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Invite Sarah Palin to Speak at Tampa!

The consensus is overwhelming on the CHQ Poll: Sarah Palin should be at the podium at the GOP convention.

Sarah PalinWe asked you:  “Should Sarah Palin be invited to speak at the Republican convention in Tampa?”

This was your response:
89% Yes

8% No

3% I am uncertain.

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The People's President - Sarah Palin

Yes, Palin should be the nominee ... I truly believe that a key speech from her would steal the show and Mitt is on rocky ground as well as the RNC.  I would much rather she have the nomination and win ... but I blame the establishment for her backing down. They will live to regret it, I think.  If you notice ... she is not being promoted by the People for VP because we do not want her to play second fiddle to anyone.  She is the only one in the country leading this battle ... even "without a title".

Invite Sarah Palin?

An afterthought, taking a chance or is it pressure?

It is a fact that only Governor Palin can excite the base but the RNC kept her away. She is the people's candidate but to the RNC, the people's voice doesn't matter. The party's candidate must be a member of the Establishment elite to preserve the permanent political class that has governed this country far too long.

Think about this. Five weeks leading up to the convention and Mitt continues to struggle to secure solid support to ensure Obama's defeat. Would the RNC re-think its position now and take a chance on the Governor bringing the house down or in convention speak, prove that the convention is, indeed, without walls? Should this happen, it means only one thing: Sarah Palin must carry the ticket.

On the other hand, the RNC and Romney's intentions are clear. There was not to be an invitation.

I would say, just as well because I would much rather see and hear the Governor deliver an acceptance speech. At this late stage, the reality is Mitt is not IT. As we get closer to the convention, Obama lies in wait to prove it and Mitt simply cannot fight strong enough to knock out President Obama. The RNC will have to accept this sad reality. If it does not, I expect the delegates to rise in righteous indignation and speak for the people by nominating the people's candidate, Governor Sarah Palin.

Delegates, are you listening?

Both Sarah Palin and Ron Paul SHOULD be ibvited to speak

This is the third time Im trying to comment. I poured out my heart on the first comment; only to have it disappear. Then I typed out a second comment. This is my third and last time. OF COURSE PALIN AND PAUL SHOULD BE INVITED OTHERWISE THEY'RE DISINVITED. THEY HAVE A LARGE FOLLOWING THAT WSOULD BE OFFENDED (INCLUDING ME)

I Agree

I totally agree Sarah should be there!