Bernie Sanders

Assault on America, Day 435: Coronavirus will neither help nor hinder Trump’s reelection drive

Coronavirus is a serious matter and President Trump is giving it its due consideration. Life must go on and Trump’s reaction to the fears of normal people is in line with what any leader should do. If the president went around acting scared, it would only make things worse. Be thankful for competent political leadership at times like these.

Bernie’s Abortion Comment Destroys A Campaign Finance Law Fallacy

The moral -- even if political -- response of pro-life voters to Bernie Sanders’ statement on his leftwing political imperative about abortion is compelled by conscience. But to spend money publishing these moral sentiments to defeat Sanders and other Democrats requires reporting ourselves to the government in public records, which is not only a burden on free speech, but opens us to doxing by radicals, and in today’s political environment, harassment or even violence by extremists.

Assault on America, Day 434: To Democrats, everything and nothing sounds good at one time

Regardless of the reasons, Democrats are pretty much stuck with Joe Biden -- and all that comes with him -- for their party nominee. The 2020 field’s women candidates didn’t lose because of their gender; they lost because they weren’t good choices and the establishment first sought to take care of their own.

Does Bernie Sanders Really Want to Win?

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Back in 2016, he refrained from getting embroiled in Hillary's email scandal or other clear Clinton malfeasances, such as the Benghazi affair, controversies that might well have won the election for him (and consequently his beloved ideas). Now he is engaged in a competition with Joe Biden—a man mired in obvious corruption with his substance-abusing son in both Ukraine and China and who also seems to have a growing problem with mental competence. And Bernie, mentions none of this. So far he doesn’t even allude to it. It could be that Bernie has the loser wish, losing so he can come back again to do his thing (speechify) without the messy inconvenience of actually doing the job.

Assault on America, Day 433: Biden momentum surge destined to drown in sea of hypocrisy

The past couple weeks demonstrated how quickly things change in the world of politics and how voter attitudes often shift without explanation. One thing that will likely remain the same is President Trump’s hold on the loyalty of conservatives and Republicans. Democrats can’t match it, regardless of who wins their nomination.

Something Socialist This Way Comes?

Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator

Bernie did not lose as a result of an establishment cabal’s dirty tricks. He lost because of a people’s revolt against socialism. Capitalism works for men who do. Socialism works for men who don’t. In the United States in 2020, the unemployment rate reaches just 3.6 percent. People intuitively grasp that a socialism that full-throatedly promises free stuff admits in more muted tones that such giveaways require free labor. Sanders, an intractable ideologue, stood his ground. That consistency, courage of convictions, and authenticity that drew admirers proved his undoing. Like the rigid ideology he advocates, Sanders lacked the ability to adjust. Bernie Sanders’ dream never dies.

Bad News: Lindsey Graham Wants Election Year Immigration Bill

The idea that giving amnesty to illegal aliens, no matter how tear-jerkingly their case is presented, will net the President more votes than he loses to those who oppose special treatment for any class of illegal aliens, shows just how out of touch Senator Lindsey Graham and the pro-amnesty crowd in the White House are with Trump’s base voters.

Assault on America, Day 432: Jealousy and envy of Trump won’t heal Democrats’ deep divisions

Democrats envy Donald Trump, and the jealousy doesn’t end there. Liberals see a Republican Party united like never before and the daunting prospect of battling an incumbent president who’s (literally) survived trial after trial. There are dark clouds on the horizon and Democrats are justifiably terrified.

Joe Biden Is No ‘Moderate’ On Immigration And Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

If Joe Biden’s radical stance on immigration is what passes for “moderate” in the Democratic Party, then they really have gone off the progressive cliff. In essence, his proposals would create an "amnesty in place," gut worksite enforcement, create a magnet for millions to enter the United States illegally and prove a boon to human traffickers and fraudulent-document vendors.

Assault on America, Day 429: Would Donald Trump really dump Mike Pence for Nikki Haley?

Just because the Democrat establishment was able to pull off a miracle and save Joe Biden’s candidacy from the political trash heap doesn’t grant them license to start giving President Trump advice – or to predict that he’s about to dump Mike Pence for Nikki Haley. Time and events are on Trump’s side – and he knows it.

Calls for unity cannot hide stark cultural differences inside Democratic Party

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Democrats are even divided about being divided. A recent Gallup poll asked the simple question, "Would you describe the Democratic Party today as united or divided?" Among Democrats, 51% said united, while 49% said divided. They split virtually down the middle. Everyone else sees Democrats as deeply divided. Sixty-seven percent of independents and 78% of Republicans described the Democratic Party that way. Each of the candidates, and especially Biden and Sanders, sells himself as the one who can "unite" the Democratic Party. But the fact is, there's a real possibility that no one can unite the party — and that includes their real opponent, Trump — as November approaches.

Not So Super Tuesday: Bernie Shows He’s No Trump

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

On Tuesday night, beaming over his victories, Joe Biden spoke in relentlessly moralistic terms, casting the race against Trump as a “battle for the soul of this country.” The Trump campaign shouldn’t let him get away with such posturing. He is a braggart and a wheeler-dealer pol who heads up a family of unscrupulous lobbyists. He talks about himself as “blue-collar Joe,” but he shed that skin long ago. Like his son and brothers, he has shamelessly cashed in on his political connections. Where exactly does his moral authority come from? Not his religion, which he compromised away a long time ago. The sooner the Trump campaign exposes the emptiness of his claims, the better.

Assault on America, Day 428: Resurrected Joe Biden ain’t any better than the one left for dead

Joe Biden just ain’t that smart. And voting against Trump won’t be enough, especially since Harry Reid tipped Democrats’ (empty) hand early – all they have is racism and fear mongering going for them. That’s Hillary redux, not a winning message. Democrats very well could regret bringing Joe back from the political dead.

Bernie Sanders Is the Candidate of Nonbelievers

Rich Lowry, National Review

Bernie’s religion or lack of it has barely made a ripple or even occasioned any comment. Presidential religiosity has advantages. Bill Clinton used it to signal to otherwise politically hostile parts of the county that he understood their values. It fortified George W. Bush under incredible pressure during the War on Terror. Barack Obama tapped the rhetorical power of church oratory. The Sanders phenomenon is another indication of the weakening of American exceptionalism. Social scientist Seymour Martin Lipset wrote that American religiosity underlined its resistance to socialism. If he captures the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders will test how much either still matters or applies.

The Myth Of Joe Biden The Moderate

The Democrats’ problem in appealing to moderates is pretty simple – try as they might to disguise their real views, none of the Democrat candidates, especially Joe Biden, are moderates. Setting aside Biden’s rapidly increasing propensity to have brain freezes and bizarre episodes of confusion out on the campaign trail, the former VP has revealed himself to be no “moderate” on issue after issue.

Assault on America, Day 427: Democrats forget Joe Biden is/was an awful (and old) candidate

With the Democrat nominating contest dwindled down to two viable contenders, the chances of party voters settling on one clear leader before their convention aren’t great. The effort to stop Bernie Sanders will continue but it’ll take something akin to a miracle to make either of them look as strong and vibrant as Trump.

The Establishment Takes Aim At Bernie As An Historic Day Looms

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

For the Democratic establishment, the stakes could not be higher and thus that establishment, after Biden's landslide in South Carolina, is not disguising its interests or demands: Sanders must be denied the nomination, and Biden is the only one who can accomplish that. Biden might have won South Carolina without the endorsement of veteran African American Congressman Jim Clyburn. But it was Clyburn's blessing that gave Biden his landslide. And if Biden wins Alabama and other states today, the major factors of his victory will be his South Carolina landslide and his support from African Americans. Should Biden win the nomination, still a long shot, he will be in deep political debt.

Bernie Remains the Democratic Front-runner

John Fund, National Review

Democrats are paying a high price for their successful kneecapping of Sanders when he ran against Hillary Clinton. They stopped him from getting the nomination, but Hillary’s surprising loss allowed Sanders to create the myth that he would have won because his left-wing populism would have proved more popular than Trump’s right-wing brand of populism. Now Sanders is back, with an even higher name ID than he had in 2016, an army of loyal small-dollar donors, and the enthusiastic support of the increasingly vocal radical wing of the party. For now, he is the front-runner for the nomination. But what party leaders fear is that he is also a doomed underdog if he is their candidate in the fall.

Neither Bernie, Nor Biden, Nor Bloomberg Will Stop Trump’s Continued Winning

Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times

Poor Joe Biden. His victory in South Carolina will not, as some pundits are claiming, “resuscitate” or “breathe life” into the ailing former vice-president’s asphyxiating campaign. That ship has sailed, as we’ll all see on Tuesday when Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg divide up most of the delegate cake. During his first campaign, Donald Trump used to joke that he would be so successful at turning around the country that people would “get tired of winning.” They aren’t tired of winning yet, which is why the wrecking ball that is Bernie Sanders will be shattered during the nomination process or, should he win the nomination, be utterly obliterated come the election in November.

Ripping the mask off of Bernie Sanders' democratic socialism

Robert Knight, Washington Times

Extremely few American activists and politicians openly admit to having communist ties — not even Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the left’s poster girl. Yet, the truth is that the radicals who now control the Democratic Party are working toward the same goal that communists have pursued since the 19th century — public ownership of the means of production. Karl Marx put it this way: “The theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property.” You never see socialists, progressives or even liberals working to reduce government. They increase it until they’re stopped. The left has been working on this in America for decades. But now, the mask is off.