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Government didn’t ‘build’ our rights

Barack Obama’s statement, “you didn’t build that,” further exposed him for what he is, but it is also symbolic of the larger problem with government.

There must be some book that I’ve never seen, but that every federal, state and local government official reads. Its theme is that government knows best, that private citizens are subservient to government, and that government may violate our rights under the false guise of doing good.

This is exactly the opposite view of what America represents. On this point of view, Obama is the greatest scourge in American history, which is why it is accurate to call him “anti-America.” But he is not alone.

ConstitutionOur government is based on “we the people,” but the notion of our uniquely republican form of government is that the people control government, and the Constitution is the law that governs government.

More importantly, America stands for the proposition that we as individuals are free to pursue our happiness so long as our acts do not trespass on our fellow citizens, or otherwise harm others.

Yet it is government that trespasses on our liberties, our property rights, and our individual pursuits of happiness.

Barack Obama is the most egregious example of how government trespasses on individual rights. In his position as president, he has the most power and is on the biggest stage.

Obama’s usurpation of power and lawbreaking, however, is what takes place on a less visible and smaller scale thousands of times per day by federal bureaucrats, state officials, and even our local governments.

Here’s a good example. Fauquier County, Virginia is attempting to fine a small farmer for selling her farm-grown products without a new county permit even though she has a business license. The County also cited her for holding a pumpkin carving and a birthday party for eight 10-year old girls.

The County is violating Virginia’s Right to Farm law against this farmer. Worse, it is trespassing on her rights, which are the rights that all of us have because they come from God, not government.

Government, you see, is America’s biggest and most pervasive lawbreaker, and with no close second.

Government, like Obama, believes that it built the roads and bridges on which commerce flows, and that we owe government for everything we do. This view is the notion under which government demands more taxes, more permits, and more licenses to engage in our private endeavors.

It gives government more discretionary power to wield over us, making us fearful and beholden to government for the things we build, the commerce and labor on which we feed and shelter ourselves, and, now, even the family and community events that we have on our private property.

Obama says we “didn’t build that” because government built the bridges and the roads that help us to engage in commerce, which sustains us.  Let me ask this: where the heck did government get the money to build bridges and roads?

Government, you see, has it backwards: It owes the people for everything it does.

America is exceptional because we have a Constitution – a law – that protects our liberty against government trespasses. Charlie Daniels says it right: “My help cometh from the Lord who made Heaven and Earth - not the government who made debt and class envy.”

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