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Considering the Ron Paul conundrum for 2016

Two articles reflect what I believe are fair views of the Ron Paul candidacy.

Principled constitutionalist Joseph Farah explains why Ron Paul’s excellent message of fiscal conservatism is derailed by his views on other issues that are out of sync with conservatives.

The Windy City YR of Belmont Terrace explains Ron Paul’s appeal to young voters saying, “Paul's message combined with the Tea Party movement has created a real force within the Conservative movement.” The author admits Ron Paul will not win this year’s Republican nomination for president.

Ronald Reagan, of course, appealed to younger voters and spoke of traditional conservative values.

It’s not time to be thinking about 2016 yet, but it seems that someone could emerge who is able to articulate constitutional conservatism for the full panoply of issues. The ideal constitutional conservative candidate should be able to explain the constitutional basis of all his or her policy positions.

America would welcome a government governed by the Constitution. There’s a visceral understanding that our lives are worse because government is not governed by the rule of law. Someone who can explain why our lives would be better if politicians and the government obeyed the Constitution will distinguish himself or herself.

Ron Paul made inroads, but failed to explain why, or convince enough of us that, our lives would be better under his presidency. We are a Republic, meaning that the people are sovereign, and our elected officials are supposed to be a reflection of the people. It's not enough to say that what is going on is wrong. We need leaders who can not only explain why their positions are right, but how they will improve our lives.

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The Law

The Constitution is not a cut odr a political platform. It is the law. Any government official not obeying the Constitution is breaking the law. It's not a question of whether or not the government can chose to obey the law. It's a matyter of who will enforce the law.

Most Americans have been sold

Most Americans have been sold on the idea that the Govt. had been dedicated to improving the lives of the people. Where actually, the special interests have controlled and been the benificiaries of govt.For Ron Paul the only answer is to go to the fundements of the constitution. Many see a redress towards following a set of rules the being only way to measure the actions of Govt.It will not be easy or without a measure of discomfort for Govt. to relearn how to represent the people rather than constantly bending the constitution to fit the needs of the special interests. The people will need to take charge of every aspect of Govt., it will not be without a measure of discomfort for the people either. This is because the Govt is not for improving the peoples lives. People are for improving their own lives.. without Govt in the way. Those that ask how a President is going to improve their lives are like those that sit down at a poker table and cannot figure out whom the "Mark" is, not yet realizing it is them... that are the "Marks". Get Govt. and special interests out of the way that wish to control whom benifits and the market will allow those that want to compete rather than regulate/block/avoid the common thru religion, foriegn policy, personal freedoms are all dominated not by the people in America, but by those who can control Govt.. Get govt. out of the way!


RON PAUL is the only candidate that , like I , is obsessed with reducing government size , scope and power . That is exactly what ANY intelligent American would be obsessed with given the current climate ( no I don't mean the weather ) in Washington . The progressive BIG government is DESTROYING the constitutional Republic all past American deaths have been given for . If RON PAUL is not our next President , the best we can hope for is armegedon .

And yet another...

article from Richard trying to explain to his many readers why he won't vote for Ron Paul. 


I'm sorry Richard but the polls on your own website show that Ron Paul has the majority of support here. I'm not sure what you're trying to convince us of - that we should vote for a theocrat, big government Catholic like Santorum or we should let Mittens McRomney lead us into more bailouts, more war and more deficit spending. 

Newt/Romney/Santorum are all cut from the same cloth.  They like big government when it serves their agenda.

Exactly.  As in the last

Exactly.  As in the last debate, Ron has made it exceedingly clear.  If you cannot think for yourself well enough to manage obvious conclusions from the constitutional argument or the moral argument, then God forbid you wake up to the economic reality fast approaching.

Unfortunately, the bitter reality is that people in numbers do not, maybe even *can not* think for themselves.  The folks that worked to implement the 17th ammendment knew this.  When we stopped having state appointed representation in our government we started down a path to "Democratic Monarchy".  You can assemble enough folks together to elect a country minded city councilman or state legislator.  Maybe, even a mayor.  Governor? Senator? President Elect?  Good luck.  There is a reason that a congress with a 9% approval rating has an 80% re-election rate for incumbents.

The real silent majority isn't silent because they don't care enough about the issues; they are silent because there are not enough people around them with a common thought or care about what is going on to enable them to form a thought on the matter.  Approach one, have a conversation, and you'll see what I mean.

Now we have a man who has been living by his own example, speaking the truth, and now the most famous congressman in the world.  He has supporters across both oceans.  People worldwide are waking up.  But somehow we need him to come into our own living rooms and make the case for how our life would be better if we can think and act for ourselves?  How exactly do you explain that to someone who has lived their whole lives without doing it?  

He has my vote, whether he is the nominee or not.  All I can say is that I hope you wake up before it is too late for our children.

I predict...

In 2016, I don't know what a loaf of bread will cost, nor do I even know what we might be using for money by then. But I can guarantee you we'll be back at it again, fighting over which globalist to give power to this time, and it will be even more painfully obvious that we should have heeded Ron Paul's warnings.

I only hope and pray that we can get enough people to wake up and think for themselves by then.

Freedom to Think for Ourselves

The authors position that "We need leaders who can not only explain why their positions are right, but how they will improve our lives." misses the point entirely of Ron Paul.  The author is advocating for a government leader to think for him.  Everything about Ron Paul platform is the opposite.  He want to decrease the size of government and its' intruisions into our lives. Ron Paul wants to promote liberty.  His supporters are encouraged to think for themselves.  He wants to make it safe to be free, it is up to us to decide what we want to do with this freedom.

It is the responsibility of the Ron Paul supporters to help deliver the message of how a Ron Paul presidency can improve everybody's lives.

I don't want a "leader" telling me what the benefits of his platform is, that leads to a Department of Propaganda.  I want my freedom, and then it is up to me to create my life, good or bad.  I will think for myself, thank you very much.  I will educate myself on the issues.  And since it is important to me, I will also work to help educate others to the benefits of a Ron Paul presidency.

What would you do with your life if you weren't working for the government and their cronies 3-4 hours every day?  

Amen and Amen

The writer obviously has no rel idea of how the Free Market works.  Ron Paul as POTUS needs to get the govt out of the way and let the free market do its job.  Yes, we need to beef up our judicial system to better protect property and take care of corruption, fraud and drug users who endanger people and property.  Military Wars and the Drug War must be stopped.

The NEOCONs in the Tea Party movement  would have has totally bankrupt our nation economimally and morally by attacking Ron Paul's sensible foreign policy and War on Drugs.  They TALK about reducing the debt, reducing the fed budget and balancing the budget BUT neither can be done without stopping these wars. They don't talk about protecting our Bill of Rights especially the 4th and 5th Amendments. They support Santorum because he proposes social issues some of which violate our sacred 1st and 4th Amendments.

"Admits" that Paul won't win?

That is a curious way to state the idea from one who never supported Paul.   The previous commentor has it spot on.   We don't need leaders to think for us.  If we can't think for ourselves, we don't deserve a Paul type leadership.  Freedom requires your full attention to the Constitution and those who ignore it.  Counter to what the party elite say, Paul is not appreciated for himself but for his principles.  This is wholely unlike the other candidates who present a patina of Conservative ideas but who have voted the other way.   Give us a principled candidate!