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CHQ Poll: Conservatives agree with DeMint’s hard-line stance on debt limit

By CHQ Staff -- 5/20/11

Senator Jim DeMint, the conservative senator from South Carolina, is unequivocal:  no raising of the debt ceiling until we have passed a balanced budget amendment.  And, he adds, “I couldn’t support a presidential candidate” who doesn’t agree on that.  “We should go to the mat with Obama.” 

Conservatives agree—overwhelmingly so.  In yesterday’s CHQ poll, 96% agreed with the Senator’s hard-line stance.  Only 3% thought the politicians should have more flexibility in determining how to handle the nation’s budgetary and fiscal problems.  The remaining 1% was undecided.

Senator DeMint is not only a powerful Senator, he is the foremost power broker in South Carolina, home of the important first-in-the-South primary.  With this almost-unanimous support from conservatives, the message to presidential wannabes is unequivocal and clear:  You have no wiggle-room on this issue. 

Byron York, in the Washington Examiner, reports that “DeMint, along with every other Republican in the Senate, supports a balanced budget amendment that, if passed, would a) require a balanced budget within 10 years; b) limit federal spending to 18 percent of gross domestic product; and c) requires a supermajority vote to raise taxes.” 

None of the current GOP presidential candidates has taken a stand on this amendment, but Senator DeMint is expected to begin a series of meetings with the candidates in the near future.  You can be certain this critical issue will be on their agendas.

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