2020 Election

Assault on America, Day 513: Dopey Joe Biden and the political skill game he just can’t master

Joe Biden is one of the luckiest men in America. In spite of a decided lack of political talents he’s almost secured the Democrat nomination for president. As the party’s “next-in-line”, voters chose the safe option, believing Joe would be a sure-bet to best Donald Trump in November. Instead, Biden can’t keep his closet-racist foot out of his mouth.

Assault on America, Day 512: Identity politics is the prison Grampa Joe can’t hope to escape

Democrats believe identity politics is the key to selecting the perfect running mate for Grampa Joe Biden, but it’s really a fortified jail cell without possibility of escape. There isn’t a woman on earth that will satisfy every Democrat interest group, so instead of making everyone happy, Biden’s choice will tick people off.

Joe Biden -- the perverted Magic Eight Ball that is always wrong

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Biden’s specialty all these decades has been foreign policy, about which he has been entirely, 100% wrong 100% of the time. In a place as hopelessly screwed up as Washington, being 100% wrong 100% of the time is an extraordinary accomplishment. And in the seedy, house-of-mirrors peep show that is Washington, being so consistently wrong is actually tremendously helpful. He is like a perverted Magic Eight Ball that always comes up exactly, perfectly, 100% wrong — 100% of the time. None of these pesky little false-negatives you get with a broken clock twice a day. How is it possible that this man is still in politics?

Biden Reelected Trump Last Friday

David Catron, The American Spectator

There is a certain symmetry to this. Biden wants to lead the party of slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation. President Trump leads the party that ended the “peculiar institution,” granted citizenship to former slaves, and recognized their right to vote. The Republicans did these things, as well as passing the 19th Amendment, despite the frequently violent objections of the Democrats. The best-kept secret in American politics is that, for these reasons, 95 percent of African-Americans voted Republican from the end of the Civil War until the 1930s. By that time, however, the GOP had come to take the black vote for granted.

In 2020, be more skeptical than ever of polls

Editors, Washington Examiner

It’s important to keep in mind a few things. First, polls were extremely ineffective in predicting Trump’s victory in 2016. Second, and most important, there is an unusually wide range of potential outcomes for the fall in terms of the coronavirus and the economy. Finally, Biden cannot stay in his basement for the next five months fielding softball interviews that he still manages to stumble through. Trump could clearly lose. But even in a good year, polls are fallible. During a time when many people don’t know if they’ll be able to watch football or send their kids to school, it’s especially silly to lean on polling.

Assault on America, Day 511: Exploring the difference between shouldn’t and can’t be done

There’s a definite difference between what shouldn’t and what can’t happen. Opening up the economy is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. The rest is up to individuals to decide. And if a new wave of sicknesses returns in the fall/winter, there’s no going back to lockdown status. It’s never been more clear -- it can’t be done.

Red Wave Coming? GOP Sweeps Election in Virginia Democratic Stronghold

Ellie Bufkin, Townhall

Following the 2019 'Blue Wave' in Virginia elections, residents of Staunton, which is supported by private liberal arts college Mary Baldwin, came out in droves to support Republicans this week. Three Democratic council members lost to their Republican challengers in an unprecedented sweep by the GOP with a voter turn out that smashed previous election cycles. With Republican victories in California and Virginia already on the books for 2020, Democratic Party operatives will be forced to look at how to reach voters clearly frustrated with state lockdowns that are almost entirely perpetuated by Democratic governors.

Assault on America, Day 510: This November, vote like life depends on it -- because it might

Democrats and Republicans will claim that their governors’ coronavirus responses helped save lives, but both sides can’t be right and statistics don’t lie. Now more than ever we see evidence that elections have consequences. Think about it before you cast your vote this November. The life you save might be your own.

Assault on America, Day 506: Nancy Pelosi’s $3 trillion slush fund disguised as virus relief

It doesn’t take a genius to wonder why Democrats are working so hard to keep the economy closed -- they’re doing it so people will blame Trump and Republicans for the worst of the damage. With COVID-19 cases and deaths steadily declining, it will be much harder for the bigger government party to get its way. Have a pleasant and meaningful Memorial Day.

‘Joe Has Absolutely No Idea What’s Happening’

Salena Zito, The Epoch Times

President Trump, speaking in Pennsylvania, took aim at Joe Biden’s mental faculties, at one point claiming the Democrat “has absolutely no idea what’s happening.” Trump’s visit to Pennsylvania comes just as Gov. Tom Wolf dictated a plan that rolls out selective openings of the state—a move that has frustrated many rural counties that have been told to remain closed despite a moderately low number of cases and deaths. A new poll conducted by SSRS for CNN showed that nationwide, Trump trails Biden, but in the battleground states, which include Pennsylvania, 52 percent favored Trump, and 45 percent favored Biden.

Assault on America, Day 505: America’s youth experience Great Awakening coronavirus-style

Every day it seems we’re awakening to a new set of surprises during the coronavirus pandemic and resultant economic panic. Recent graduates will have their own special challenges in the coming weeks and months and they don’t need more fearmongering. Now more than ever, we need the optimism of President Trump.

The People Will Ultimately Decide When The Shutdown Ends

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Democrats' political interests are best served the longer the shutdown endures and the worse the economic situation on Nov. 3. If the economy has failed to begin a robust recovery by fall, the greater the odds that Joe Biden wins. Yet, even if the pandemic returns in the fall, the establishment cannot keep the country closed indefinitely. Prediction: If the people conclude they have done all they can do to mitigate the suffering from a virus they cannot eradicate, they will resist the imposition of another shutdown, and the establishment will have neither the will nor ability to push them back into their homes.

The Weird Andrew Cuomo Boomlet

Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times

Cuomo has arguably the worst record of any governor in America, and his decade-long tenure as governor has driven the New York economy into a ditch. Democrats seem to love the idea of making America look more like New York, but good luck convincing Middle America of that idea. The drumbeat for a Cuomo candidacy is reminiscent of dreams liberals had of another New York governor becoming president: Mario Cuomo, Andrew's father. That never panned out, but don’t count out the ambitions of the son. If Cuomo does end up crowbarring Biden out of the picture, the happiest guy in the country will be none other than Trump.

Assault on America, Day 504: Will the ghost of 'The Bern' haunt Grampa Joe on Election Day?

Both parties’ prospects depend on being able to turn out their bases and here’s thinking Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats will encounter more than their share of resistance from the Bernie Sanders revolutionary faction. Much damage was done during the party primaries and won’t be repaired no matter how many endorsements flow in the interim.

Why Joe Biden and the Democrats Are Going to Lose Big

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Stuck in their basements figuratively and literally, Joe Biden and the Dems have little positive to offer. With blue collar folks losing their jobs by the millions while white collar rich Dems continue to earn their high salaries working from home, the once people’s Democratic Party is branding itself, consciously or not, as the party of elites. Trump, not Biden, turns out to be the tribune of the working class. So it’s not surprising the president has an even bigger lead in the only poll that really counts since it is still early days, the poll that has the greatest reputation for accuracy—the betting odds.

Assault on America, Day 503: Full recovery is possible in politics. The economy? We’ll see

Surveys confirm politics is taking a backseat to worries over the coronavirus pandemic, but sooner or later people will need to pay attention to the statistics and hedge bets that things will be okay. Since going “Back to the Future” isn’t an option in the real world, Americans must rely on the good sense and work ethic that brought them to 2020 in the first place.

Assault on America, Day 502: Deliver us from fear, Chinese Communist Party virus edition

This ever-evolving nightmare must end and common sense says to err on the side of optimism and the belief our country can endure the worst of trials and pandemics. This isn’t the Black Death we’re talking about. At some point, government must trust the people, and maybe then, the people will put their fear away and start trusting the government in return.

Never Trump Losers Prepare to Trade Their Dignity for Cash Yet Again

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Donors, give me half the money you were going to give these losers. Just half. Now, I will do nothing to help you. In fact, I intend to stir up conservatives to oppose the fascist policies you support. In that way, I am much like the Never Trumpers, except I want to defeat you and the Never Trumpers want to be your gimps. Their sole contribution to the debate is to make us conservatives despise them so much that we will double down on our commitment to utterly level the whole crappy liberal establishment they now slobber over. I will give you the very same result as those dopes will but for half the price.

Assault on America, Day 499: Democrats to ditch convention over worries about doddering Joe

We all spend too much time worrying about things that probably will never happen. Democrats are taking their uncertainties to the extreme by (likely) canceling their quadrennial nominating convention this summer. Perhaps their fears are justified, however: President Trump is dismantling Obama’s legacy -- and they are powerless to stop it.

Assault on America, Day 498: Childish Grampa Joe losing substance battle with President Trump

With the quarantine portion of the weird coronavirus conundrum seemingly winding to a close, politicians like Joe Biden will be compelled to come out of hiding and supply substance rather than submitting op-eds to the Washington Post and calling Trump “childish.” Will Joe offer something more than Trump Derangement Syndrome? Voters want to know.