Delay the Obamacare Individual Mandate

Washington’s Drunken Clowns

The problem for the Republican establishment is now that ObamaCare’s inherent flaws are being publicly exposed what are Republicans going to do about it? Right now it looks like they plan to pile in the clown car, keep funding ObamaCare, and give Democrats a free ride past the next election by postponing the individual mandate for a year.

Voters Want OCare Mandate Delay

David M. Drucker, Washington Examiner

A Repub. pollster found that 70% of “registered voters” support delaying the Obamacare individual mandate in the wake of website problems.

Rubio Bill to Delay Individual Penalty

Associated Press Staff

Marco Rubio says he'll introduce legislation to delay the penalty that can be assessed on individuals who don't buy insurance under Obamacare.