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Barack Obama – A President Devoid of Conscience

Throughout our history, freedom of conscience has been fundamental to the American experience and to American exceptionalism. No more. In Barack Obama’s America, the government does not exist to protect the fundamental rights of the citizens who created it; it exists to coerce those citizens into politically and socially correct actions decided by the secular elites who run the government.

By way of example, Kathleen Sebelius, the Health and Human Services Secretary, felt free to reject broad exemptions for religiously affiliated employers from a new rule requiring all health plans to cover birth control -- without a deductible or co-payment.

With the stroke of a pen, Obama discarded 400 years of American freedom of conscience and faith -- the very foundation of the First Amendment -- to force Catholics to provide contraceptive services, including sterilization and drugs for abortions.

The fact that Catholic religious and ethical teaching has called such practices a grave sin and “intrinsically evil” matters not a whit in the soulless America of Obama. And, his secular ‘apostles’ at the Health and Human Services Department are striving to create an America governed by secular dictates that violate the freedom of conscience.

For those who think Obama’s oppression of Catholics is merely a Catholic problem and that they will be left alone, consider this: The federal government has long respected the religious objections of Amish Americans, for example, exempting them from having Social Security numbers. And, if religion may be contravened in the name of health care, what of the "non-negotiable" objections of Jehovah's Witnesses to blood transfusions?

Obama’s oppressive mandate that Americans buy health insurance was on difficult constitutional grounds anyway, but his mandate that Americans discard their religious views to implement it strikes at the very heart of the American experience and our constitutional protections.

This is what big government does: it grabs power at the expense of a little bit of freedom, and then expands government to take away even more freedom.

But we know where liberals want to take America. That is why big-government Republicans who tolerate a little loss of freedom instead of fighting for it are actually the bigger problem. Instead of being the guardians of the gates for us, they are the gate openers for liberals.

Quakers, Catholics and Puritans who came to the New World for religious freedom, conscientious objectors to killing such as Medal of Honor recipient Thomas W. Bennett, and the Amish, who merely want to be left free of worldly mandates -- all those seeking the precious right to freedom of conscience -- have found a haven in America. The Founders enshrined protection of freedom of conscience in the Constitution’s First Amendment -- but there is no such freedom, or conscience, in Barack Obama’s new America.

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Protecting the Constitution.

There is only one candidate I trust with that responsibility,and he has proven that with his voting record.The only one to give money that was not spent during time in office now has another to carry on this honorable tradition,his son Rand Paul just gave half a million dollars back to the treasury.