Are You And Your Conservative Friends In The Battle To Elect A Conservative Speaker?

In advance of the election to replace establishment Republican John Boehner as Speaker of the House, 55 conservative leaders from across America signed an open letter to the House Republican Conference. Entitled “Vision For New Conservative Leadership” the letter sets forth the minimum expectations conservatives have of the new post-Boehner House Republican leadership.  You can add your name to the list by signing the open letter to the House Republican Conference through this link. If you are active in a conservative organization that has not joined the battle we urge you to get your organization involved in the fight to elect a conservative Speaker of the House TODAY.

Republican Wars: Second vs. Third Stringers

W. James Antle III, American Spectator

The back and forth between conservatives and the establishment in Congress over the years reminds Jim Antle of a perpetual battle between two longtime backups in the NFL. Antle concludes both Republican factions are competing to lead what still looks like a losing team.

The Magic Number Is 218

The reality is that there are a lot more than 40 to 50 House Republicans who want to do the right thing – the majority of House Republicans have simply been bamboozled and intimidated into believing that conservatives are a minority, when in fact we are the majority. That's why grassroots principled limited government constitutional conservatives must call their Representative and demand they oppose the election of another establishment Speaker, like Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, and vote for a conservative, like Rep. Daniel Webster of Florida, for Speaker. The House switchboard is 1-866-220-0044 - call now!

Can House conservatives be leaders, not rebels?

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

Some Republicans, including fairly conservative ones, are skeptical the House can be run in the looser fashion reformers appear to want. Others wonder if the folks at home will be happy with process-based reforms if they don't yield consistently conservative results.

Viguerie to NewsMax: Grassroots “White-Hot” Over Lack Of Leadership In GOP

The House Republican Conference meets today to nominate a candidate for Speaker. We urge you to call your Representative (the House Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) to tell him or her that we conservatives are watching how they vote and that we demand they vote for a conservative, such as Daniel Webster, for Speaker.

Will conservatives break the RINO spell in 2016?

Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg

But with a swath of “outsider” candidates gaining traction, and the party's historical tendency to nominate an establishment figure, conservatives have their work cut out in uniting behind one to carry the party's torch.

Who John Kasich Walks With Tells Us He’s No Conservative

Conservatives who have long had their doubts about Governor Kasich’s commitment to conservative principles, especially on the social issues, have had those concerns pretty well confirmed by his choice of noted liberal Republican ex-Congressman Tom Davis as the head of his campaign efforts in Virginia.

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank Hands Donald Trump 10,000 Votes In Iowa

The political class sees the GOP primary season as an exercise in pandering to grassroots conservatives’ demands for a limited constitutional government, lower taxes and policies based on traditional values, but once the nomination is secured the candidate is supposed to "pivot to the center." What alarms establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney and apparently offends The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank is that this year Republican primary voters are not buying the scam.

Senator Ted Cruz: The Real Story of What Is Happening in Washington

After establishment Republican leaders and Democrats refused to allow Ted Cruz the courtesy of a roll-call vote on his motion to end taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood and the Iranian nuclear deal Cruz delivered a powerful speech on the Senate floor highlighting the many examples of Republican leadership surrendering to President Obama’s demands, and reminding the Republican Party’s Capitol Hill leadership to keep their promises to the American people.

Boehner: Conservative critics follow 'false prophets' with empty promises

Barbara Boland, Washington Examiner

Boehner blasted conservatives for not accepting incremental successes, saying that they'd voted against some of his major accomplishments like reducing the deficit, and the first major entitlement reform in decades, because the measures weren't "good enough."

Next Republican Leaders Must Stop Holding Themselves Hostage

The first test of whether or not the new House Republican leaders are willing to abandon Boehner’s policy of government by crisis and taking himself hostage is how the Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government in the post-Boehner era is handled.

Capitol Hill GOP Must Clean House To Unify Party

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
Like the wandering tribes of Israel we conservatives are not going to get to the political Promised Land unless we get new leaders. The resignation of John Boehner is a good start, but until a whole new generation of conservative leaders takes the reins on Capitol Hill, stands for conservative principles, and fights to defend the prerogatives of the House on issues like defunding Planned Parenthood, stopping executive amnesty, securing the border and bringing the endless spending, deficit and debt to a close the Republican Party will remain a house divided and I predict the wandering will not end.

A Conservative Catholic Grades the Pope’s Address to Congress

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
The Pope’s failure to use the great opportunity and vast media audience his address to Congress provided to restate the timeless moral teachings of Christianity and call Christians of all denominations to defend them was a missed opportunity of historic proportions, because if there was ever a time when vigilant guard dogs are needed, that time is now.

We Explain Why Mitch McConnell Will Betray Conservatives And Actually Help Obama Fund Planned Parenthood

Ted Cruz is right – if the Republican “leadership” actually tried to win, they would vote on one bill after another that funded specific programs of the federal government, while defunding Planned Parenthood in the same bill. But we don't think Mitch McConnell will ever fight to defund Planned Parenthood because he's supported the abortion industry over and over again throughout his 30-year Senate career.

Boehner coup talk puts House GOP on edge

Scott Wong, The Hill

Talk that conservatives might use a government-funding showdown to overthrow the powerful Ohio Republican has triggered a flurry of behind-the-scenes jockeying among lawmakers eager to move up the leadership ladder.

Boehner on conservatives: Garbage men get used to the smell of bad garbage

Jake Sherman, Politico

Boehner told Politico that you can get used to anything – which includes dealing with conservatives in his own caucus who are getting increasingly frustrated with his unwillingness to advance the causes Republicans were elected for.

Numbers are there for Conservative Coup of Boehner

Timothy Carney, Washington Examiner

Conservatives are brewing a plan to oust John Boehner if he cuts a bad deal on funding the government— including if he can't cut federal subsidies to abortion giant Planned Parenthood. Leadership is worried about it, according to a Washington Post report.

Rush Limbaugh is Right on This, Too

Erick Erickson, RedState

There are a growing number of self-congratulatory pundits on the right who’ve never worked a day in their lives, but have terrifically mournful stories of the time their nanny didn’t cut the crust off their peanut butter and jelly sandwich back in the day. These guys not only think the pen is mightier than the sword, but they want to pooh-pooh anyone who dares to get sweat on his brow actually advocating for something.

What Should Congress Do First?

The Republican establishment “leaders” who run Capitol Hill are notorious for not being able to walk and chew gum at the same time and appear to be genetically unable to deal with more than one major issue at a time. Please tell us which of these important issues Congress should deal with first; defunding Planned Parenthood, defeating the Obama – Corker Iran nuclear weapons deal, the Meadows resolution to oust Speaker Boehner or the need to pass appropriations to fund the federal government for the fiscal year starting October 1?

Surrender Monkey Mitch McConnell Caves On Planned Parenthood

If there is one individual who represents the face of the stale, tone-deaf, timid, moss-covered and obtuse leadership of the GOP establishment, it is Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell emblematizes the rudderless leadership, vacuous core, and duplicitous tendencies of the powers that be within the Republican Party.