2020 campaign

Trump Once Again Takes Aim at the ‘Law and Order’ Vote

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Is it racist to call attention to the decline of so many of America’s great cities that have long been under liberal Democratic rule? A prediction: the incidence of murders, rapes, robberies, and assaults in urban America, which saw a steep decline over the last three decades, is about to rise again. Calling out the liberals who run most of America’s cities for their failure to make urban areas more livable and safe might be a winning issue for Trump in 2020. Is this where Trump is headed? Is it a coincidence that Attorney General Bill Barr just said he will begin imposing the death penalty?

The numbers don't lie – Trump movement growing by putting America first

John Pence, Cincinnati.com

Money and technology alone aren't driving the Republican Party’s growth. Rather, it’s all made possible by the fact that President Trump is putting America first. President Trump has given our Party a winning message for the country that benefits all Americans. Meanwhile, the Democrats are running on “free” taxpayer-funded healthcare for illegal aliens and big-government socialism. Apparently, they believe “America Last” is a better message than “America First” in 2020. Luckily, the movement that took root during the 2016 campaign is just getting started. As we look towards 2020, the Republican Party will continue to grow thanks to President Trump.

Expect the Democrats to Sharpen their Knives as the Scrum Gets Nastier

Dov Fischer, The American Spectator

Harris gained ground by getting into Biden’s face. And that result is going to register among the other candidates as one of the most significant takeaways of the first round. Debate points were not won by enlightening the public on the issues. Rather, with two-dozen-and-one people fighting for the chance to reverse the Trump presidency and to lead America in a new direction, boldly crashing the nation’s economy and collapsing our country’s strengthened international posture, the best way to break out of the scrum is by sharpening the knives and attacking frontally — preferably aiming at Biden, but at least slashing someone or something. Go for the jugular.

President Trump Was Right About Sleepy Joe Biden

Candace Owens, American Greatness

Joe Biden has always been a consummate politician. He has recanted, apologized, caved, and adopted the intersectional party line on each and every one of these issues, and plenty of others, too. For years, he has conspicuously self-flagellated in public appearances, extolling, for example, how great it is that America is becoming minority-white. He’s clearly aware that his “unbearable whiteness” requires him to atone for his membership in the oppressor’s club. President Trump was the first to notice that Biden has “lost a step,” but everyone who witnessed the former vice president’s performance in Miami is now painfully aware of just how accurate the president’s observation really was.

Hot Take: Trump Announces Reelection

President Trump’s conscious or unconscious decision to equate conservative ideas, policies and values with Americanism, in contrast to the Democrats’ radical socialism, may be his most enduring contribution to American political discourse. It is certain that the core ideas that the Democratic Party has now embraced have no precedent in American constitutional liberty and only Donald Trump would be unafraid to call them un-American.

Biden Joining Dems in Left Field

Betsy McCaughey, The American Spectator

Democratic contenders are espousing policies few Americans support, and giving moderate and conservative members of their own party the cold shoulder. They’re also vowing to destroy their Republican opponent, President Trump. Eleven of the Democratic presidential contenders are calling for the House to impeach Trump, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she wants him in prison. That’s banana republic talk. Democrats eyeing the White House need to get real. By writing off moderate and conservative members of their own party, they’re boosting Trump’s chances of reelection. Then again, Trump’s reelection may be the gut punch that brings the Democratic Party back to its senses.

Trump's failure to get border wall built becomes 2020 campaign promise anew

Joseph Curl, Washington Times

Last Friday, Donald J. Trump For President Inc., released a new video, just hours before the president boarded a plane to fly to the U.S.-Mexico border to view construction of a portion of a new barrier there. Americans don’t much expect their politicians to follow through on every promise. So they’re likely to go along for the ride again as Mr. Trump pledges to build a border barrier — even though he failed to do so last time he made the promise. Bottom line: It was a winning issue last election, and it might just be a winning issue this time around. And Mr. Trump has known that since the minute he won the White House.