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Gallup Confirms Americans Want a Law to Govern Government

According to a report released by the non-partisan Gallup organization, 49% of Americans believe the federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens. In 2003, less than a third (30%) believed this.

Does this mean almost half of America has suddenly joined the Tea Party?

No, but it does confirm that almost half of America accepts the contention of The Law That Governs Government, the pamphlet on the Constitution that I recently co-authored with Mark J. Fitzgibbons.

And it is evidence that -- despite the establishment’s best efforts to condition us to believe government is more benevolent than the rest of society -- Americans are suddenly waking to the heritage of a government of laws that has been usurped by 70 years of growing federal power.

And how could they miss it?  It is on the front page of every newspaper, practically every day.

When United States Congressman Phil Hare of Illinois, sworn to uphold the Constitution, says on video, “I don't worry about the Constitution on [Obamacare], to be honest with you,” what is it that would make the many millions of unelected government officials enforcing statutory laws and regulations on businesses and people care to abide by the law that governs them? 

They don’t; and so we have a government culture where, for example, Department of Justice prosecutors withhold evidence, not just in criminal proceedings against the weak and relatively defenseless, but even against the powerful such as the late Republican Senator Ted Stevens, in a brazen demonstration of their contempt for the rule of law.

If Americans are suddenly waking up to the danger posed by government lawbreaking what can they do about it?

They can start by reading The Law That Governs Government, where I make the point that the Constitution does not run on automatic pilot.  It is not a passive guarantee of freedom.  The Constitution must be enforced on government.
The history of freedom is one of ebbs and flows.  There are always those who will take away the freedom of others; the American history of freedom is no different except that we have a structure and process designed to protect freedom – our Constitution. 
The Constitution was written to secure liberty better than any system of government in history, and in the Constitution Americans have an advantage others throughout history seeking their freedom did not have.
To America’s establishment elite the Constitution is a quaint anachronism, a mere speed bump on the road to using government to help their cronies and enforce their will on the rest of society. Today’s Tea Party movement is nothing more and nothing less than a movement to reclaim the Constitution and a demand that once again, the Constitution be enforced on the federal government.
If you are already concerned about the erosion of American exceptionalism and agree that we now live in a regulatory state where government doesn’t enforce the law so much as it picks the winners and losers in private matters, and that all too often the law is now misused to hold back private achievement and advance the political establishment and its cronies, then you are already part of the peaceful uprising of the middle class growing in this country.
The Law That Governs Government will empower you with new information and resources to make you a more effective advocate of Constitutional Conservatism and its mission to reclaim the Constitution as the law that governs government.  Go to to download your copy today.
If you would simply like to learn more about the Constitution and its role in governing government go to and download “The Law That Governs Government.”  It will cast the abusive and intrusive actions of government in a whole new light.

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