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Hollywood Has Significant Responsibility for Colorado Shootings

"We're brutalizing the audience. We're going to end up like the Roman circus, live at the Coliseum." -- Legendary Actor and Director Orson Wells

Hollywood signEveryone in America knows the corrosive effect the anti-social products Hollywood calls “entertainment” have had on our society -- but virtually no one in the entertainment industry will admit the truth of what everyone else knows.

It doesn’t take a psychologist reviewing Colorado theater shooting suspect James Holmes’ notebook full of violent rants and plans for a mass killing to recognize that immersing one’s self in violent video games, violent movies and pornography is bad for the psyche -- and the soul.

Violent pornography online has become so ubiquitous that Sue Berelowitz, Great Britain’s deputy children's commissioner, says it “is affecting children's thresholds of what they think is normal behavior.”

The effect of violent sadomasochistic movies has long been recognized, going back at least to the 1970s and the release of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange.

Lest anyone doubt the commercial motivation of such soul-numbing “entertainment,” Warner Brothers sold the movie with a tag line that promised “rape, ultraviolence and Beethoven.”

There followed a string of violent “life imitates art” incidents, particularly in Great Britain. The ostensible location of A Clockwork Orange, such that The New York Times reports, “Mr. Kubrick, said to be shaken by the movie’s reception, insisted that Warner pull 'A Clockwork Orange' from release in Britain. And it was not shown there again until after his death in 1999.”

Despite Kubrick’s reaction to the violence his film incited, Hollywood had by no means finished with violence as a money maker.

Natural Born Killers, about a pair of lovers whose murderous spree was egged on by the media, set-up another series of violent copycat killings.  One such  crime led to the shooting of Patsy Byers, a Louisiana store clerk, who was shot and paralyzed by a couple, one of whom said she and her boyfriend had been influenced by the film according to The New York Times.

Byers actually sued the makers of Natural Born Killers for inciting the act that left her paralyzed, but the suit was eventually thrown out on First Amendment grounds.

Now comes legendary director Peter Bogdanovich, who once made a movie about mass murder at the movies, to admit what everyone knows.  “Violence on the screen has increased tenfold. It's almost pornographic. In fact, it is pornographic. Video games are violent, too. It's all out of control. I can see where it would drive somebody crazy.”

In the aftermath of Brian Ross’ attempt to smear the Tea Party by associating it with the Colorado theater shootings, it is refreshing that Bogdanovich and others in the entertainment industry are now at least willing to admit that violent “entertainment” might have contributed to alleged shooter James Holmes’ violent state of mind.

However, with a $160 million opening weekend -- even after the Colorado killings -- Hollywood will wring its hands all the way to the bank until consumers take control and stop buying tickets to movies and video games that long ago passed out of the realm of "entertainment" into soul-numbing brutality.

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Great article Mr. Rasley.

Great article Mr. Rasley.  Full of after thoughts and quotes from others who decided to take a more responsible stand.

You know, when were were kids, it was understood when you played that you were 'practicing' .  Having fun, practicing for interaction with family, your occupation, and on it could go.  The concept was sensible.  Even when brothers wrestle, the idea is grapling, 'roughhousing' with a training of 'how to' in a way that may get tough, but is not harming.  When does this change? Actually, if one equivilates adult with mature and responsibility, able to lead and guide those younger, is it not rather a paradox to classify violence, licentiousness and the like as adult entertainment.  The younger generation watches how we spend our time our life.  Period.  


Movies depicting violence serve most nutcases as a psychological release, not an inciter. And parents, not Hollyweird, are responsible for their children's upbringing. Don't take my word for it, talk to any criminologist worth his salt. Where Hollywood IS manipulating our society:

The ‘Gaystapo’
"Homosexual groups have been bullying companies, movie studios, schools, and Christian groups for decades. A recent act of bullying came from GLAAD when the pro-homosexual group demanded that Universal Pictures remove anti-“gay” language from the Ron Howard film, The Dilemma. I’m not the only one making the claim of homosexual Gestapo tactics. A number of liberals have been critical of GLAAD, arguing that it “has turned into one of the biggest bullies in Hollywood.” Consider this report:..."

Does This Mean. . .

If Hollywood bears significant responsibility for the shootings in Colorado, does that mean right wing hate radio and the conservative movement in the media is responsible for the Oklahoma City terrorist attack by McVeigh?

Once you start down the road to generalizing, where does it end?


If this was simply a matter of generalizing, there would be no issue.

GO BACK to earlier generations, they got it.

Appropriate :)  responsibility  :)  General responsibility to fellow man

No, not all 'got it'.  But in general, IT WAS A COVERING TO OUR SOCIETY.

Theocrats Say Constitution and Free Market Are Liability

So movies cause violence? Let's see; isn't that the same logic as guns cause crime? And, is Mr. Rasley's paralyzed woman argument a rhetorical device to demean our Constitutional Bill of Rights with "but the suit was eventually thrown out on First Amendment grounds"? Does Rasley's "Hollywood will wring its hands all the way to the bank until consumers take control and stop buying tickets to movies and video games" mean he wants regulation of the market? Should party platforms give precedence to such social conservative planks over say: habeas corpus violations; undeclared wars; the Fed's devaluation of interest and the dollar? Just saying. 


that is bull crap, western in the early days had shoot outs etc and you didn't see drug idiots, nor muslims

out shooting them.  if every one had a weapon i guarantee this stuff would not be happening.  and you whinners

that think it is will be a rampage, thats because your ignorant and liberal democratic whimps, and probably

a muslim toboot.  some of you whinners need to pull your heads out and get some fresh air, the obama

crap smell he sends you has your minds warped.  remember those who have ears to hear and eyes to see

get it from the start, the rest.... well stupid is is stupid does   best start getting that right now!!!!

Not exactly the same point - but another thought

On the Westerns, many early westerns, were for the most part, very basic story lines.  I enjoy them.  The violence, again, for the most part, was NOT GRAFFIC and obsurd, grotesque.  Yes, the bad guys had a way of making you not like them (Let's hope so).

To compare todays movies with the aformentioned, does not connect.