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Could Marco Rubio Save Mitt Romney?

Speculation over who will fill the Republican vice presidential nomination was fever-hot among conservatives -- and not in a good way -- when the names of establishment Republican and longtime Bush acolytes Condoleeza Rice and Rob Portman were floated as topping Mitt Romney’s short list of candidates.

Now the conservative firestorm over Rice and Portman has abated, at least temporarily, as the name of Florida’s Tea Party-backed Senator Marco Rubio has allegedly percolated to the top of Romney’s list.

Marco RubioRubio would certainly add much to the Romney ticket that neither Portman nor Rice could hope to add – particularly in the realm of generating conservative enthusiasm.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said recently that he thinks Rubio is ready to be vice president and that he has shared those thoughts with Romney.

That Jeb Bush, a leading establishment Republican, would bless the Rubio nomination is a great step forward.

It shows that some astute establishment Republicans are starting to grasp that Romney can’t win without enthusiastic conservative support, and that they understand Romney’s choice of a conservative vice presidential nominee is key to generating that enthusiasm.

Rubio has always been a strong contender as far as we are concerned.

His come-from-behind campaign to defeat the sitting Governor, and anointed establishment Senate candidate, Charlie Crist, promptly made Rubio a political legend.

Rubio has won statewide election in Florida, a crucial swing state, and his immigrant roots and Hispanic heritage add an appeal to independent voters outside the traditional Republican coalition.

But most importantly, Marco Rubio has a record of standing for small government constitutional principles, and when it comes right down to it, that’s what conservatives and Tea Partiers are looking for in the Republican Party’s national ticket.

Governor Romney’s pollsters and consultants will no doubt test and focus group every likely vice presidential candidate and give the Governor the metrics that he is so fond of on each potential candidate.

However, the attribute that will save Mitt Romney’s candidacy if he chooses Marco Rubio is not Rubio’s Hispanic surname or immigrant roots -- it is that small government constitutional conservatives and Tea Partiers will back him with the enthusiasm reserved for one of their own.

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Rubio is a Bush Client

If you like GHW and W Bush's Big Spending, Big Government, Amnesty-pushing ways, then you will love Marco Rubio.

Wake up, tea party!

Marco Rubio is a bought and paid for client of the Bush Familia. Recruited and pushed to Florida Speaker of the House by Jeb Bush.

If you want the Bush Globalist Familia's wing of the party to retain power in DC, support Marco Rubio.

Exhibit A: Barbara Bush thinks of Globalist Billy Clinton as a son.

Exhibit B: Babs wants Federalist Sarah Palin to go back to Alaska.

Are you crazy? If you WANT

Are you crazy? If you WANT Mitt Romney to win, MARCO RUBIO should be the VP! He is the only one who can rally people to get behind Mitt Romney. You just watch...if Marco Rubio is selected, the country will go crazy! And support for Mitt Romney...well, his favorability/likeability rating will sky-rocket!

No ...

Hate to break it to people but we are not looking for someone who is not eligible to be President, has no executive experience, and is a Bush family acolyte, who road the Tea Party wave to power, but has shown his true colors since the election with his statements on foreign policy, including his attack on Michele Bachman et al.

No more Bushes and that it includes Marco Rubio.


Rubio is not eligible and his attack on Bachmann ...

Sorry, but Rubio poses a number of problems:

- Many constitutional conservatives believe that Rubio is not eligible to be President or Vice-President. Yes, he was born in America, but at the time of his birth his parents were not American citizens so raising the issue of whether he is a natural born citizen as required under the Constitution.

- His views on foreign policy reflect the neo-conservative militaristic wing of the Republican party.

- His attack on Bachmann et al for raising concerns about the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Executive Branch reflects the fundamentally flawed strategic view that prevailed in the Bush administration and has now taken hold in Obama administration towards the Brotherhood which has declared war against the United States and will lead to disastorous results for the United States.

- He has only been in the Senate for a brief period of time.

- He has no executive experience either in public office or in the private sector.

Simply put, although he road the Tea Party wave to power, after Charlie Christ overreached, if one goes over his record in detail and particularly his views on foreign policy, people will find that in fact he is an acolyte of the Rockefeller / Bush wing of the Republican party.

Yes, Obama needs to be stopped, but how far are we prepared to "bend over?"

Marco Rubio is NOT ELIGIBLE

What part of "Natural Born Citizen" do you people not understand? It has been resolved that Marco Rubio was NOT born of two US citizens which makes him clearly and totally INELLIGIBLE! It is an incredible waste of time, effort and money to pursue his candidacy! Rubio has the identical eligibility status as Obama! Please wake up and let's find and promote someone who CAN legally be VP!

Rubio for VP

Rubio does not meet eligibility for the office.  Is the republican party taking the placement of the ineligible Obama as a precedent?

Except he's not eligible

Not a natural born citizen.But, since the precedent may have already been set, this may not matter

IT  MATTERS!!  We can NOT do

IT  MATTERS!!  We can NOT do what they have done - it's illegal!


Clearly, CHQ Bush wants Obama reelected in November. That's the only reason I can come up with that he would push an ineligible candidate for the GOP presidential ticket.

Rubio was born in Miami so he's a 14th Amendment (naturalized) citizen but his parents were not U.S. citizens
when he was born so he is not a natural born citizen as required by the Constitution.

I KNOW that both CHQ and Rubio (and Jindal) are aware of this problem yet none will say anything (which, of course, would put Obama's presidency in jeopardy).

So CHQ wants Obama in the Oval Office again. . .WHY??