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Florida Family Policy Council President John Stemberger Endorses Weldon

John Stemberger, long-time President & General Counsel of the Florida Family Policy Council -- and one of the leading pro-life, pro-family conservatives in Florida -- has endorsed Dave Weldon in Florida’s U.S. Senate race.

Dave Weldon”Dave Weldon is solid as a rock. A smart, reliable and proven leader, he is a true principled conservative.  Weldon is a trustworthy physician and father, and as a former congressman has a proven voting record as a social and economic conservative. This is a man who will not embarrass us in his personal life and who will respect the base and principles of the Republican Party. America needs leaders like Dave Weldon; he is worthy of our support for U.S. Senate,” said Stemberger.

Stemberger’s endorsement of Dr. Dave Weldon over frontrunner Connie Mack IV is significant, not only because of Stemberger’s long association with and high profile in one of Florida’s most effective social conservative organizations, but because of Stemberger’s principled analysis of how conservatives should weigh the qualifications of the candidates in a given election.

In his article, “A Principle Based Manifesto on Voting for Social Conservatives,” Stemberger set forth an eight-point test conservatives should consider applying when making the decision for whom to vote.

John Stemberger’s list of eight principles, set out below, is particularly worth examining in the context of the Mack/Weldon Senate contest.

1. The pro-life issue is not merely a single issue--it is a disqualification issue.

2. We should not vote for candidates based upon where they stand in the polls.

3. Character matters--a lot!

4. We are not electing pastors or priests; we are choosing civil government officials.

5. Realize that elections present both clear choices and mixed choices.

6. “Professions of principle” are more important than “professions of faith”

7. A candidate’s past voting record is much more important than any recently announced commitment to policy positions.

8. Resist the temptation to vote your pocket book over principle.

Conservative voters who are thinking about voting for Connie Mack in the upcoming Florida Republican Senate Primary should read John Stemberger’s “A Principle Based Manifesto on Voting for Social Conservatives” -- and his endorsement of former Congressman Dave Weldon before they cast their votes.

If they do, we are confident they will join CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie in concluding that the right candidate in this race is not establishment Republican Connie Mack IV, but principled small government constitutional conservative, and pro-life hero, Dr. Dave Weldon.

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