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CHQ Poll: Give Obama Credit for Being Genuine and Sincere

He is genuinely and sincerely a hard-core leftist who is anti-business, say our poll respondents.

We asked you: “Recently President Obama, campaigning in Roanoke, Virginia said, ‘If you got a business, you didn't build that -- someone else made that happen.’ Do you believe that President Obama genuinely and sincerely is a hard-core leftist who is anti-business?”

Here is how you responded:

84% Yes

14% No

2% I am undecided

0% I don’t know

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I guess that would be correct.If he thinks that Government mandated control over every spectrum of our lives is best for us,then I have to give him credit for trying,not that I believe that he is in control of himself,of course.You are talking about a puppet.A well financed,brain washed,hoity toidy manikin,and for all those that hate this man,you are complicit in the conspiracy against yourself.I truly believe,he knows not what he does.