2020 Election

Assault on America, Day 194: When it comes to Democrat nut-jobs, Tom Steyer takes 1st prize

Tom Steyer’s entrance into the Democrat presidential race will shake things up -- for a while -- but it’s impossible to tell how he will impact the long-term results. Like all Democrat candidates, Steyer lacks a reason for existing -- and they all look like dull pewter compared to solid gold Donald Trump.

Assault on America, Day 191: Leftists champion losers while dissing Thomas Jefferson’s holiday

Honoring the Founding Fathers and the United States flag should be a no-brainer for Americans, but the cultural rot that’s relentlessly advanced by the left is present all around us. At the very least the past deserves respect and educated perspective. Is it really too much to ask today?

Can This Be True? Trump Ties With ‘Unnamed Socialist’

In its matchups of Trump versus Democratic candidates, a recent poll asked people to choose between the president and an unnamed “Democratic candidate who you regard as a socialist.” The result: A tie. Trump, 46%; Socialist, 46%. Among likely voters, the split was Trump 49%, unnamed socialist 43%.

Assault on America, Day 190: How many GOPers will follow Justin Amash out of Republican-land?

Justin Amash won his fifteen minutes of fame when he bolted from the Republican Party last week, but will anyone think about him six months from now? As a member of the GOP, Amash had a platform to speak as an outsider; now he’s just a political eccentric without a voice and no friends.

Far-Left Billionaire Whacko Tom Steyer Enters Democrat Primary

The Democratic Party wisemen in Washington can’t be happy with Tom Steyer’s announcement because it will be that much harder for them to move to the center for the November election with Steyer pushing the other Democrats even further to the Left on impeachment, global warming and abortion, while ramping-up the anti-free market rhetoric.

Assault on America, Day 189: Party pooper 2020 Dems belittle national joy and military honors

It does seem possible to run out of things to complain about, especially if you’re talking about President Trump, the American economy and the successful recovery from eight years of incompetence and malfeasance under Barack Obama. Americans are starting to pay attention -- what will they see?

Who Really Believes Biden Can Beat Trump?

David Catron, The American Spectator

The perception among Democratic voters is that Joe Biden is an astute, formidable politician and thus the only candidate able to beat Trump without driving the country over the socialist cliff. The Democrats don’t like Trump, but they do like peace and prosperity, which they mistakenly believe emerged from what the former VP calls the “Obama-Biden” agenda. But sooner or later, as the old Sinatra song puts it, he’ll spoil it all by saying something stupid. And if he manages to get the Democratic nomination, a couple of rounds in the ring with Donald Trump will make him nostalgic for the old days when Senator Harris kicked his posterior. Joe Biden is a fraud.

Democrats’ chances, and their issues, in the toilet

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Lucky for those few sane Democrats left, their party remains the last party in America that gladly steals elections. In 2016, Vermont socialist Sen. Bernard Sanders was fiercely battling his way to the nomination — until party elders stepped in and stole it from him so they could give it to Mrs. Clinton. Those same elders were hoping Mr. Biden would save their party from the army of kooky Bernie Sanders running this time around. But it is worse than that. Even the best that the Democrats have to offer these days are fundamentally unserious people who constantly lie about everything. What is it with these people and their obsession with the scatological? There is something seriously wrong with them.

Could Justin Amash Cost Trump Reelection?

John Fund, National Review

You can bet that the most enthusiastic Trump supporters wouldn’t see Amash favorably, as a factor that could tilt some key swing states toward Trump rather than a Democrat. If Justin Amash runs for president as a principled libertarian who lacks Trump’s excesses, he might indeed hurt the president in key states. But if he runs as more of a reformer who wants to attack corporate welfare and question the drug war, he could attract younger voters who would normally vote Democratic. As Trump opponents jostle for a chance to convince Justin Amash to run in 2020, they should remember the old Chinese adage that you should be careful what you wish for. You might get it.

Eric Swalwell Nukes His Campaign For President

Rep. Eric Swalwell, the Far-Left California Democrat Congressman who famously reminded gun owners that the government has nuclear weapons should they choose to resist his gun confiscation schemes, is abandoning his presidential campaign. But that doesn’t mean Democrats will abandon their plans to try to confiscate your guns should they ever obtain the power to do so.

Assault on America, Day 188: Radicalism and tyranny to define the next Democrat president

Conservatives should be willing to put their money where their mouth is next year when President Trump takes on his socialistic out-of-touch Democrat opponent. Democrat presidential candidates have sworn they’ll accomplish their aims by any means necessary. Would the republic survive?

Dem 2020 task: Convince voters to overlook economy

Byron York, Washington Examiner

The president's Democratic 2020 challengers face a daunting problem: Unless there is a serious economic downturn, the answer to the are-you-better-off question will work in the president's favor, not his opponent's. Democrats hope educated voters will be susceptible to anti-Trump social pressures, to being shamed out of voting for the president. The idea is that those voters will focus on their objections to the way Trump has conducted himself in office — the tweets! — and not on the economic results of his presidency. Indeed, a number of polls have shown that a significant group of voters who are happy about the economy still plan to vote against Trump.

Join A July 10 Religious Freedom Rally Near You

The crisis of Christian persecution, which is nearing genocidal proportions, is being widely ignored and has been allowed to continue unchecked. By rallying on Wednesday, July 10 we say NO MORE! Please go to https://religiousfreedomrally.org/ to find a rally near you and RSVP today.

Assault on America, Day 187: Independence Day and the crisis in Democrat electoral confidence

Independence Day means more than an excuse to get together with friends, consume adult beverages and host outdoor barbecues. It’s a time to reflect on the value of freedom and truth -- and the threats to those precious rights we’re seeing right now from Democrats of all ages.

American Presidential Elections Are Too Long and Destructive for the Country

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Who loses in all this? The public, of course. In the endless election year (is it three out of four or four out of four?) the domestic issues of the country are barely resolved, if at all, and the foreign policy initiatives undercut and/or maligned. It's hard to believe, but the Iowa Caucus, the serious debut of campaign 2020, is not until February 3, 2020, a full seven months off. Are we enervated yet? Do we hate each other enough yet? How about postponing the campaign until Thanksgiving and allowing the country and Congress to go about their real business? The British manage their campaigns in only 60 days. Maybe we could squeeze it down to, say, 180.

The Brilliance Of Trump’s Fourth of July Bash

Researchers at Harvard University have found that the July Fourth holiday commemorating the announcement of the Declaration of Independence may still be serving its intended purpose – promoting patriotism. And the even better news is that celebrating Independence Day also seems to make people vote Republican.

Happy Firearms Appreciation Day

We here at CHQ like to think of July 4th as “Firearms Appreciation Day’” because without firearms, and the American prowess with them, there would be no independence to celebrate. The war that turned the Declaration of Independence into a reality was a remarkable triumph that would have been inconceivable had not every man been armed with his own gun.

Assault on America, Day 182: Would Portland's authorities care if Antifa killed someone?

There’s virtually no end to the hypocrisy propounded by the left. And it’s not just the 2020 Democrat presidential candidates doing the holier-than-thou value judging -- it’s anyone arguing people deserve punishment for their political beliefs. Where does it go from here? We’re almost afraid to find out.

Democrats Hate It When Peace Breaks Out

Trump as a successful peacemaker on the Korean Peninsula does not help the Democrats defeat him in the 2020 election, so the Democrats and their media allies have suddenly become adverse to peace with North Korea and prefer what was known during the Cold War as brinksmanship or a reversion to the failed policies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Time For A Federal Takeover Of Portland, Oregon

If President Eisenhower could send federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas to regain order when local elected officials joined white supremacist rioters opposed to integration, then President Trump can send federal troops to Portland, Oregon to regain control of a city where local elected officials have ceded control of the streets to a Leftist terrorist organization.