2020 Election

'Well, I'd like to be president'

Monica Crowley, Washington Times

In a party that is now dominated by an ascendant far-left, Mrs. Clinton looks like a relic and worse, a dud. The stench of defeat trails her. Her globalist elitism is out of step with much of the country and her inability to connect on a basic human level will never change. She cannot seem to accept that the life choices she made were hers alone and that she isn’t owed anything as a result of them, least of all the presidency. Instead of making another embarrassing run, Mrs. Clinton should hole up in her Chappaqua mansion with a glass of her beloved chardonnay.

The American Presidency Is in Xi's Hands

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Donald Trump's chief negotiator Robert Lighthizer has his work cut out for him. The best thing he has going is that the Chinese know if the USA goes broke, they go broke with us. (At least there's one good thing about globalism!) Also, all Chinese leaders are concerned with rebellion — they have plenty. Nevertheless, the stock market, to say the least, is nervous. We should be too — not just for our 401Ks, but for the future of our republic on a whole lot of levels.

Democrats in Trouble

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., The American Spectator

High quality Democrats for 2020 are going to be hard to find. This is why there was a great deal of interest in Hillary’s appearance before empty seats in Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena this past weekend. It was an early stop in her transcontinental tour to stay in the headlines. She is going to fail. She is riding a death wagon. After nearly thirty years in the public eye she and Bill are going to die in the public eye. No other pair of politicians will have died in public so ignominiously… but then there has never been such a pair as the Clintons.

Democrats In 2020: One Creep Out, One Creep In

With Michael Avenatti’s departure from the scene the creep factor for Democrats' 2020 primary did not go down, in fact it may have gone up a couple of notches with the announcement that #CreepyJoe Biden is actively considering running for the Democrats’ 2020 nomination.

Calling O'Rourke

David Catron, The American Spectator

If O’Rourke runs, he will do fine in places like Austin and other college towns. But he’ll flop in the places that cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election — the big city precincts where the African-American vote is crucial to any candidate’s success. From 2012 to 2016, black voter turnout dropped dramatically and clearly demonstrated that no Democrat can win without generating a level of enthusiasm among minorities comparable to that which Barack Obama enjoyed. A white bread candidate like Beto, with a skateboard and a billionaire wife, will never cut it. The left’s lovesick yearning for Beto will not end well.

How Trump Can Translate His Policy Successes into Political Success

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

When Trump campaigns and holds rallies, he is the rare politician who sincerely uses a plural possessive pronoun of endearment to talk of Americans as “our farmers,” “our soldiers,” “our miners,” and “our workers.” His speeches about reviving the deindustrialized Midwest show more empathy than the usual boilerplate from free-trade libertarians or social-welfare liberals. Trump does not have to win over all minority voters and suburbanites. He just needs to recalibrate his messaging and reemphasize his solid achievements, reminding those he has benefited how and why he has helped them — and why he is not the ogre so often stereotyped in the media.

Let’s Give Thanks For Leftists Being Themselves

There’s much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving; a world at relative peace, a booming U.S. economy and a President who has worked hard to lift the heavy hand of government from the backs of America’s working families. But let’s not forget to also give thanks for the power of truth, as Democrats, through their own words, slowly disclose who they really are.

For 2020: It's Trump v. Goldman Sachs

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Most would agree that China's behavior has been egregious and previous administrations virtually absent when it came to confronting it, yet still this must be handled with greatest skill. The Chinese play a long game incomprehensible to most Westerners. Nevertheless, a decent trade agreement with China might force Goldman to revise its prediction quickly.  More importantly, it might preserve and enhance the already booming economy to such an extent that Trump would walk effortlessly into a second term.

The way Trump wins again

Daniel McCarthy, The Spectator

Trump has a path, albeit only a narrow one, even if he loses both Pennsylvania and Michigan in two years. If he wins either one, and holds Ohio and Florida, he is almost assured a victory — and if he wins both, it’s guaranteed. If the president faces a difficult task in devising a cultural and economic appeal that works for Arizona as well as for the critical Rust Belt states, Democrats have perhaps an even tougher challenge in appealing to the industrial heartland and to their own left-wing base simultaneously. This year’s midterms show that 2020 will indeed be an intense battle, but it’s one that Trump is in a good position to win.

5 Dumb GOP Mistakes We Better Fix Before 2020

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

The good thing about screwing up is that you can learn from your mistakes and do better next time. That, of course, assumes you are not a Republican Party official, because the GOP Establishment seems largely incapable of learning from its mistakes. We should try again anyway. We won some races, but we lost a lot more. Losing has one advantage over winning – pain is a better teacher than joy. After all, winning generally teaches you the wrong lessons. It makes you complacent.

Neither a 'blue wave' nor a 'red wall'

Monica Crowley, Washington Times

Mr. Trump’s record is tailor-made for his re-election campaign. Regardless of whom the Democrats nominate, the majority of Americans will not choose a return to the Obama-era weakness, which they roundly rejected in 2016. But much depends on Mr. Trump and his ability to channel the historical lessons of Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon and Reagan. If he wants to remain a truly transformative figure, he will stand atop a record and message of national strength, which will likely deliver victory to him just as it had for his extraordinary predecessors.

The Way Forward from the Midterms

Ben Shapiro, National Review

The moment conservatives try to build Trumpism around a policy of government do-gooderism, they run into the problem they seek to alleviate. Americans value family and community because they have values, not because family and community must be made more economically valuable. If we rely on material incentives to prop up our most vital social institutions, those institutions are likely to continue disintegrating — and to take the economic freedom we hope to promote in the end with them.

Trump needs to get out of his funk if he wants to be re-elected

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

The left’s bad habit of overplaying its hand will benefit Trump only if he keeps his cool and stays focused on the nation’s business. It doesn’t mean he can’t hit back, it just means he has to pick his spots with an eye toward winning the war, not just the battle. Anything that moves his agenda forward and keeps another promise is the best course, even if he has to swallow some insults and compromises. If he can do that, voters are more likely to remember why Trump was elected and notice that Dems face problems of their own.

Could Trump Win 20 Percent of the African-American Vote in 2020?

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Trump should stress issues that might appeal to African Americans, such as the right of access to charter schools, and how boutique environmentalism and over-regulation drive up the cost of affordable housing, fuel and electricity. Trump might also make it clear that his message is geared to all Americans, including African Americans. As a group, they are already doing better economically today than during the Obama administration — and everyone gains political clout when politicians must work for, rather than feel entitled to, their votes.

The Most Important Election You Never Heard Of

We first met Frank LaRose in 2006 and found him to be one of the most impressive men of his generation in Republican politics. The Left understands the importance of Ohio in 2020, which is why Hollywood PAC money has been pouring in to support his liberal opponent. We urge you to support and vote for Frank LaRose for Ohio Secretary of State.

Did Elizabeth 'She Who Lies Through Teeth' Warren just lose 2020?

Joseph Curl, Washington Times

Elizabeth Warren's newest claim that she’s an American Indian exposes Ms. Warren as a fraud — a liar. Americans don’t like liars. While she was attempting to put this credibility problem away long before she runs for president, she’s made it all much, much worse. If she’ll lie about something so meaningless, how can anyone trust her on issues that really matter? One thing is for sure: If Ms. Warren wins the Democratic nomination, Mr. Trump will be calling her “Pocahontas” right up to Election Day 2020. Although he might simply start calling her what she really is: Liar.

I'm a NeverTrumper and I'm voting for Trump in 2020

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

The political press has behaved as co-conspirators with the Democrats in the Kavanaugh matter. They have clearly been fully co-opted. Reporters are planting their flags with the so-called Resistance and donning pink hats instead of defending truth and reporting facts. There is much in the present political age about which I am uncertain. But there is one thing about which I am absolutely certain: President Trump is not my enemy, and too many progressives view me as theirs.

The noisy clashing dreams of 2020

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

Fantasies of right and left aside, in the real world the Democrats will learn that attempting to cast a political campaign in moral terms is a waste of time and opportunity. A drumbeat of accusations that the president is morally and ethically unfit for the office cuts neither ice, cheese, nor elections, particularly when the president’s critics have nothing new left to say.

Run Eric Run

There is no danger in an Eric Holder run for President, his most dangerous activity is not out in the far away future of the 2020 presidential election. What’s dangerous is what he’s up to right now; stage managing the continuation of the Soros-funded racial polarization of America.

Bring It On Hillary

As much as Hillary Clinton may want a rematch, Democrats may not be ready for Hillary Version 3.0. A new Harvard CAPS/Harris June poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden beating her almost 2 to 1 among Democrats, even as the Party's feminist elite itch for a rematch with President Trump.