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Brian Ross of ABC Made No 'Mistake' in Slandering Tea Party

Let’s be clear – there’s a difference between a “mistake” and intentionally injecting your own leftwing political agenda into your reporting. And Brian Ross’s report raising the possibility of a Tea Party connection to the Aurora, Colorado Batman movie shootings was no “mistake.”

Brian RossEstablishment media lefties, like Ross, have routinely tried to sell the idea that the Tea Party is a violent rightwing fringe group from the moment the movement began.  As a result, every time there is a violent public act committed in America, they begin to look for a Tea Party connection.

What’s even more troubling, however, is the fact that in their zeal to report on the non-existent threat posed by the Tea Party, the establishment media routinely ignores or downplays the real terrorist threat posed by radicals aligned with left-leaning causes and allegedly oppressed minorities.

The National Counterterrorism Center’s Worldwide Incidents Tracking System (WITS) publicly lists 35 terrorist incidents involving all types of terrorists as occurring in the United States between the beginning of 2004 and the end of September 2011. Twenty-five of these can be linked to domestic terrorists. Of the 25, the vast majority -- 22 -- can be attributed to environmental or animal rights extremists. (“The Domestic Terrorist Threat,” Congressional Research Service report, May 15, 2012)

You have to look pretty hard to find reporting on eco-terrorism – yet groups such as Earth Liberation Front (ELF) have caused tens of millions of dollars in damage by torching SUVs, homes and commercial developments they claim are a threat to the environment.

Try finding an establishment media report critical of the radical animal rights groups that have conducted arson attacks and vandalism against research facilities.

While the Tea Party is composed of middle class patriots who want to restore constitutional government – and even pick-up after themselves at their rallies and events – the establishment media long ago decided to paint the movement as a scary and violent bunch of rightwing extremists.

That’s not a “mistake.” That’s media bias in its most blatant and ugly form.

The non-apology apology Brian Ross issued after he was caught sliming the wrong Jim Holmes and the Tea Party is not enough to set things right.  While nothing can really correct the decades of establishment media bias against conservatives in which the establishment media have engaged, what ABC should really do is follow Brian Ross’ apology with a network-wide admission that it has long been biased against conservatives -- and issue an apology for that, too.

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Voices of Descent

What now? Squash the voices of descent. I don't hear you clamoring about Fox and all the right wing garbage they spew out everyday. Everyone at Fox including all rightwingers have been hammering our president for years I've heard it all and let me tell you to the point where it makes me puke. While your Tea Party may have noble intentions the Republican conservatives are not the vehicle that's going to take you there. They are snakes with forked tongues it enables them to speak out of both sides of their mouth. They lie to you they lie to the rest of the laity. They are of split tongue and single mind, interested in two things POWER and MONEY. They don't give a rats behind about your ideals but they will use you since you are so  willing to follow them.  

Fox and 'right wing garbage'

First of all, props to you for watching enough Fox to make you puke. I couldn't respect a hatred of Fox if you never watched it. But you have to remember that Fox is fact-checked by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, PBS, NPR, the NYT, the NAACP, the Wash Post, and Media Matters. If the right wing garbage was in any way a misrepresentation, why hasn't a single one of these groups called them out on it? I've spoken to people who will not watch Fox, and find them sadly and shockingly ignorant of the things their own people have said and their positions, because NONE of these organizations will mention it. As George Soros said (when he put $100M into Media Matters--specifically to do nothing but watch Fox to nail them on something), Fox is 'dangerous' because "they keep playing OUR words". If 'how DARE you quote me' is the left's only defense, the LEFT has the problem. Thankfully there's someone calling THEM out!!

Mainstream media.

I could wax on and off about this isue,but I want everyone who reads this to understand what the Big Six is.See,in the olden days we had to get rid of monopolies because they started running the country,now we have corporations,which is a different,possibly more powerful form of moneyed oppression,because they are exempt from retaliation.The worst that can happen to a corporation is that they get fined.Big whoop.

Concentration of media ownership

is a term that is being played out around the world.Once a playground for the conspiracy freaks,now is stark reality that pits family members at idealogical odds against each other usually over something they saw in the news.What is the truth to these differing viewpoints?The guy getting attacked in some foreign country might be able to tell you,but he is a little busy to learn English at the moment.At this point in your information gathering you might wonder,can you trust the corporations to lead me in the right direction in life?I would ask what alliance to my country the C.E.O. has,and how does someone get a job like that?.

Fire Brian Ross for Journalistic Failure

CBS News fired four news executives instrumental in airing on "60-Minutes" the unverified Killian Story on Bush's National Guard record. Dan Rather's contract was subsequently not renewed because of the same issue. For the convenience of political partisanship, ABC's Brian Ross went even further afield of journalistic responsibility with his slander of an individual citizen, and also of the Tea Party.

Yes, We Are A Violent Fringe Group

That is if being a violent fringe group describes a group that wants our governments to live within their means.  Actually, I think it is more criminal, and more of an economically violent attack on our youth to take away thier futures by piling on this debt.

Slandering TEA PARTY

 ABC News has been on the side of left wing Politics for a very long time. I am not surprised when people like Ross sticks his head out of the sewer and bashes other people for their beliefs. I grew up in a home that voted for the Democratic Party for all of my young years at home. After being on my own I realized these people were not what I thought and it was in the early 80's I started voting for Conservative Candidates and I think  Ross should be fired for injecting his Politics in his broadcasts. Marty Howington 

  The libs are DESPERATE,


The libs are DESPERATE, they know they have no solid arguments for their program of violating natural law, if not common sense.  They know that their nonsense has been tried and found wanting around the world.  They know that their reign, which has involved deceiving Americans, doesn't work any more, so they allow themselves to try things like Brian Ross did, sloppy, that is VERY SLOPPY, reporting.  Ross knows he is not a true journalist; rather that he is a political prostitute, a hack, nothing more.  If Ross had any capacity to show shame, especially in view of the death threats THAT HIS SLOPPINESS CAUSED, he would find a hole to climb into and not come out.

Ladies and gents, this is just one of many reasons that WE HAVE TO GET RID OF OBAMA, and in that way let the libs know that their desperate tactics don't work any more.  If Obama, the SOB (silly ol' boy) is reelected, my conscience will be clear, because I intend to work hard, VERY HARD, to get rid of Obama.  Please try to find out what you can do to get rid of this flim flam, this phony, this lightweight, this arrogant elitist Alinskyite thug.