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Who has the courage to oppose Democrats on same sex marriage?

Just in case there was any doubt where the matter of same sex marriage was headed – In the wake of President Barack Obama's announcement that he personally backs same sex marriage, Democrats are moving, with the backing of Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), to include support for same-sex marriage in the official party platform.

Wasserman Schultz was quoted by the liberal Huffington Post as saying, "Yes, I think that we will have a plank in the platform that reflects the president's position on marriage equality… I support marriage equality as a part of the platform."

Following President Obama’s announcement that he had completed his "evolution" and backed the right of individuals of the same sex to marry, that stance has become -- even more than it was before -- the Democratic Party's de facto position.

We have often noted that President Obama’s goal, as stated by him in 2008, is to "fundamentally change America." Now comes the conclusive evidence, as Obama and the Democratic Party plan to continue their war on traditional values and culture by making support for same sex marriage part of the Democratic Party’s platform.

Mitt Romney earned a lot of praise and raised his standing with conservatives through his prompt opposition to Obama’s position in favor of same sex marriage. However, most of the Republican establishment was silent on the issue.

Since the 1960s, the left has been winning the cultural wars. Those who want to tear down traditional Judeo-Christian moral values have been fully engaged in the battle, but those in leadership positions who should be protecting our culture and the values that are fundamental to its strength have mostly been AWOL.

If Obama’s willingness to subvert the very foundation of a healthy society, merely to raise money and curry favor with radical homosexuals, isn’t opposed from every pulpit and political campaign platform -- then those on the left who wish to teardown the family, the foundation of economic and cultural strength, will win.

Silence is evil’s best friend. The number one need in America today is leaders who will stand for the values and principles that are the foundation of our culture and national strength.

Tony PerkinsCardinal Timothy M. Dolan, Rev. Bryant Wright, former president of the Southern Baptist Convention, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, Bob Vander Plaats, the head of The Family Leader, the Rev. Leith Anderson, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, and a few other religious leaders have spoken out against same sex marriage. However, most priests, pastors, rabbis and politicians have failed to publicly promote, protect and defend America’s traditional moral values.

Democrats have now thrown down the gauntlet on the issue of same sex marriage and made it part of Obama’s campaign to remake American society in his own secular humanist image. The question is not whether the battle will be fought; the question is will Republicans and the nation’s religious leaders have the courage to oppose Obama and the Democrats with the vigor necessary to win.

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Not So Fast

Romney is the one who came out about this same time for gay couples at state level being allowed to adopt children.

To say, as this article does, that Romney earned conservative praise in terms of the gay agenda is not entirely on the mark.  He did NOT with this conservative. 

The Homo-Agenda

Sexual deviants make up less than 2% of our population that has approximately 80% of the nation’s AIDs and 64% of the syphilis! AIDS was not the original name for the disease. It was called GRID (gay-related immunodeficiency disease) before the medical community was physically threatened and intimidated by the deviant terrorists demands to change it from the rightful dishonor of their disgusting behavior that spread it in the first place. Therefore, no wonder their first demands included hospital visitation rights as the majority of them wind up in long term (and expensive) hospital care.
There are NO 'rights' for a behavior, deviant or otherwise and not a single society in the long history of mankind has EVER confused sexual deviants & marriage.

Marriage witness is a reserved power of the states

Social conservatives, using "oppose Obama" political expedience, fail to frame their same sex marriage issue in Constitutional terms.

First, it may be some combination of ignorance and demagoguery that appeals to support of Judeo-Christian values because that posture accepts the framing of the issue by so-called radical Democrats as Presidential national platform issue rather than as one of power reserved to the states. However, some social conservatives may prefer to secure religious preference in spite of Constitutional anti-establishment clause, and of powers reserved to the states.

Second, while most religions attach ritual or sacramental significance to marriage, in civil terms the bond is a contract entered into by two adults and witnessed by an appropriate minister. The 50-states do provide civil procedures and representatives (such as justice of the peace) for witnessing and recording a marriage contract between two adults; and, the 50-states also accept without duplicative effort a religious minister acting as witness.

To require a minister of a religion opposed to same sex marriage to act as witness to same would be a violation of the First Amendment anti-establishment clause. To argue for a national standard for the marriage contract is a violation of the Tenth Amendment "reserved powers" clause; and, effectively argues for increased federal power over the states.

Same sex marriage limitations?

It has been convenient for hetero-sexual oriented couples, since long before civilized people came to recognize the advantage of limiting men to one sexual possession at a time, and before anything like a religious notion of recognizing the practice as a Sacramental gift from God; to organize life around the resultant lmited family. The original Christian religion, once captured by the Roman Empire, was fairly successful at getting most men to be content and willing to work to support families even of double digit size! Of course, mothers dying in child birth often required the male to find one or more replacements.

With the inventions of birth control devices and more recently with chemical help to assist males in maintaining  the necessary physical evidence of readiness, it is now possible for both men and women of same sex to make sexual activity one of the most important recreational sports. To assist such combinations, and to gain certain legal rights of hospital visitation, for example, it is certainly a fine idea in the age of civil liberties, to allow legal civil unions to give hospitals opportunity to allow visitations of partners in any civil union- be it with one person of the same sex or with as many more as are acceptable to the civil union license!

Surely, by making this a 'right', we open the door to renewal of polygamy for those who can sexually service more than one man  or vice versa!  Some religious leaders may not be willing to administer such Sacramental rights as odd arrangements  may seem to require for proper enjoyment of their participants rights! I suppose we have to leave open that few churches will even want to Bless, much less marry other animals to any number of same or mixed sexed groups.

Of course, we should keep in mind that once we establish the most liberal configurations, we destroy the notion of employers wanting to pay insurance premiums to provide hospital coverage for the whole tribe that  any individual of some sexual orientation claims to be mandated to be included. This, of course, means that Obamacare is the answer by which all may enjoy equal opportunity for fullfilling their guaranteed rightsl.

I only wonder who pays the dollars, and what is left of morality?


I find that you have done an excellent job of pointing out the disaster of unrestrained liberties.  The well being of the individual is dependant on his ability to provide an ordered life for himself and this entails relating to others through give and take. The chaotic environment that you are talking about creats the destruction of society

Marriage is a private contract

Marriage is a private contract between two or more consenting adult individuals.  Trying to force the idea of one version of marriage over another through law shows you are willing to shrink freedom for your idea of what is "moral". This Right Wing Religious idea of marriage is dying with the younger generations and will eventually fade into the past like insitutional racism.  Most young people believe that gay/straight/whatever should be allowed to marry whomever they please.
“Every year it gets a little bit closer to going over to majority support,” Irwin said. “It looks like it's trending similarly to how (opinion shifted) on interracial marriages over two decades.”  

Would you like to limit Interracial marriages?  No black and white mixed marriages?
Do you want to limit marriage only to Christian Ordained marriages?
Are only Mormon marriages valid because they have a special Temple ceremony?
Should only Jewish performed marriages be valid?  
Those are antiquated ideas that limit freedom of individuals. 

Same Sex Marriage does not invalidate marriage between Heterosexual couples. 
It will NOT destroy our society.  With each decade that passes younger generations accept FREEDOM and understand that older generations operated on FEAR. 

By allowing FREEDOM to govern our personal contracts we can allow everyone to define through the 1st ammendment what Marriage means to them.  WIthout having to impose our views on anyone else.  We should be free to associate with whomever we please in as much as we cause no harm to other people/property. 

This is the very foundation of a truly FREE society. 

Refer to above, 'Same Sex

Refer to above, 'Same Sex Marriage Limitations?'  

The statements listed in paragraph 3 of your writing are non-issues.

Time to GET IT RIGHT... These

Time to GET IT RIGHT... These Proponents of Same sex Marriage are PROGRESSIVE COMMUNIST LIBERALS...There are No Democrats LEFt in Government so I guess that as long as we have this Class of INBREDS as Majority in the SEnate and the WH.... NOBODY IS GOING TO OPPOSE THEM....