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Four out of five conservatives say Newt just killed his presidential chances

By CHQ Staff |

Newt Gingrich set off a firestorm by remarking on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that he supports an individual mandate in health care and doesn’t agree with Rep. Paul Ryan’s proposed Medicare changes.  Since then, Gingrich has sought to “clarify” his position and says he is for the repeal of Obamacare. Conservatives clearly don’t believe him, as 66 percent of those responding to a CHQ poll said Gingrich has already killed his chances in the race – and good riddance! Twenty-two percent more also think he’s done, but feel it’s too bad. Eleven percent say it’s too early to tell whether he’s out, and a mere one percent answered that they agreed with Newt – and it’s good for the debate.

This does not look good for his campaign, which has been in full damage control since the conservative backlash against his comments swung immediately into high gear.

On Tuesday's Rush Limbaugh Show, Rush repeatedly played the audio from a tape of one anonymous Republican angrily confronting the candidate on the issue, saying, "Speaker Gingrich, what you just did to Paul Ryan is unforgivable."

When Gingrich denied doing anything to Ryan, the ma responded, "Yes, you did. You undercut him and his allies in the House. You're an embarrassment to our party--why don't you get out before you make a bigger fool of yourself?"

Gingrich's apologized to Ryan in a phone call on Tuesday. According to Gingrich's spokesman Rick Tyler, "the call went very well."

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Newt is all done

I was at a non political banquet last night. The table talk got around to Newt. The consensus is that he is all done, and not just for one blunder, but for a pattern of  such blunders over the years.

Newt is way too liberal to be elected today. We are demanding a Conservative values driven President this time around.

Herman Cain is my choice.

larry hagedon

Newt's Supposed Blunder

If you look at the essence of what Newt was saying, he believes conservatives should not be involved in government healthcare. I agree. Shouldn't we push to lower taxes and take care of our own health?

newt gingrich

I would not and will not vote for Newt Gingrich under any circumstances!  I have no faith in him at all, do not respect him and agree with the person who called him a moral midget.  He is not presidential timber and we've had enough of those who aren't and don't need another one.  Oh, for strong, true conservatives - Ronald Reagan I wish you were here!!

Get real

(A) Ronald Reagan is DEAD. There will not be another one. Please act like an adult, and stop wishing for what cannot be.

(B) Newt Gingrich is the architect of the Contract With America, which is  -- listen carefully, now -- THE ONLY instance of Republicans succeeding in balancing the budget IN YOUR LIFETIME. Ronald Reagan tried, but could not do that. Newt Gingrich did.

Now, would you like to explain to me, again, why you want Ronad Reagan to rise from the dead, but don't trust Newt Gingrich? This time, try informing your thoughts with facts, ok?

Backstabbing Newt Will Never Get My Vote

Newt joins the race then immediately tears into Ryan and his medicare plan, and we conservatives are supposed to believe he is not a flippin' RINO?  Sorry, but I wasn't born yesterday. I agree, in attacking Ryan, Newt has done the unforgivable.  But what else would you expect with a man who betrayed his first two wives?  He's a moral midget, and I will vote for a third party candidate before I'd ever vote for him.  I've had it with Newt and all the good ol' boys in the GOP who claim to be Constitutionalists but who have failed miserably to uphold it.  


He makes the Kenyan look good.  Matter of fact, almost all of the chosen ones make O look good.

I'm beginning to think that the "Reelect the President"  group is actually the republican party.  It appears that any true conservative that has the temerity to run will be killed by the republican elite.  Look what they did to Palin....the party that eats its (alleged) own.

Make O look good

Mr. Porter, the only person who could make BHO look good would be the Devil himself

I was done with Newt LONG before his most recent bloopers

Newt was "our Moses" back in 1994 and up until his marital infidelities were discovered towards the end of his actual relevant career, circa 1999.  If he had run in 2000, and folks had been willing to overlook his hideous personal life (hey, they'd just done so TWICE with Clinton), I think he'd have had a chance, even against McCain and Bush.  If he'd taken a stance AGAINST Iraq in 2004, he'd have outscooped Ron Paul, looked like a genius even if Bush had defeated him in the Primaries, and could have run in 2008.  But considering that he COULD have run in 2008, but didn't, he was ALREADY finished THEN.  While he had a lot of guts with the Contract with America (think of how he could have campaigned - "I personally gave us the Dow move from below 4000 to over 10,000!!"), he obviously had no guts in 2008 (was it McCain?  Romney?  Giuliani?  Did he think one of them would pick him for VP and then he could have him shot like Poppy did Reagan or LBJ did JFK?) and will no doubt be one of the first to run out for lack of money.  I wish his were a good campaign that he's running to put out his "ideas" - but THOSE suck now compared to 1994.  Even his economic reasoning, as early as 2007, was deteriorating as his moronic neocon ideas competed for brainspace.  E.g., in his debate with Dodd in 2007, he said, "the same nation that put a man on the moon shouldn' t have Louisianans charged twice for health care what Minnesotans pay."  Uh, well, actually, Becker's Economic Theory text from 1979 said that health expenditures go DOWN as education increases (preventive care).


I cannot believe it is only 66% of conservatives who feel that Newt threw up on his shoes. He may be good for the debates, if he gets that far and if he take son Obama, but he has lost what he needs to get elected-the base.