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Tea Party Favorite Michele Bachmann Running to Win

If the liberal judges who drew the new House District lines in Minnesota thought they were going to silence Representative Michele Bachmann by drawing her out of her old district, they were sadly mistaken.

Bachmann, an early advocate for the Tea Party movement and founder of the Tea Party Caucus in the House, has announced she is running for re-election in Minnesota’s newly drawn House District 6. And she’s running to win, despite being set-up to be in the same District as incumbent liberal Democrat Betty McCollum.
Moving the district lines to disadvantage an inconvenient conservative voice is an old establishment trick.  There are those who probably thought Bachmann would take the bait and run against McCollum, setting-up what would have most likely been the most expensive House race in recent memory, but Bachmann chose to stay where her roots are -- in Minnesota’s District 6.

Michele Bachmann’s failed run for president may have left the impression with some establishment-types that her formidable fundraising and political operation has been weakened, but we doubt that is true.

The new district lines mean the home where Representative Bachmann raised her children, and where she has lived for many years with her husband Marcus, is now outside the boundaries of her District. No matter. We doubt the conservative voters who have sent her to represent them first in the Minnesota legislature and then in Congress care. What they want is smaller, constitutional government and they know that’s what Michele Bachmann will fight for in Congress.

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