Antonin Scalia

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Trump family pledges allegiance to The Donald at CNN Town Hall

Donald Trump appeared with his family on Tuesday night’s CNN Town Hall, revealing a different side of the Donald. Plus, Democrat hack says he’s got the dirt on Donald Trump, should we believe him?; With Kasich, another case of ‘what did you expect him to say?’, and, Paul Ryan says he won’t be the GOP’s “white knight”. Does that leave Rubio as the establishment’s last hope?

Kasich Spits on the Second Amendment

The Heller and McDonald cases which finally codified the Second Amendment as in individual right were passed on a knife edge, and that knife is about to turn around and slash in the other direction if either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton – or John Kasich – are allowed to fill not only this seat on the court but the likely three or four to follow.