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Conservatives Mounting Key Primary Challenges – State

Go here for a list of federal office primaries to help.

In addition to the 50 governorships, Americans elect hundreds of state officials and some 7382 state legislators.  As the primary season has moved into the summer, small government constitutional conservative candidates have built campaigns that are now challenging establishment Republicans in literally thousands of elections across the country. 

The following is a list of some key races in states that have yet to hold their primary elections. Each of these races pits a small government constitutional conservative against an establishment Republican. These are all candidates who can make a real difference and will advance the conservative agenda in their state – if you have suggestions for additions please let us know.

The defeat of establishment Republican Indiana Senator Richard Lugar sent a message that, as Lugar’s Tea Party backed opponent Richard Mourdock said, awakened a sleeping giant and gave a wake-up call for smaller and more fiscally responsible government. However, Mourdock’s win was just the beginning of a stretch of key primary contests that will decide the direction of the Republican Party for many years to come.

It is time for conservatives to head to the sound of the guns in these campaigns and in other rapidly approaching primaries.

Ovide LamontagneOvide Lamontagne – New Hampshire Republican Gubernatorial Primary (September 11)
Ovide Lamontagne, Republican candidate for Governor. Ovide is the clear credible conservative to take on either Democrat Maggie Hassan or Jackie Cilley. Ovide Lamontagne is one of New Hampshire’s most respected business and charitable leaders. In 2011, AFP-NH honored Ovide as ‘Conservative of the Year’ in New Hampshire, the first time AFP bestowed this award, calling him “a proven conservative that has spent a lifetime advocating for smaller government, lower taxes and a more prosperous business environment both in New Hampshire and at the national level.” The other Republicans, Kevin Smith and Bob Tarr are not even in the race, especially compared to Ovide Lamontagne.

Larry Powell – Kansas State Senate District 39 Republican Primary (August 7)
State Rep. Larry Powell, R-Garden City, is challenging establishment Republican moderate and Senate President Steve Morris, R-Hugoton.  Morris supported tax increases and opposes Governor Brownback’s tax relief and plans to reduce the size of state government. Americans for Prosperity in Kansas gave Morris a score of 12 percent for the 2010 session, while Powell scored a perfect 100. Among votes that hurt Morris' standing with conservatives were his support for a transportation projects program and a state sales tax hike, and his vote regarding a Health Care Freedom Amendment. Powell is also backed by the Kansas Chamber and Koch Industries executives.

Cindy Pugh – Minnesota State House District 33B Republican Primary (August 14)
Cindy Pugh, who calls herself “a Michele Bachmann Republican” defeated 22-year incumbent state representative Steve Smith at the Republican Party convention. However, Smith, saying “I’m not ashamed of moderation…” has vowed to take Pugh on in Minnesota’s upcoming Republican Primary. Cindy Pugh co-founded the Southwest Metro Tea Party, which has promoted the values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, free markets, and individual liberty and responsibility on a weekly basis for the past eighteen months. Her top priorities as a legislator will be jobs, taxes, education and I can assure you, she will vote NO on all bills that infringe on our rights of life, liberty, and property.

John Fillmore – Arizona State Senate District District 16 Primary (August 28)
In District 16, conservative state representative  John Fillmore is challenging moderate Republican state senator Rich Crandall. Crandall, a favorite of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is ranked as the single least conservative Republican in the Arizona state legislature. Fillmore needs Tea Party and conservative support saying, “If I thought they (supported me), I would feel a lot more comfortable about the amount of money that Mr. Crandall will have to run against me.”

Don Shooter – Arizona State Senate District 16 Primary (August 28)
In District 13 state senator Don Shooter, whose heart may well pump tea instead of blood, was running against veteran establishment Republican state senator John Nelson.  Derisively known among conservatives as a “bipartisan Republican” Nelson was rated one of the three least conservative members of the Arizona state Senate Republican caucus.  On July 6 Nelson announced he was withdrawing from the race.

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Important US Senate Primary: Tennessee

I want to make sure you are aware of Zach Poskevich who is taking on Bob Corker in the August 2nd primary. Tennessee has a real shot at sending Constitutional Conservative to the US Senate.

Time is not on the side of Tennessee conservatives and we need all liberty loving people to spread the word. Early Voting is going on now through July 28th & the primary is August 2nd. 

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