Bernie Sanders

Democrats Trying To Consolidate Race Into Biden vs. Bernie

Klobuchar and Buttigieg are endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden in an effort to pump up his faltering campaign, and as the Democrat establishment tries to consolidate behind Biden, the Far Left has begun a social media campaign to push Senator Elizabeth Warren to drop out of the race and endorse Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

Assault on America, Day 426: What Super Tuesday won’t solve (Trump and minority voters)

After Super Tuesday, much discussion will focus on the remaining viable candidates in the Democrat presidential race, but it shouldn’t be ignored how President Trump’s campaign is gaining a foothold with once solid Democrat constituencies. This won’t change regardless of whether it’s Bloomberg, Biden or Sanders that eventually faces him.

Biden Wins SC, Bernie Wins Cash And Polls Heading To Super Tuesday

Joe Biden goes into the Democrats' Super Tuesday primaries almost broke and with no time to turn his South Carolina win into campaign cash. Sleepy Joe may have picked up a little bounce from his South Carolina win, and Michael Bloomberg may have dumped half-a-billion dollars on TV, but it is the Far Left "woke" progressives that are driving the Democratic primaries in most states, and they are solidly in Bernie Sanders’ corner.

Trump promised blowing up Washington; Bernie Sanders promises to blow up America

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Democrat frontrunner Bernie Sanders is promising to blow up America. He wants to give the federal government in Washington more power than any government in the history of the world. From cow farts to taxes, Mr. Sanders wants to empower the federal government to control virtually every aspect of Americans’ lives. The result is that Mr. Trump has garnered applause and jubilation among Republican voters in a way we have not seen since Ronald Reagan. Also, he has severely eaten into the base of Democrat voters. Mr. Sanders and his government-first, leftist Soviet-style socialism will never enjoy that kind of broad support among voters — Democrat or Republican — who love America and love freedom.

Assault on America, Day 425: Bloviating Biden wins one for the ruling class in South Carolina

Joe Biden will no doubt enjoy his South Carolina victory, but he shouldn’t get cocky. Super Tuesday looms large on the horizon and his prospects don’t look nearly as promising in the days ahead. The Democrat presidential race is more confused than ever, and the Palmetto State only made it worse.

Bernie Sanders: Russia's ideal socialist-communist candidate

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

Democrats have always needed a bogeyman to run against. Recall “The Gingrich who stole Christmas” line disparaging then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich on a Time magazine cover in the 1990s. Democrats have also demagogued Republicans for not helping the poor and for being racist. That is a harder sell with the African-American unemployment rate at record lows and wages rising for virtually all groups. According to the Census Bureau, the poverty level is as low as its been in 11 years. Russia has become the default bogeyman of the left. That is what makes Bernie Sanders the ideal candidate for Russia and the other socialist-communist states he has praised, because in his heart he is at one with them.

Assault on America, Day 422: Dems’ coronavirus hype is climate change with a Chinese face

Some people need a reason to worry about something and that certainly appears to be the case where the coronavirus is concerned. With any number of more pervasive and lethal problems all around us, it just doesn’t make sense to scare the bejesus out of people for no legitimate reason. It’s all about politics, isn’t it?

Bernie Sanders' embrace of Castro and socialism

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

What sort of person -- Bernie Sanders -- thinks so little of the normals that they promote schemes that would destroy the nation’s economy while making Venezuela look like an appealing all-inclusive resort. This is at the heart of what drives socialism — the notion that people can’t be trusted, are dumb and therefore must be controlled at all cost. This retrograde attitude about the power and value of humanity doesn’t just manifest in politics — if you look closely enough, you see rancid elitism informing socialists and communists throughout history. Malignant elitists selling socialism as a cure for malignant elitism has got to be the most successful con game in the 20th and now 21st centuries.

A Slow Bern

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

It is not just that the answers are so cheap and unconvincing. It is that the right questions are never raised. The moderators, hopelessly biased in favor of big government, never once ask the Democrats to justify their demands that the federal government do this or that function or make this or that expenditure. Fundamental questions of political philosophy go completely ignored as the candidates try to outbid each other. The result is debates that revolve almost completely around the least legitimate functions of the federal government while the essential ones go unmentioned. The only “solution” the Democrats ever offer is to throw money at problems rooted in moral and cultural decay.

By going soft on Sanders, Democrats are paving the way for his nomination

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

With the field shrinking, Sanders, the 78-year-socialist, would be a prohibitive favorite to win the nomination after just four states. Facing fewer contenders, his delegate haul would grow larger and faster in the crucial March primaries. Think about a man who hasn’t changed his position on such fundamental things as socialism, communism and capitalism for 40 or 50 years. Authenticity isn’t the only or best way to describe such a man. Arrested development is more accurate. Who thinks the way Sanders does? Who thinks such a closed, warped person would make a good president of the United States of America? That millions of people do is the really frightening part of what is happening among Democrats.

President Trump Stop Sharing Intelligence With Democrat Leaker Adam Schiff

The recent leaks from the intelligence briefing on Russian meddling in the 2020 presidential election are an indication that leaking has become untenable ever since Schiff took over as House Intelligence Committee chairman in January 2019. We urge President Trump to cut off Schiff's access to classified intelligence to end Schiff's use of secret intelligence as a political weapon.

Assault on America, Day 421: R’s and D’s bet on boost in voter turnout in 2020. Will it happen?

It’s curious that in 2020, the establishment media doesn’t have to work hard to hype the upcoming election. Should the contest eventually boil down to Trump versus Sanders, there will be plenty of people participating who previously didn’t give a squat about politics. Who will come out ahead?

Omens of a Political Apocalypse

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

It’s important to recognize the huge potential downside of a Sanders candidacy. As Glenn Reynolds said, “You can assume that Trump would crush Bernie, and you’re probably right. But any major-party nominee, however lame, has a nonzero chance of becoming President, and that’s bad when we’re talking about a commie.” The possibility that Sanders could actually win the White House may seem far-fetched, but we can’t forget that all the experts thought Trump could never win four years ago. America is a deeply divided country, and watching an avowed socialist score primary victories should inspire concern. Even if all Bernie does is lead Democrats to defeat, the omens for our nation’s future are disturbing.

Why Bernie Sanders’s Praise of Fidel Castro Matters

David Harsanyi, National Review

There’s little doubt that Bernie believes collectivism — the discarding of property rights, for starters — offers a more equitable and decent option than capitalism. Bernie’s career has never been propelled by policy, most of them untenable here, but rather by class warfare. And younger voters are, and often have been, more susceptible to the “ethics” of socialism. At this point in history, they’ve not seen the economic infeasibility of those ideas, many of the massive disasters spawned by them, or the coercion that’s inevitably required to make them “work.” Or, maybe they don’t care. No, Bernie isn't Stalin, but he is a socialist. He’s been a lifelong defender of authoritarians. We're debating his positions.

Bernie Sanders: The 'sick man' of the Democrat Party

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

You have heard how China is the “sick man” of the world? Well, Mr. Sanders is the “sick man” of the Democrat Party. Everybody is scrambling to get away from him. After three years of lectures about Russian meddling in U.S. elections and how President Trump is a Kremlin puppet, the Democrats’ solution is — literally to turn control of America over to a socialist who oozes sympathy and admiration for communist dictators who kill people the world over. Mr. Bloomberg needs to grow up, channel his inner adulthood, stick to zingers like and forget all the pandering about "stop and frisk". It’s all so childish, Mini Mike. Don’t be scared. Be a man. Stand tall. Or, at least, as “tall” as you can.

Why Were The Democrats All Beating Up On Bernie?

Former Mayors Pete Buttigieg and Michael Bloomberg may have a point about Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders' lack of appeal to suburban middle-income voters. But here’s the problem – all the Democratic candidates are with Bernie or even to the Left of him on issue after issue.

Assault on America, Day 420: Did Democrats trigger a civil war in South Carolina again?

South Carolinians vote on Saturday and then on Super Tuesday, March 3, 1,617 total delegates will be awarded in 14 state primaries. Democrat voters will determine the winners and losers of party debates, and if the past is any indication, Bernie Sanders offers the most of what they like to see. Is America watching?

With Bernie Sanders as nominee, Democrats face tough task of running against capitalism

Editors, Washington Examiner

After Nevada, Democrats are now one step closer to having an avowed socialist at the top of their ticket. At a time when unemployment is at a 50-year low, they’ll be running against a capitalist system that is responsible for spreading more freedom, ending more hunger, and lifting more people out of poverty than any other system in world history. If the time is ripe for Sanders’s socialist revolution, most American voters don’t know it yet. So great are the blessings of capitalism that it enabled Sanders (through writing a book) to join the ranks of the top 1% by having established himself as the country’s most famous socialist. Yet now, he wants to become president so he can tear that system down.

Assault on America, Day 419: Sanders and Dems bank on youthful ignorance to fuel campaign

As the Democrat presidential race moves towards the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday on March 3, the non-Bernie Sanders candidates recognize they’re in a tight spot. Time is running out to alter the course of the contest, so expect another bash-on-Bernie fest in the Palmetto State debate tonight.

Bernie Sanders Nomination: Let’s Be Careful What We Wish For

Many conservatives have been chortling with glee at the prospect of Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders getting the Democratic Party’s nomination for President. The assumption seems to be that a Bernie nomination will make the 2020 campaign a pushover for Donald Trump’s reelection. Our take is that in the aftermath of Bernie’s victory in the Nevada Caucuses, we conservatives should be careful what we wish for.