a leader. Here they channeled growing unrest so thay can control it.

Can't argue with facts, can you?

Facts are so inconvenient, aren't they?  Whoever said there were ANY similarities between the two movements had to be suffering from dementia.  Let's use some common sense, OK?


Yes, join with the 2-parties and the MSM and work to divide the people.  My opinion is both saw a problem with the bailouts when the banks and wallstreet won and the people lost.  The MSM and the parties saw the people could unite and did their best to put down any chance of the people uniting against the system, because united we the people could take the power and our rights back.  As long as they can keep us divided into special groups, democrate, rebublican, tea party, ocupy...etc...they can control us and the message.  I see Conservative HQ fell into the trap or is part of the trap...I wonder which.  The differences sited in the article occured mostly because the occupy movement stayed onsite and the teaparty dispersed after each protest.

Your summary is spot on

Thank you for your spot on observation.  You are so intelligent.  I certainly hope that you are looking at www.ronpaul2012 and helping us fight these elitist controllers?  Thank you again.

similarities between "Tea Party" & the "occuoiers".

Oh, now I see the similarity, both have "party"  in their names.  Excellent comparison.