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Why Did POLITICO Leave Us Off the List?

Mitt RomneyLeft-drifting Washington news site POLITICO had an interesting column titled, “Conservative elites club Mitt Romney,” cataloging the complaints or criticisms of Governor Romney and his campaign by various commentators of a more or less conservative bent.

Given the 50+ years of leadership of the conservative movement at the national level by founder and Chairman Richard Viguerie, it seems like we ought to be among the conservative “elite” invited to comment for such an article.

But we weren’t.

Of course, the inside-the-Beltway media always seems to have trouble grasping that “conservative” and “Republican” are not the same thing -- particularly when it comes to policy advisors and campaign staff.

While it is nice to have such distinguished writers and commentators as Charles Krauthammer, Rich Lowry, Peggy Noonan, George F. Will, Bill Kristol and Rupert Murdoch on the same page as we are, a lot of the criticism reported by POLITICO amounted to critical analysis of Romney’s campaign tactics.

We agree Romney must run a better campaign to defeat President Obama and gain the presidency, but at least as reported in POLITICO, our good friends seem to have missed the most important failure of the Romney campaign.

And that is for Governor Romney to run as a small government constitutional conservative.

You can look for yourself through the link at the end of this article, but we didn’t see the words “Tea Party” or “small government constitutional conservative” mentioned by any of our “elite” conservative friends quoted in the POLITICO article.

Republicans have won seven of the past 11 presidential elections running on a conservative platform. Everyone understands that, while Romney may conduct himself personally in a conservative way, he’s a businessman, not a movement conservative – but he can still run and govern as a conservative, which is what he must do to win. 

At the end of the day, Governor Romney’s biggest problem is that no one in his campaign has any background in small government constitutional conservative policy or politics. They are typical establishment Republican political operatives, so their floundering when faced with a clear “yes or no” conservative policy call comes, unfortunately, as no surprise.

From floating pro-choice Bush advisor Condoleeza Rice as a top contender for Vice President, to flubbing easy conservative policy calls on the Roberts decision upholding Obamacare, to his failure to broadly embrace the small government constitutional conservative agenda, Governor Romney has shown that he plans to run a typical consultant-driven establishment Republican campaign.

A campaign in the mold of those waged by losing Republican presidential candidates Gerald R. Ford, George H.W. Bush, Bob Dole and John McCain.

The enthusiasm and motivation at the grassroots of the Republican Party lies with the small government, constitutional conservatives of the Tea Party. While aligning ourselves with the Tea Party apparently excludes us from the “conservative elite” in the eyes of the inside-the-Beltway media moguls at POLITICO, it is what Governor Romney needs to do if he wants to win in November.

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I like the Staff Articles,usually

Bush Jr. ran on a great campaign.I actually almost got fooled for a second,but then I thought to myself,'wait',his Dad,the ex C.I.A.chief,is not who I want running this country.Then I thought to myself,why am I going to trust the could be chip off the old block who obviously has some considerable pressure put on him to do what Dad and his friends want?He broke the campaign promises that got him elected,and then cheated to win the second time.Time has proven me right,and my way of thinking has not changed much.I do not really feel sorry for the disgruntled Republicans or so called Conservatives.You all(generalizing,I know)made this happen by not being as smart as me.If you have enough money and time to be anti abortion,or gay marriage,or any of those social conservative ideas,then you are not intelligent enough to shine my shoes properly and should burn your voter I.D.The real threats to America are;illegal immigration,the deficit,our own elected officials,outsourcing,and the loss off freedom,which is hand in hand with upholding the Constitution.Respect that old piece of paper,because it is all that seperates you from the old Soviet Bloc.Romney,Phshh,.What are you people an old mule with a carrot tied to a stick?