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Charles Krauthammer Joins CHQ to Criticize Obama's Expropriation Tax

It is not often anyone beats Washington Post columnist and FOX News regular Charles Krauthammer to make a point about American politics.

So we were happy to see that yesterday, Krauthammer caught-up to CHQ and published an excellent column on President Obama's unconstitutional scheme to use the federal income tax as a tool to transfer wealth from one group of Americans to another.

If you missed the article "The Return of the Real Obama" you can find it online at

Krauthammer's take is that Obama has concluded his halfhearted feints to the center after the midterm election were not only unconvincing, but would do him no good anyway with a stagnant economy, with 9 percent unemployment and a staggering $4 trillion of new debt -- so he might as well be himself.

Krauthammer supports this contention by noting, "Obama is a member of his base. He believes this stuff. It is an easy and comfortable political shift for him, because it’s a shift from a phony centrism back to his social-democratic core, from positioning to authenticity."

"The authentic Obama is a leveler, a committed social democrat, a staunch believer in the redistributionist state, a tribune, above all, of “fairness” — understood as government-imposed and government-enforced equality."

"That’s why 'soak the rich' is not just a campaign slogan to rally the base. It’s a mission, a vocation. It’s why, for all its gratuitous cynicism and demagoguery, Obama’s populist Rose Garden lecture on Monday was delivered with such obvious — and unusual — conviction."

Of course we think Krauthammer nailed it, because we made a similar point September 20 on CHQ in the article "No Surprise in Obama’s Expropriation Tax."

Charles Krauthammer is a perceptive commentator, with a big megaphone at The Washington Post and FOX News, the more columnists and commentators who help get the word out about the real Barack Obama, the better off America will be.

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