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Award for Best Line of the Orlando GOP Presidential Debate Goes to…

Representative Michele Bachmann.

And she said it in response to one of the more ridiculous questions posed during the event.

Near the end of the evening a question was posed to the effect of “who would you pick for Vice President?”

A few of the candidates played along and gave a name, a few criticized the question, but Bachmann used the opportunity to say something important.

“…Every four years, conservatives are told that we have to settle, and it’s anybody but Obama. That’s what we’re hearing this year.

I don’t think that’s true. I think if there’s any year — President Obama has the lowest public approval ratings of any president in modern times. He hasn’t gone to the basement yet. It’ll be a lot lower than what it is now. That’s why we need to choose a candidate who represents conservatives and constitutional conservative positions.”

Bull’s eye for Representative Bachmann.

I’ve said it before -- The next president will not be Obama. We have to make sure he or she is a conservative, who is prepared to run as a conservative.

And that makes the choice of the Republican Vice Presidential candidate critical.

For as long as I can remember Republicans have made a habit of selecting a Vice Presidential candidate who is perceived to be from the opposite wing of the Party; the moderate Eisenhower selected the thought-to-be-conservative Nixon, conservative Reagan selected the moderate George H.W. Bush, moderate McCain selected conservative populist Palin.

The result was voters were never sure what the Republican Party stood for ideologically.

Democrats have no such tradition. Consequently voters typically know what they are getting when they vote for the Democrats – a consistently liberal ticket and choice.

This cycle Republicans have a historic opportunity to defeat a failing liberal President. To do this they are going to have to nationalize the election and offer voters clarity, not balance. The Republican candidates may not need to offer a name just yet, but those who are running as conservatives should certainly be prepared to commit to selecting a fellow conservative to create an ideologically consistent ticket that offers voters a clear alternative to the failing big government liberalism of Obama and Biden.

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I think you give too much

I think you give too much credit to the voting populus.  And, NO ONE has openly stated the obscene amount of voter fraud we are about to see in the election next will FAR surpass any amount most would even imagine!!  With an undeterminable amount of illeagals now in our country, and all from the South of the border have been endoctrinated by the left and the leftists in all forms of media, combined with the # of liberals in our country--we VERY WELL may see as much as 6 to 10 million illegal votes in this next major election!!!!  Remember, Obama won last time by 3 million votes and that was considered a landslide!!!  Imagine a block of votes the size of one of our larger states ENTIRE POPULATION in ADDITION to all his party's votes and Voila--instant win!!  And who would investigate--HIS Dept. of so called JUSTICE??  The ones who new about Operation Fast & Furious??  The ones who blanket dissmissed the New Black Panthers Philly voting booth atrocity??  Wake up and see things as they REALLY ARE!!

The next president has to be

The next president has to be not only a conservative but a constitutional conservative. We need to uphold the constitution, not work around it.

The next President

That would leave out almost all of the current legislators in the GOP, except fort the last batch of TEA Party electees.