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CHQ Poll: Bachmann continues to best Palin

By CHQ Staff -- 6/1/11

Continuing a trend in our polls of conservatives and Tea Party activists, Michele Bachmann once again proves more popular than Sarah Palin.

We asked: “If you had to choose between Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann (forget the men, at least for now), which would you rather see as top spokeswoman for Tea Party conservatives and as the GOP’s presidential candidate?”

The answer was 46% for Bachmann, 25% for Palin.  Another 23% answered that they were undecided at this time.

Only 7% responded that “I could not support either one of them,” suggesting that the two women are very popular indeed with the GOP base.

Our poll a month ago brought similar results, with 52% choosing Bachmann, 28% Palin, and 19% undecided.

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Bachman vs Palin

   Michelle Bachman has a better report card on the illegal immigration issue .  Sarah's report card on illegal

   immigration is very bad.   We don't need nor want amnesty.  We don't need anchor babies.  We don't need the expense of illegals.

Neither One Will Win

Thay both know that they don't have a chance,we know that they don't have a chance, and they both know that we know that they don't have a chance. What they will do is keep someone, like DeMint, who has a chance, from winning.