Marco Rubio’s Victims Speak At Trump Rally

The top example of the soulless pursuit of money over the interests of American workers and their quality of life, American sovereignty and American exceptionalism is Senator Marco Rubio (although Speaker Paul Ryan is a close second) and yesterday Rubio’s victims finally had their say on a national stage.

2015: The Year The American Establishment Committed Suicide

As 2015 ends, if you are a normal American, you must conclude that the established institutions of your country are dead or dying – and they are dying not because some outside competitor killed them – they are dead because they killed themselves through their own greed, incompetence and corruption.

Shooting at the Wrong Ducks

Duck Dynasty is, or was, the hottest entertainment show on cable TV. If the Robertson family walks out on the show it is bound to hurt the profits, and the stock price, of the A&E Network's two parents: The Walt Disney Company and the Hearst Corporation. We hope you will click here to sign and share our petition and let them know you stand with Phil Robertson, and it would not just be the right thing to do, but a good business decision as well, to stop discriminating against Christians.