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Are conservatives now a majority of the majority in the House?

Conservatives have all too often lost battles in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives because the establishment Republican House leaders who run the House majority wilt when it is time to be tough and stand for conservative principles.

But there is at least a glimmer of hope that that dynamic is changing.

Yesterday, 127 House members – a majority of the majority – signed a letter to House leaders demanding that Obamacare be defunded. To see if your Representative had the courage to stand against Obamacare click here.

Jim JordanThe letter, circulated by principled conservatives Republican Study Committee Chairman Congressman Jim Jordan of Ohio and Tea Party Caucus Chairman Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, called upon Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor “not to bring to the House floor in the 112th Congress any legislation that provides or allows funds to implement ObamaCare through the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Health and Human Services, or any other federal entity.  We also urge you to take legislative steps necessary to immediately rescind all ObamaCare-implementation funds.”

If you agree, please sign our petition to demand that Speaker Boehner rip Obamacare out by its roots one step at a time.

The American idea of freedom was shaken to its core when the Supreme Court declared that Obamacare is constitutional through the power of Congress to “tax.”

If John Boehner is really serious about seeing to it that Obamacare is "ripped out by its roots," then he is going to have to keep at it and work to repeal the policy and defund the implementation of the law.

Republicans must go through each of the 2000+ pages of Obamacare and identify every penny needed to implement the law -- and then strip that money from the budget. They also need to identify every mandate and requirement in the law -- and as Sarah Palin said, "rescind" them.

Now a majority of the majority in the House of Representatives has demanded that the Speaker stand strong and exercise his power to block funding for Obamacare.  With a majority of the majority ready to defund Obamacare, if Speaker Boehner will stand strong, this assault on our personal freedom will not stand.

After the 2010 election, Republicans promised they would block Obamacare. Now it is time to deliver. Please sign our petition to demand that Speaker Boehner make good on his promise

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Deep room

"Senator Mark Pryor" <[email protected]>

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--- On Fri, 7/20/12, Senator Mark Pryor <[email protected]> wrote:

From: Senator Mark Pryor <[email protected]>
Subject: Responding to your message
To: [email protected]
Date: Friday, July 20, 2012, 6:41 PM




July 20, 2012




Dear Mr. Alien,


Thank you for contacting me regarding health care reform. I appreciate hearing from you.


The cost of health care is having a major impact on Arkansas families and it is taking an enormous toll on our nation's budget and well-being. This reason is why Presidents and lawmakers of both parties have promised to fix this broken system for more than 40 years. It is also the reason I have worked to make health care more affordable, accessible and reliable for Arkansans. The law we passed, while not perfect, is already making health care more affordable, accessible and reliable. It is benefiting children, adults and seniors throughout our state.


Before health care reform, I heard from an individual in Greenwood who couldn't afford life-saving medicine for his heart condition. He is now one of the 36,000 Arkansas seniors who are saving a collective $30 million on prescription drugs through Medicare.  I received a letter from a mom in Fayetteville who can now insure her 5-year-old with Down Syndrome, and an email from Brian in Rogers who was able to purchase health care coverage despite having multiple sclerosis. In fact, in Arkansas more than 35,000 young adults have gained health insurance; 574 individuals with pre-existing conditions were able to buy coverage after being denied in the past; and 819,000 individuals received preventive services with no deductible or co-pay. The protections upheld by the Supreme Court will continue to benefit these families, and thousands of other Arkansans who have struggled with the cost of health care in our country.


While the ruling provides more certainty, it still allows us to work in a bipartisan way to improve our health care system. 


Again, thank you for contacting me. I value your input. Please do not hesitate to contact me or my office regarding this or any other matter of concern to you.



Mark Pryor
United States Senate

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Please Note, this is not a monitored email account. Due to the sheer volume of correspondence I receive, I ask that constituents please contact me via my website with any responses or additional concerns.

 Poison them,then fix them,good for business.Our business.

We have to go deeper than Obamacare

Defunding Obamacare is a worthy endeavor, but it still leaves in place the last 75 years of federal power expanded far beyond its original constitutional limits.  If congresssional Republicans really want to do something to roll back the federal leviathan, they should reform the constitutional amendment process so that amendments restoring those original limits on federal power could be initiated and enacted by the states without having to go through either Congress or the unworkable and dangerous mechanism of a convention.  See