Bernie Sanders' embrace of Castro and socialism

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

What sort of person -- Bernie Sanders -- thinks so little of the normals that they promote schemes that would destroy the nation’s economy while making Venezuela look like an appealing all-inclusive resort. This is at the heart of what drives socialism — the notion that people can’t be trusted, are dumb and therefore must be controlled at all cost. This retrograde attitude about the power and value of humanity doesn’t just manifest in politics — if you look closely enough, you see rancid elitism informing socialists and communists throughout history. Malignant elitists selling socialism as a cure for malignant elitism has got to be the most successful con game in the 20th and now 21st centuries.

Cruz: Obama Gave Castro 'Economic Lifeline'

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

Cruz joined other '16 contenders in bashing O's flip in Cuba policy. “Fidel & Raul Castro have just received both int'l legitimacy & a badly-needed econ. lifeline from Obama. But they remain in control of a totalitarian police state modeled on the Soviet Union."

Obama’s Betrayal Of The Fight For Freedom In Cuba

What Obama has agreed to will not “normalize” relations with Cuba, because the murderous Castro regime is not a “normal” state. 

Ted Cruz’s Father’s American Dream

Breanna Edwards, Politico

Ted’s dad (Rafael Cruz) had to bribe a Cuban official to get to the U.S., then made his own way.