Death Penalty

New Poll: Conservatives See Democrats Working for Minority Rule Through Supreme Court

An almost unanimous 99% of those responding to a neww FedUp PAC poll say that liberal Democrats “rely on the courts to overrule the majority” of Americans and that they oppose any judge who “would rule impartially according to the Constitution and the laws.”

Conservatives Lead Nebraska Death Penalty Repeal, Will Other States Follow?

Principled limited government constitutional conservative Nebraska state Senator Brett Lindstrom asked the questions we all should ask ourselves about the death penalty: Isn’t a state killing a citizen the ultimate big-government act? Does being truly conservative mean you have to support the death penalty? Or does fighting against big government mean you can take a stand against government-mandated executions? Brett Lindstrom ultimately found his answer and voted to override the Governor’s veto and end the death penalty in Nebraska. 

5th Circuit Court of Appeals Issues Stay Of Scott Panetti Execution

The stay does not permanently halt the execution of mentally ill murderer Scott Panetti; it simply puts the execution on hold until such time as the court considers and disposes of “the late arriving and complex legal questions at issue in this matter.”

Conservative Opposition to Panetti Death Penalty Intensifies

As the hours tick away towards the scheduled execution of severely mentally ill murderer Scott Panetti conservatives continue to work to stop the execution.

Conservatives Increasingly, Properly Concerned About Death Penalty

Deacon Keith A Fournier, Catholic Online

It is time for a National discussion of the death penalty for many reasons. Richard Viguerie is right.

The Conservative Case Against the Death Penalty

Leon Neyfakh, Boston Globe

Can a few thinkers convince their party that a winning GOP issue is actually a costly, ineffective, anti-life government boondoggle? Richard Viguerie thinks so.

Conservatives vs. The Death Penalty

Dallas Morning News Opinion Staff

“Conservatives have every reason to believe the death penalty system is no different from any politicized, costly, inefficient, bureaucratic, government-run operation, which we conservatives know are rife with injustice. But here the end result is the end of someone’s life,” stated CHQ chairman Richard Viguerie.