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Christie Doesn’t Understand American Exceptionalism

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spoke yesterday at the Reagan Library in a speech he titled “Real American Exceptionalism.”

I did not know Ronald Reagan, but I can tell you this: Christie’s no Ronald Reagan.

Governor Christie views American exceptionalism through government eyes. His speech centered on government solutions. Oh, sure, his approach to government solutions is better than, say, Barack Obama’s. But that cannot be the Republican measuring stick for government solutions, never mind American exceptionalism.

Christie announced yesterday that he is not a prospective presidential candidate for 2012.

Conservatives should scratch him off their lists for 2016 and 2020.

In his speech, he said, “The rule for effective governance is simple. It is one Ronald Reagan knew by heart . . . . When there is a problem, fix it.”

That may be a fine view of American ingenuity. His speech in praise of Reagan and American exceptionalism, however, was all about government’s fixing problems.

Reagan famously said, “Government is not the solution to the problem; government is the problem.”

Chris Christie does not understand the nature of American exceptionalism, nor what enables it.

In his speech, Christie failed to mention the Constitution even once.

In our e-pamphlet, The Law That Governs Government, available for free at, Richard Viguerie (who, unlike I, did know Ronald Reagan) and I write this about American exceptionalism:

[O]ur Constitution was written to secure liberty better than any system of government in history. Americans have an advantage others throughout history seeking their freedom did not have: We have a structure and process designed to protect freedom.

The Constitution, though, does not run on automatic pilot. It is not a passive guarantee of freedom. The Constitution must be enforced on government.

Adherence to the Constitution is the very foundation of American exceptionalism. Without understanding that one critical concept, America is lost.

Please, anyone who lives in New Jersey, download our e-pamphlet for free and send it to your governor.

And, don’t forget to use all or any of the 30 questions in Appendix I to test candidates’ knowledge of, and fidelity to, the Constitution.

Who knows; maybe you can help Chris Christie understand why he does not understand the nature of American exceptionalism.

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Christie Candidacy: Wanted By Wall Street

What needs to be added to the other fine comments and RV's message is this. Why is Chris Christie still being shopped as a candidate? Because Wall Street and the Rockefeller blue blood apparatchiki want their OWN MAN at the top of the ticket. By doubling down on Christie (on top of globalist Romney) they get just that.... A guaranteed Wall St RINOlican to give us another eight years of globalist outsourcing of our technology manufacturing base and its subsequent weakening of our national security. Lots of Wall Streeters live in North Jersey and live on the passive income model of Wall Street vs the 'make something' model of Main Street. They've stopped caring about Main Street and Main Street's conservative values except to parrot the nonsense about small biz as the job creation engine in America which is code for saying they have no interest in reforming our broken globalist corporations that are the underlying reason for our mess. So let's blow smoke up everybody's you know what and praise small biz while asking for more tax breaks for the most aggregious outsourcers (all in the name of 'free trade').

At this point we are looking at Romney's ascendancy and I guarantee you the Dems will make mincemeat of him on offshoring and outsourcing jobs, just as they did with Meg Whitman in California. Folks that think putting up a 'moderate' is the way to beat Obama are following the same delusion as in CA.By the way, I'll bet you money Romney picks Jeb Bush to run with him, not Rubio.

RV & CHQ ought to do a research piece on how the GOP blew the 2010 governors race in CA after being up 10 plus points right up until the last month. It's pure Romneyism--He was the strategic mind behind the Whitman candidacy and message, which is being played out again for a divided and fractious GOP.

If we could ressurect Reagan...

We are desperate, desperate to identify ONE D.C., or potential D.C. politician that holds with the Patriot's ideas of what self goverance should look like.  I am sorry to dampen the debate, but there is not ONE single career politician who holds your valves.

If fact, you are considered to be a 'radical', if your idea is to restore the Federal Gov't to its enumerated powers (responsiblities), if your vision is to privatize SS, move Medicare/Medicaid/Energy/EPA/Eduction and a thousand other Federal Departments to the States. Yes, you are a radical.   If you want to abolish the 80,000+ pages of IRS Tax Code, and restore the Constitutional type of tax, which is a sales tax.  Whoa, you are really a radical.

If you envision secure borders, and a common sense approach to legal work visas and immmigration, you are both a radical and a racist. 

If you don't buy in (as over 30,000 Scientists have NOT) to the cockamame idea of man-made global warming, you are an ignorant radical. 

I'm telling you these things, so you'll know 'who you are', and inversely who you 'are not'. 

Why, why do you place your hope in a President? Are we a monarchy?  Hoping and wishing for a President to 'fix everything is both lazy and very dangerous.  Is that what you really want? 

If it were possible, and Reagan was walking amoungst us today, I fear that you would go besirk with excitement and eurphoria, not because he defied the grasps of death(!), but because he represents what you hope for!   Yes, I would 'want' a Reagan, but we don't 'need' a Reagan.   The major problems that we face today, continued their march right through the 80s, right through the Reagan administration.  Some of the worst legislation in the past 30 years was signed by Reagan.  Again, I would 'want' a Reagan today. 

When will you stop placing your trust in career politicians?  What we need today is... YOU.  That's right, YOU.

The most amazing thing about the American Revolution was NOT the war, or the time period of July/1776 and foward.  It was what happened BEFORE July/1776.  An amazing, never-happened-before event, between 1764 and 1776, earth shattering political reform, against all odds. 

Wars, heros, heroic battles, are what is remebered, but I suggest to you that those are repeat throughout history in innumberable quantities.  What we must look at for answers today... is in the time period of 1764 to 1776.   How did they do it?  How did they overcome corruption in the Colonial Assemblies?

That's right, in the Colonial Assemblies!  You see, after 12 years, they finally realized that Parliament and the Crown were totally corrupt.  So they declared Independence.  But what is missed by most people today is that the movement for Freedom was very small in 1764, and the only way that July 4th, 1776 happened was due to an amazing political reformation within the Colonia Assemblies.

Are you curious?  Do you think we could learn from them?  Or are you still infatuated with the Crown, (I mean the Presidential Election)?

Fellow Patriots, our founding fathers cleared a path for us, not only did they do that, and then fight for it, but they also talked in plain terms about how YOU AND I could avoid a bloody revolution when political reform was needed again, as they knew would be the case.

Are you curious?  Interested? 





























Compromise to a conservative means we win you lose,conservatives do not shake hands with the devil and Ronald Reagan clearly stated, "Government is not the solution, it is the problem" not see problem fix problem. 

Christie is good for Jersey, he is the most right leaning Guv they have had, he neeeds to stay there and finnish setting things straight, his moderation makes him positional and that renders him ineffective to conservatives because we consrvatives plan on getting and keeping all of our fingers and avoid barbwire rash by not crossing the fence.