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CHQ Poll: Conservatives not dismayed by GOP dropouts

By CHQ Staff – 5/24/11

The mainstream media pretend to be puzzled or even concerned about the departure of so many “first tier” candidates from the GOP presidential race, leaving behind a “weak” field of hopeless presidential wannabes.   

Tea Party conservatives say:  Good riddance to them.

As the CHQ Poll indicates, Tea Party conservatives are not fooled by liberal handwringing and crocodile tears about the fate of the Republican Party.

In the first place, “first tier” is an artificial concept constructed by the liberal media to designate those candidates who are acceptable to the liberals, and who will not upset the Establishment applecart.  Mitch Daniels, Mike Huckabee, and Haley Barbour all could be counted upon to play the political game according to the rules laid down by the Beltway crowd. 

When a Ron Paul or Michele Bachmann beats one of them in a poll—as they often do—this does not elevate Paul or Bachmann to “first tier,” nor do Daniels or Huckabee or Barbour drop to the “also-ran” list. 

Over two-thirds (68%) of our poll respondents understand this and replied that “none of the dropouts is a real Tea Party conservative.  As such, they realized they cannot get the GOP nomination this year.  We are the party!”

Most of the remainder of our poll respondents (27%) simply think it’s a non-story: “This is a media-manufactured story.  Dropouts are normal, and this year’s pattern is not unusual.  The race has just begun.”

A small minority of 5% suspects there may be another reason for the number of dropouts—that they “have looked at the power of incumbency and decided that they would rather run in 2016 than against an incumbent President Obama.”

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Sometimes I wonder about this site's perspective; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial; background-color: #ffffff; line-height: 1.5em; background-repeat: repeat no-repeat; padding: 0px; margin: 0px;">

I am as conservative as they come and that is why I worry that this website is not all that grounded in reality at times.  I want a very conservative President and I do not lament that many of these potential candidates have declined to run.  But to suggest that Huckabee is not conservative makes me question your perspective and your point of view.  


Look at his tax record while Governor of Arkansas.  He gre government a great deal. 

Also, there isn't a war that he doesn't like.  Rememebr in 2008 when he challenged Ron Paul on our MidEast war making policy?

Food for thought.  Jesus said, "Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God."  As a corallary to that, "Cursed are the warmakers for they shall be called the children of Satan."  IMO, all NeoCons fit the war making catagory.


if an individual in ancient

if an individual in ancient Israel refused to fight for his country, he would be held guilty. In Numbers 32:23, Joshua warned those who would not fight for their country that their sin would find them out. The expressed meaning of this verse is that it is dishonorable and a sin not to fight in defense of one’s country when called upon to do so. According to the Apostle Paul’s instructions in 1Timothy 5:8, if you do not provide for your own household you are worse than an infidel (or unbeliever) and have denied the faith. When read in context, this verse speaks of taking care of your family financially. Clearly, this verse extends to include the physical care and protection of your family. It would do no good to be diligent in paying the bills yet refuse to offer defense against someone who would enter your home with the intent to kill your family. Therefore, these verses in Matthew are not teaching against self defense in life and death matters.

Today in Israel, only the Israelis want peace; the palestinians, pawns of the arabs, do not. They want Israel pushed into the sea. So, Israel must fight to protect itself, or the Arabs would succeed in their goal.

Ron Paul is fringe on his foreign policy views

I don't celebrate war.  Who does?  But Ron Paul is completely unrealistic in his foreign policy views.  Also, the "NeoCon" smear stands out like a red flag to me.

My first tier candidate is

My first tier candidate is Herman Cain.

herman cain

I totally agree.  I truly believe the GOP and media are afraid of this guy because they know he can win.  The GOP nervous because they don't want a black man; the media because they know Herman Cain is a win-win against the completely unqualified, no experience in business or politics' Obama.  Herman Cain is a man of integrity and really connects with the people with his jovial, friendly but firm, fully in control personality.


He sounds good on the stump.  But and a big BUT, he was a past Chairman of the KC Fed (?) and does not support the efforts to audit or get rid of FED.  Anyone who refuses to do this is a pawn of the Elite Establishment.

I will reserve final judgement until I hear him debate Ron Paul on FED.


This is what I am talking about

This is the type fringe perspective that is not realistic in the presidential campaign.  Why would we want to get rid of the Fed?  The Fed provides a useful role in monetary policy.  Herman Cain is probably the most conservative candidate in this race and he is my first choice by far, Fed or no Fed.  I voted for him in 2004 in the Georgia Republican US Senate primary and I intend to vote for him next year.  His background with the Fed is a non-factor as far as I am concerned and as far as mainstream voters, conservatives included, are concerned.



Ron Paul

He does not "want the military defunded". Dr. Paul is staunchly pro-life.

You so called "conservatives" don't really understand this whole Liberty and Freedom thing, do you? Dr. Paul is not "for" something by virtue of his stand on the principle(s) of liberty, such as marajuana or pro-life, etc. The PRINCIPLE here is that he wants YOUR God given (NOT government given) rights to be upheld REGARDLESS of his personal stand on the issues. I know him to be against the illegal use of drugs.... and that includes prescription drugs as well. He also states that he has never performed an abortion and he was an OB/GYN for many years. He did not accept Medicare or Medicaid, for his services, but did not turn people away either. He treated them and allowed them to make arrangements to pay or performed the service(s) free in the event that they could not. THAT is the Free Market that he talks about! Not "free" as in costless, but free in that he as a physician could perform the service at no cost. There IS a big difference.

Dr. Paul wants us to quit meddling in the affairs of the other countries and bring our service people home. This will serve many purposes but, mostly, to stop the spending of American lives and blood in these senseless wars! CONgress is debating Libya spending on C-SPAN, today, and discussing the other two "wars" we are engaged in. Funny how some of the Dems support Obama's actions there but the R's do not! That should tell you something! Dr. Paul has never advocated abandoning our troops over there, he just wants the needless and unconstitutional "wars" stopped!

Ronald Reagan, the "conservative's big hero" once said "Libertarianism is the heart of conservatism", or something very similar. The Libertarian Party's platform is a masterpiece in the concepts of Freedom and Liberty as a "hands off", low taxes, minimal government organization wishing to promote these issues. See for further info. These R's need to "practice what they preach"!!

Ron Paul

You said it!  Right on with Ron Paul.  Plus, he's too old!  Sorry, but I'm old too.

Ron Paul

Care to challenge Dr. Paul to a foot race?