Democrat Civil War

The Real Fight Is Among The Dems

Charles Krauthammer, Human Events

While R's are debating the tactics of stopping presidential lawlessness, an inherently difficult congressional undertaking, particularly if you still control only a single house, Dems are trying to figure out what they believe and whom they represent.

Why Obama Should Run Again in 2016

Aaron Goldstein, American Spectator

The only way President Obama could run for a third term would be through nefarious means. And non one would stop him. But it may be the best way to undo all the damage he's done because he would lose big time.

Media Ignores Dem In-Fighting

Joseph Curl, Washington Times

The failed Obamacare rollout has pitted hard-core lefties against moderate Dems. While the rabid lefties want to move full-speed ahead with the gov't takeover, moderates see danger at the polls, especially in the 2014 elections, when the party of the incumbent president almost always loses seats in Congress.

Dems Not GOP, Facing Civil War

Charles Hurt, Breitbart

Sen. Dems realize the trouble they are in, which is why they blasted Obama over Obamacare that he has dumped on them in time for their '14 re-election campaigns. Even the Clintons realize this, too.