Barack Obama

Zimmerman Should've Never Been Tried

Patrick J. Buchanan, Human Events

We've just seen the prosecution of an innocent man for murder because the politically powerful demanded it.

Carson: Obama Harms Race Relations

Grae Stafford, Daily Caller

Dr. Carson criticized Obama for his redistribution ideology as it makes blacks appear to care only about money.

Zimmerman and The Left's Hatred of Colorblind Justice

To those on the far left, such as President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, and their supporters, there must be an outcome in the killing of Trayvon Martin that proves that Americans are racist and atones for America’s alleged history of racism. That means George Zimmerman must be found guilty of something – if not of murder or manslaughter, then depriving Trayvon Martin of his civil rights will do.

DOJ Paid to Incite Racial Ire

Matthew Vadum, American Spectator

DOJ employees are supposed to defuse heated situations but instead rioted over Martin's death.

Burn Your Obamacare Card!

Dean Clancy, The Washington Times

Preserve your freedom through “peaceful non-compliance” against big government. Here’s how.

Amnesty Only A Priority For A Failing President

House Republicans must wake-up to the threat to the future of this country and their own political futures posed by the false urgency behind the passage of S. 744 or a similar amnesty proposal.  The real priorities of American voters and their families remain jobs and the economy, neither of which are advanced by caving-in to the demands of the cheap labor wing of the business community or the political ambitions of Marco Rubio and Barack Obama. 

House Republicans will discuss immigration reform in a conference TODAY, Wednesday, July 10. Call your Congressman’s office (Capitol switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and tell them to OPPOSE bringing S. 744, the Obama – Rubio immigration amnesty bill, or any other amnesty plan to the House floor.

More Obamacare Changes Help Dems

Fox News Staff

If enough enroll in O-Care-subsidized insurance it’ll be politically impossible for R’s to repeal it in the future.

Did John Roberts Get O-Care Delayed?

Mark Fitzgibbons, American Thinker

What’s behind the delay of the Obamacare employer mandate? Look to SCOTUS.

Call Your Congressman: Senate Immigration Bill A Failure Says CBO

Despite the failure of S. 744 to actually accomplish, at best, half its purported goal – millions of illegal aliens will get amnesty if S. 744, or anything like it, were to pass the House and be signed into law by President Obama.  Between now and July 10, call your Congressman’s office (Capitol switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and tell them to OPPOSE bringing S. 744, the Obama – Rubio immigration amnesty bill, to the House floor. Tell them you want border security, not amnesty for illegal aliens.

Morsi Regime’s Twin: Obama Regime

Andrew B. Wilson, American Spectator

Both are corrupt, full of lunacy, and beholden to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Admin. Delays Obamacare Employer Mandate Staff

The delay is likely due to conservative pressure and fear that it would hurt libs prior to ‘14 elections.

Letter of Support Ted Cruz Abolish the IRS

The Honorable Ted Cruz, U.S. Senator for Texas

To: The Honorable Ted Cruz

We Support Your Efforts to Abolish the IRS!

Thank you for recognizing the IRS’s bullying of Americans and for taking up the brave charge to abolish this crony-filled bureaucracy.

MSMedia Ignores Egypt’s Arab Spring

John Hayward, Human Events

The protest against Obama-backed Muslim Brotherhood Egypt regime is one of history's largest.

Tea Party, Libs Decry Syrian Action

Jeremy Herb, The Hill

In a rare alliance, Tea Party and Dem reps posted bills that restrict funds to arm Syrian enemies.

O Borrows From Bush Iraq Playbook

Ron Paul, Texas Straight Talk

Obama plans to send weapons to Syrian rebels -- al-Qaeda fighters. See the Bush War irony?

McCain+Graham+O = Syrian LoveFest

Donovan Slack, Politico

The two squishes praised Obama for moving toward Syrian intrusion. Conservatives must oppose this.

What’s Holder Hiding on Phone Tap?

Devlin Barrett, Wall Street Journal Washington Wire

Goodlatte pushed for Holder to answer their questions on the Rosen case, but Holder's refused.