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Look Who’s Calling Who a Nut

by Richard A. Viguerie

The Hill reports that former co-chairman of the Obama debt commission, ex-Wyoming Sen. Alan Simpson, said about anti-tax conservative Grover Norquist, “What kind of nut is this guy?”

Longtime fiscal hawk Norquist heads Americans for Tax Reform, has been a conservative crusader against budget deficits and tax hikes, and has made his Taxpayer Protection Pledge perhaps the single most important document for political candidates to sign.

Simpson is quoted referring to Norquist as “some guy just wandering around the swamps taking a pledge from people when America was flush, and then pushing people like Orrin Hatch off the cliff as if he were a commie.”

Never let it be said that the ruling class doesn’t defend and protect its own.  And never let it be said that a member of the ruling class won’t miss an opportunity to take a swipe at principled efforts of conservatives.

Simpson’s down-home colloquialisms may have fooled plenty of people over the years.  A son of a U.S. senator, he is ruling class all the way.  That’s why he’s been a favorite Republican talking head with the mainstream media.  He talks the small town talk, but thinks in the ways of the big-government establishment.

Ruling class folks like Alan Simpson have never liked principled, small-government conservatives.  We ruin their fun spending other people’s money.

Simpson and his ruling class friends created the mess we’re in, not Grover Norquist and his no new tax pledge.  Who can recall Alan Simpson ever saying that Congress can’t fund a government program because it would be unconstitutional? 

Simpson was part of the Bob Dole, George Bush 41 and 43 wing of the Republican Party and did little to slow the surge towards quasi-socialism.  Democrat-lites cut the deals and grew government – not quite as fast as Ted Kennedy wanted – but enough to remain close friends.  All the while, such compromises grew our national debt over the principled calls of pre-Tea Party conservatives to stop.

Alan Simpson is a relic from the dusk of America’s current dark night of out-of-control budget deficits.  The word “Constitution” is rarely mentioned by Ruling Class Republicans.  Federal programs are policy.  It is never a matter of whether they complied with the Constitution. 

No, the ruling class is, and always was, above constitutional restrictions.  They’ve thought of themselves as too smart to be bound by that foundational law.  Who needs constitutional limits on power when you have the reins of power?

Simpson is happier insulting social conservatives than criticizing his big-government colleagues across the aisle.  On abortion, he said, “I don't think men legislators should even vote on the issue."  Simpson seems to think supporters of marriage between a man and woman are “homophobes.”

As the Moral Liberal writes, “Simpson was keynote speaker at the 1994 Wyoming State Republican Convention, using the occasion to castigate real conservatives as ‘a blight on the Republican Party.’”

So, when Alan Simpson calls anti-tax conservatives “nuts,” he’s only expressing his career-long antipathy to those who have opposed his ruling class mentality.

The better question, I think, is what kind of nuts create:

•    $14.4 trillion national debt
•    $113.4 trillion unfunded liabilities
•    60 years of military adventurism, fighting unwinnable wars, bringing death, untold suffering, and ruined lives to millions of Americans?

It’s the ruling class nuts who created these massive problems as well as dozens of others.  No wonder so few Americans think well of professional politicians.

Alan Simpson, the funny farm van is here to pick you up.

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The problem is, they do not

The problem is, they do not have extensive nationwide exposure. So many do not know them or understand them. You can bet the liberal media would viciously attack them for any of their policy prescriptions. The idea we could end up w/a Huntsman or even a Romney, are dismaying. Their positions on economics may not be enough to get us out of the mess we are in. Their social policies are pathetic. Cap & Trade is an economy destroying concept designed to shut down the oil industry. Some want this, even though even they know, there is NO possible technological alternative that could operationally supply enough power, & worse, they are all economically, a joke.Anyway, here's hoping one of those candidates who sees America more like most average Americans do, gets a little steam & can pull this off! Count on this. The media will try to sell the public on a candidate "they" think can be beaten by Obama & even if they win, they would be more of a liberal in actions than most real conservative candidates.


Thanks a lot!

MichaeL || NYC.USA

Alan Simpson vs. Grover Norquist

For as much of an establishment Republican as Alan Simpson is, we must not harbor any illusions about Grover Norquists conservative credentials. While championing tax reform, Grover Norquist has also spent years promoting amnesty and open borders. He also has a penchant for increasing Muslim immigration, under the premise that Muslims would make good conservatives. I don't know how much influence his Muslim wife has in his opinions, but it's easy to Google his questionable ties to CAIR. Is this the average American's idea of a conservative?

As an immigration reformer, I have had Norquist on my watch list for years. A good position on one issue doesn't necessarily make anyone a good conservative.


A fantastic piece of truth. You're writing my thoughts, thanks.  Their gig is up - they've (Simpson and all the nonconservative warmongering big spending Republicans )buffaloed the public for far too long.

Alan "DUH" Simpson

Here is a old time GOP'er who never had his motives questioned, and now that he has a new group of Patriots who are not only questioning his logic now, but looking back at his many flawed reasonings while a Senator, he doesn't like it.  In true Obama fashion, he has taken to name calling.  Fair enough.  The military for years have had a term for guys like Alan Simpson.  He should be called "KING RAT".  Look it up.  He fits the description perfectly.



Hello.  Sorry. This is going to offend allot of people., Norquist is against taxes. He thinks that all government functions except for defense should be private.  Without taking sides it seems the experiment has already been tried and it doesn't work. Defense and running wars, he seems to support, has worked badly. We usually don't know what we are getting into. As for taxes there's a very good reason why we have to have them.  Government - local, state and federal borrow money for  what they do - for example. build roads, schools and pay for the military. Those of us who are well off buy the bonds and related instruments. Interest and debt retirement is paid off out of our taxes.  Clearly it would be cheaper to pay for all this with taxes in the first place. so we wouldn't have to add insult to injury by paying the extra taxes for interest. Lowing costs is a good conservative principle. In this case it involves the bad word "taxes". During the Eisenhower administration  we built the freeways out of high taxes.  The return on investment was and is incalculable. Made allot of money for everybody. Sorry if this upsets yor readers.

Carry on your good work.