2014 GOP primaries

Thad Cochran Sides With Democrats on Abortion and Guns

Cochran is not a conservative on fiscal, social, or national security issues.  He rarely votes with conservatives and has certainly never given voice to conservatives on important issues. After almost four decades in the U.S. Senate and six years in the House, what has Sen. Cochran accomplished at all, let alone for freedom-loving Americans?  His record reveals that he’s set us back and in fact, has sided more with Democrats throughout his career.

Who is Eric Cantor?

Doc Thompson, with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze radio, spent his Monday morning show delving into the question, ‘who is Eric Cantor?’ Jamie Radtke provides her analysis of Doc’s disturbing answer.

Richard Viguerie: ‘Our True Opponents are McConnell, Boehner’

Scott Greer, Daily Caller

“Whenever they are the face of the opposition to the Democrats, the Repubs. almost always lose on the national level. It is the most important political battle in America and it’s not between Repubs. and Dems. - it’s inside the Repub. Party. And for the most part, conservatives have been losing.”

GOP Leaders Ignite Civil War, Take Shots at TEA Party

Dr. Rich Swier, Virginia Free Citizen

The first law of politics, and war, is secure your base. Ruling class Republicans should take heed of that maxim. If you tread on the Tea Party it may come back and bite you in 2014 and again in 2016.

Cantor's Camouflage Conservative Cant

Christopher Manion, American Thinker

Cantor's betrayal of the conservatives who "brung ‘im” is offensive, but his most pernicious -- and possibly most dangerous -- goal has been secretly to "keep immigration reform alive" until after the hotly contested Republican primaries are over.

Exposing Eric Cantor

Jamie Radtke, The Bull Elephant

Conservative radio host for Glenn Beck's 'The Blaze' nextwork Doc Thompson plans to broadcast the things that will get Eric Cantor fired with extreme political prejudice. We're sure there's plenty to reveal. 

Moderates vs. Conservatives: Which Repub. PACs Came Out On Top?

Katie Singh, Burnt Orange Report

Looking at which PAC's candidates did the best, we found that moderate Republicans are still struggling, and the Tea Party is doing significantly better than one might think.

Eric Cantor Earns An Opponent In Dave Brat

Who you walk with says a lot about who you are, and the fact that Cantor is willing to spend a weekend at a posh island resort with the Big Government, Big Business, Big Labor types who fund the Main Street Partnership speaks volumes about who Eric Cantor really is.

Rove Appearance Riles Tea Party in NC Senate Primary

Bloomberg News Staff

DC Repubs. wanted NC House Speaker Thom Tillis to quickly win the party’s Senate nom. and focus entirely on vulnerable Dem. incumbent Kay Hagan. But fundraisers he held late last year with Karl Rove turned off activists in the limited-gov't movement.

Tea Party Members Vow to Reinvent Movement

Michael A. Memoli, McClatchy

Recent setbacks rallied tea party supporters, motivating them to keep pressure on the GOP leadership to ensure it doesn't back down in fights with Obama over spending and healthcare. Many tea partiers fear GOP leaders will embrace more moderate positions, suggesting internal party fights may worsen.

The Tea Party's Not Dying

Lauren Fox, US News & World Report

Based on the changed culture of spending in Washington, it's too soon to write the tea party's obituary. Congressional elections might not be the best indicator of the tea party's future.

Tea Party Patriots Back McConnell Challenger Bevin

Seth McLaughlin, Washington Times

Jenny Beth Martin, president of Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, said, “Unlike the incumbent, Matt Bevin has never voted to raise the debt ceiling, has never cut a deal with Joe Biden to raise taxes by $600 billion, and has never worked to ‘crush’ his political opponents."

Has Foreign Policy Saved Lindsay Graham?

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

Graham has used his criticism of Obama's foreign policy to squash the threat of a serious GOP challenge. But that doesn't change conservatives' disdain for his big government record.

Republican Tea Time

Matt Purple, American Spectator

The Tea Party isn't dead—and it's far bigger than just primary challengers.

Alex Mooney Endorsed by Tea Party Express

Tea Party Express Staff

“Mooney has proven his willingness to stand up to the establishment of both parties at the state level in order to fight for his constituents and conservative values. We believe he will do the same in D.C. working to stop the Obama-Pelosi big government agenda of tax increases, crippling regulations, and reckless spending.” 

Barbour Rides to Cochran's Rescue

Alexander Burns, Politico

Haley Barbour aims to rescue embattled GOP-E incumbent Cochran. The pro-Cochran Miss. Conservatives PAC, lead by Barbour's nephews, spent $400k against conservative Chris McDaniel.

CA GOP Seeks to Return to Reagan Blue

John Hrabe, Watchdog.org

At this weekend’s state party convention in San Francisco, a group of influential California Republicans has an odd request for delegates: help turn California blue. But it's the Ronald Reagan version. 
Reagan Blue Map 

NC Rep. Renee Ellmers – Smorgasbord Conservative

Conservatism is a fully formed worldview, not a smorgasbord from which Renee Ellmers and other big government Republicans can stop by to pick up a meatball or two and then claim to be a "conservative."

Tea Party Org Urges Defeat of Rep. Dave Joyce

Sabrina Eaton, Plain Dealer

A Tea Party group called FreedomWorks for America will hold a rally 3/20 to urge voters to unseat freshman GOP Rep. Dave Joyce of Russell Township, OH. FreedomWorks for America says it will distribute 1,000 yard signs and other voter-education materials at the rally to promote Joyce's defeat. 

Oberweis Wins GOP Primary to Face Durbin

Cameron Joseph, The Hill

IL state Sen. Jim Oberweis (R) won his Senate primary and will face House Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) in the fall. Oberweis, a wealthy dairy magnate, hardline conservative and perennial candidate, led businessman Doug Truax (R) by 55% to 45%.