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CHQ Poll: Tea Party conservatives reject Giuliani

By Staff

If he really is testing the waters, Rudy Giuliani will find an ice-cold reception from the Tea Party conservatives who count in the GOP primaries.

The former mayor of New York City has been hinting lately that he may enter the GOP presidential race again this year.  A CNN/Public Opinion Corp. poll, taken May 24-26, showed him with a slim lead among all Republicans.

We were interested in the views of conservatives and Tea Party activists, however, and the reaction could not have been more different.

A resounding 78% said they could not support Giuliani because they were committed to another candidate.

Only 6% of Tea Party conservatives said “he would be my choice if he enters the presidential race.”

The remaining 15% are undecided at this time.

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You must be kidding.  Giuliani was complicent with the 9/11 event and the Ron Paul revolution will chew him up and spit him out again.   Building 7 in the 9/11 event collapsed straight down semitrically and that is physically impossible, and if this can not be explained then the rest is BS also.   Giuliani was given the opportunity to make a name for himself and run for president.   Then he opened his big mouth about how blowback was a myth.

Rudy vs true conservative

 I had extended arguments back in 2008 about why Giuliani was the wrong man.  Now I look back and think Rudy was better than what we got.




If my memory serves me well, we got John McCain as a candidate because every comservative candidate held out and did not consolidate a conservative base.  I think 4 or 5 candidates would have been more acceptable than McCain but they split the conservative support 4 or 5 ways so, of course, a RINO won.  Geez! How stupid!

Tea Party guy has no problem voting for Juiliani over Obama

No compromise we need a candidate who does not need to apologize to the world and believes in American exceptionalism, by far we have done more for world freedom and eliminating hungar than the next 10 countries combined. Also no compromise we need a candidate who believes that capitalism/free markets with safety nets is the only economic system compatible with individual liberty. Guiliani fills these qualifications while Obama fails miserably.  He is not my 1st choice but if polls show he has the best chance of winning in November, he has my enthusiastic vote in November.


Rudi Guliani

The Tea Party must be careful about who they pick qnd who they reject. We need an "electable" candidate and Rudi fits the bill. I would rather the Tea Party exert its' will to getting things accomplished by any qualified moderate/conservative candidate than I would seeing them try to play Kingmaker. There is a lesson to be learned from the recent elections in New York. Let's be smart about the upcoing elections and not shoot ourselves in the foot, while having to endure four more years of Nobama...dangerous years because he can run amok and totally destroy this Country! May common sense prevail!


I agree with you Albert. Rudy was a great Mayor for New York. He's not perfect but guess what? Nobody that is running or thinking of running is. He is the right "type" The Tea Party needs to focus on the local levels. They need to work to get Senators and Congressmen elected. We need people in the school boards and community boards. My only concern would be is he electable. When push comes to shove if Mickey Mouse is running against Obama my vote will be for the mouse. There will be no more tomorrow if we don't win in 2012.

Giuliani for President? Really?

I have no problem with the the megabucksters slugging it out (Trump v. Son Of Brainwashing) or PizzaMeister v. the Teenage Girl Squad (Cain v. every republicrat governor ever born). I mean, it makes a horse race, right?

But to consider The Man With No Eyes* as a serious candidate? This guy went courting our votes in the last election cycle, at the same time aligning his privately held company to pickup "alternative energy" contracts from any potential democrat administration. This company, run by a deposed corrupt police commissioner and a defrocked pedophile priest, was supposed to "payoff" for him by drilling for natural gas in the Long Island Sound, part of the Atlantic IntraCoastal Waterway. All the while trying to convince us he was being "tough" for us. HAH!


*The Man With No Eyes: In the last election cycle, each time I met this man, he made a near-herculean effort to avoid eye contact with me, whether at P4 in Orlando Florida, or at his rallies in Melbourne  Florida or in Vero Beach Florida; each time he looked like his eyes collapsed into his head, as if he were a zombie. I believe that was the sum total of his political platform.