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Mitt Romney’s money cannot buy conservatives’ votes

By CHQ Staff – 5/23/11

The former governor of Massachusetts is having no difficulty raising millions from Establishment Republican fat-cats, but he has a big problem trying to use that wealth to buy conservative votes.

Nine out of ten conservatives and Tea Partiers cannot be bought, according to this past weekend’s poll.

“Money is important,” admitted 91% of the respondents, “but it isn’t everything.  With the Tea Party, the composition of the Republican Party has changed.  The grassroots demand a principled conservative candidate.  All his money didn’t get him the nomination in 2008, and it won’t this time either.”

A mere 3% thought “we need someone with Romney’s money-generating capability” to counter the Democratic war chest, “even if he isn’t the perfect conservative candidate.”  The remaining respondents were undecided.
Even while Romney refused to participate in the first GOP presidential debate and face conservative critics head-on, he has time for some 30 fundraising events this coming month.  The CHQ poll suggests that perhaps his priorities need to be reversed.

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Mitt Ronmey is completely unacceptable to conservative-libertarin Republicans like me. He has been so ever since he stuck his home state Massachusetts with "Romneycare," the very template for socialist Obamacare. No governor who has so damaged his OWN state can ever get conservative support. And the GOP IS the CONSERVATIVE party in this nation just as the Democrats are now, in reality the socialists. That's why I always refer to 'em as Democrat-socialists.

But his history of support for socialism is not the only objection to Mitt. He is, like his late father George, a northeastern "moderate" (read unprincipled) RINO; Republican In Name Only. Back when he was governor in MA he seemingly felt the "wind" blowing left, so he went right along. In 2008, feeling a conservative backlash to McCain, he became the "conservative" candidate. He's a political chamelion like our late unlamented Charlie "suntan man" Crist here in Florida. Like Crist, his "core principles" are to be found in his latest poll or focus group. Now he's once agian selling himself as a conservative. Wont fly.

Moreover he is a big government "inside the beltway" Republican who can NEVER be trusted to actually reduce the size of government or stop illegal immigration, so much favored as a source of cheap labor by his corporate backers. He is part of the PROBLEM not the SOLUTION.

REAL conservatives can't win? Tell that to those of us who supported Ronald W. Reagan, the greatest president of the 20th century. And who are we running against? Jimmy Cater only worse! Should the GOP nominate the likes of Romney next year, Obama will be re-elected because we of the Tea Party will form a new third party that will, after even more damage to our nation by Obama, be the NEW majority party in 2016. If the country survives Obamaism.

You Better Wake Up and Open Your Eyes!

The only candidate that is able to bring back an already ruined America, to a form of a Republic that represents freedom once again is Ron Paul!

Ron Paul is the real original Tea Party builder, many of the people that followed claiming to be Tea Party Reps, are simply Republican RINOS, thrown in as  a Ringer into the pile in order to maintain the Republican Neo-Con protocol, in othe words business as usual, so that we end up with the Globalist two sides of the same coin ( Reoublican/Democrat ) control grid!

Sarah Palin et-al, are not true Tea Party Representatives! So help me God!

Nominate Paul, Rescue Obama

I've been a libertarian-conservative ever since the Goldwater campaign as a kid and am ever a conservative BEFORE a Republican. I agree with Ron Paul on a good deal of what he says. But his foreign policy, military policy ideas put him in the category of isolationist kook. He has NO chance of being nominated. I AM, however, pleased that he's in the race to keep the emphasis on smaller government, lower taxes, and states' rights. I don't think even Ron actually believes he can be nominated.

Romney's grassroots contributions

I believe Mitt Romney has such a broad base of contributors because of his "grassroots" supporters! He has proven himself to be very well qualified in the corporate world to bring failing businesses back to being productive.....from the red to the black! He rescued the 94 Olympics from fiscal disaster! So why wouldn't he be well thought of in the Corporate world.....he can get this Country back on track if we give him a chance! He is honest, moral, and stands for Constitutional rights and liberties! I believe he can be trusted to surround himself with honest, upright citizens who share the same high ideals! 

If you wish to find fault with the man, be sure you are right in your assessments! He is not perfect, but he is striving in the direction as we all should be if we live by Christian principles....those same principles upon which our Government was established!!

The Real Romney?

First, I'm a Mormon so my comments aren't religious bigotry.

Second,  Romney is an advocate of the NAU and all things NWO

Third as to Christian principal.   I would never vote for the Mormon Romney because when he had a chance to let me people know about our truth beliefs, he equivocated.   When asked by a Boston TV interviewer about visits by God to mankind, Romeny said that he didn't know of any since Moses.  WHAT???   If you're a Mormon, you witness to the world that God and Jesus Christ visited the boy Joseph Smith in a grove of tres in upperstate NY in 1820.  Without that visit, Mormons would be just another Christian sect.

To the Mormon who believes

To the Mormon who believes everything that is said in the media.  First of all, you know very well that the question that was asked was a trick question to begin with. We members of The Church know that God would not tell someone to do something that is illigal to begin with. We believe in obeying and sustaining the law. It was a trick question and further more the media did not let us hear the rest of the conversation, so we don't know if Romney said anything more concerning revelation. Most likely he did. Be aware that when people run for President that it is the norm to try to use anything that can be taken in a negative way. Since Mit Romney has no dirt from the past to dig up, they will try to trick him so they can use it against him. I hope you are smarter than to fall for it. If Mit Romney truly only belived that Moses was the last one that God appeared to, he would not be in good standing with The Church and as far as we know, he is in good standing. No one is perfect and I think that Mit Romney is the best we have for this country. He can get us out of this depression and put the country back in the black instead of the red as Obama has gotten us into. Don't fall for everything in the media! You don't know the full story, because they took what he said and cut the rest off!