Donald Trump for President

Gotta Love Trump’s Message, But Is His Brand Actually Hurting His Chances?

The evidence that Donald Trump shares the ideas and values of the conservative movement is scant, but Trump’s message that everyone is beating us and, “The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else's problems,” is so true, so obvious and so appealing that it resonates with practically everyone outside the professional political class who are largely the cause of these disasters. What's more, unlike many of the other Republican candidates, Trump understands brand management, and if he manages his brand correctly, in the Republican establishment's worst nightmare, he will be a contender.

Trump on a debate stage is Republicans’ worst nightmare

Chris Cillizza, The Washington Post

Having Donald Trump on the Republican debate stage come August, which is when the first presidential debate is scheduled, would be a total nightmare for the Republican party. Here's why: Donald Trump will say almost anything to get a rise out of people.

Bush, Christie, Trump top ‘can’t support’ lists in early primary states

Seth McLaughlin - The Washington Times

Jeb Bush may be running at the top of the GOP presidential preference polls nationally, but the former Florida governor is also near the top of another survey: the can’t-support list. The former Florida governor, along with current New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and businessman Donald Trump, all have their admirers, but in some cases they have even more detractors — voters who say, no matter what, they’ll never be able to support that candidate in a primary.

Highlights of the Week in Presidential Politics

This week saw Hillary Clinton demonstrate why she is the Democratic candidate conservatives want to run against; Jeb Bush demonstrate once again that he and Clinton share many of the same positions, and why he is the "great white hope" of the Republican establishment; Rand Paul and Marco Rubio undercut their own campaigns with votes in the Senate, Ted Cruz make an important speech no one reported, and not-a-candidate-yet Donald Trump take the laurel for the week by making the best case we've heard yet for Ted Cruz's candidacy.


Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Over the course of this week, Republicans in Washington have caved on everything from the Iran deal legislation from Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) to the national debt with the “doc fix” bill to gay marriage to trade promotion authority. Just a few short months into 2015, Republicans have caved on everything from abortion to Obamacare to immigration and more. And they’re currently looking for a way to cave on the Loretta Lynch nomination for Attorney General. “The Republicans fold at every corner and nobody really understands why,” Trump said.

Trump for President?

Samantha Laine, CSM

Trump told Bloomberg Politics that there is an 80 percent chance of him running in the Republican primaries, leading some to believe he may be considering a serious run at the candidacy. Regardless of whether or not others view him as a serious contender, could he actually affect the presidential race if he were to run?

Is Trump In It For Real?

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Donald Trump is in it to win it, at least according to nationally syndicated Iowa-based conservative radio host Steve Deace. Deace told Breitbart News on Tuesday evening that Trump, the real estate magnate and reality television star who’s flirted with running for president before, took one of the biggest steps toward launching a White House bid any potential candidate could take by hiring Chuck Laudner, someone considered to be the most respected grassroots operative in Iowa GOP politics.