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Assault on America, Day 371: Trump to Congress: Read My Tweets; Dems don’t get it

No one disputes we’re living in interesting times. President Trump isn’t your prototypical president and today’s Democrats aren’t a conventional opposition. Trump was correct to suggest Democrats consult his Twitter feed for up-to-the-moment policy -- it’s one less source to subpoena and impeach.

Don’t Vote Libertarian And Elect A Democrat President

In this crucial 2020 election, when President Trump is up for re-election and control of the House and Senate hang in the balance, we urge our libertarian-leaning friends not to waste their votes on third-party Libertarian candidates, such as Lincoln Chafee, who have no prayer of winning, but could pull enough votes from Trump and Republican congressional candidates to give Democrats control of the government.

Assault on America, Day 370: If eliminating an enemy is bad, what do Democrats think is good?

It’s not always a good thing when political opponents take opposite sides of an issue, such as last week’s drone strike that killed an Iranian general. In times of war, serious matters should engender national unity and at least earn a nod towards a president’s important decisions. Partisans need to be on the same page.

Do Democratic-Primary Voters Have the Answer to Trump?

John Fund, National Review

Each of the three leading candidates in Iowa are bunched at the top for a reason. Their supporters all believe that their man has the best chance of beating Donald Trump. Joe Biden’s fans see him as an experienced, safe choice. Bernie Sanders’s backers say that only the candidate with the sharpest possible contrast on the issues with President Trump will drive the voter turnout needed to beat the president. Pete Buttigieg’s supporters say the country is looking for a “fresh face,” someone who has no history of Beltway machinations. The 37-year-old Buttigieg certainly provides that; he is half the age of President Trump. Donald Trump so far appears to be blessed with luck in who he has as opponents.

House impeachers can hide from a trial, but they can’t run

Editors, Washington Examiner

If Democrats felt they had a serious case for impeachment that would convince the public, then they would be shoving the articles down McConnell’s throat right now with utter glee, excitedly looking forward to a Senate vote that would surely end the careers of multiple Republicans. House Democrats are the dog that caught the car. Due to the supposedly urgent need to remove Trump from office as soon as possible, they went and impeached him without a case that will convince anyone outside of their own partisan fever swamps. Now that they’ve impeached — well, suddenly Trump’s removal isn’t so urgent after all. It can wait. Maybe it will end up waiting five years.

Democrats still delusional about Trump even after Qassem Soleimani death

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

In a sane country, which America used to be, there would be shared sober satisfaction over the elimination of Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Yet Democrats apparently outsourced their reactions to robots, whose script called for conceding that the departed was a very bad man, but prohibited approval of President Trump’s decision to take him out. Instead, the quibblers’ chorus raised questions of timing and expressed fear of escalation and retaliation. In the context of Iran’s military aggression and Soleimani’s bloody hands, there is another word for that fear: appeasement. The criticism also shows Dems still haven’t figured out Trump. Democrats and the mullahs would be wise to pay attention.

Assault on America, Day 369: Perspective, New Year’s resolutions and honoring good news

Political forecasters will continue seeing dark clouds on the 2020 horizon regardless of the positive outcomes among the citizenry. No one expects Trump or his adversaries to roll over and play dead. But at times like these, perspective is in order -- and that includes Trump’s critics and the insatiable media.

Iranian Analytics

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

A weaker Iran foolishly positioned itself into the role of aggressor, at a time of a shot economy, eroding military strength, waning terrorist appendages abroad, and little political leverage or wider support. China and Russia are confined to hoping the U.S. is somehow, somewhere bogged down. Europe will still lecture on the fallout from canceling the Iran Deal, but quietly welcomes the fact that Iran is weaker than in 2015 and weaker for them is far better. The current Iranian crisis is complex and dangerous. And by all means retaliation must be designed to prevent more Iranian violence and aggression rather than aimed at a grandiose agenda of regime change or national liberation. But so far the Iranians, not the U.S., are making all the blunders.

Killing Soleimani Was The Right Move, And Shows Precisely Why It’s Time To Leave Iraq

Christopher Bedford, The Federalist

Rather than ask how to whip Iran, we should be wondering if our blood and treasure is better served in defending against the real threats to our homeland. Unending American war in the Middle East drains our coffers, military strength, and political will, all to the glory of Moscow and our true enemies in Beijing. Meanwhile, foreign policy hawks in Washington are terrified Russia might follow our lead, as they have in Syria. Since his inauguration, President Donald Trump has killed the leader of ISIS, and now the Iranian general responsible for hundreds of American dead. He’s done a great deal to clean up the mess his predecessors left him in Iraq and Syria. Now it is time to disengage.

2020 predictions: Growing economy, draining the swamp and a Trump win

Scott Walker, Washington Times

In 2020, the president will declare war on Congress by signing executive orders requiring members of Congress, their families and staff to live with Obamacare (eliminating the exemptions given by former President Barack Obama). He will also attempt to invoke term limits for all members of Congress through executive action. 2020 will be a great year. Solid growth in the overall economy with the positive job and wage gains will lead to electoral success for the president and his allies in 2020. A small group of battleground states — Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — will be the key to the 2020 re-election. The president will carry at least six of those eight states.

2020 Election: Will It Be Disruptor Trump vs. Disruptor Bernie?

Politicians like Joe Biden and Mitt Romney haven’t figured out the American people are hungry for change, and if Republicans won’t join President Trump in delivering it from the Right, then there are plenty of radical Democrats prepared to join Bernie Sanders to deliver it from the Left.

Assault on America, Day 366: One month and counting ‘til Iowans cull the Dem wannabe herd

Time will tell if there’s another Iowa shocker on the horizon in next month’s Democrat caucuses. Polls are up and down in the state, though opinions seem to have stabilized around the top four competitors. With impeachment still up in the air, the outcome could still be in doubt. We’ll find out soon enough.

The Dangers of Elite Groupthink

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

When the supposed clueless Trump was elected, a number of elites pronounced he was bound to destroy the U.S. economy. In terms of the stock market, unemployment, energy production and workers’ wages, the economy has been doing superbly. It's not that an Ivy League degree or a Washington reputation is of little value, or that prestigious prizes and honors account for nothing, or even that supposed experts are always unethical and silly. Instead, one lesson is that conventional wisdom and groupthink tend to mislead, especially in the age of online echo chambers and often sheltered and blinkered elite lives. We forget that knowledge can be found at all ages, and in all places. And ethics has nothing to do with degrees or pedigrees.

Assault on America, Day 365: Trump & Congress must confront spending or we’re doomed

As long as President Trump and congressional leaders of both parties continue putting off doing anything about spending and the national debt, Americans will remain frustrated at the lack of action. It’s not a taxing and revenue issue, it’s a lack of political backbone. Will Trump step up to the plate?

Will War Wipe Out Trump’s Chances For Re-Election?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Not infrequently, foreign policy has proven decisive in presidential years. Lyndon Johnson saw his party shattered and chances vanish with the Tet Offensive of 1968, Eugene McCarthy’s moral victory in New Hampshire, and antiwar candidate Bobby Kennedy’s entry into the race. Jimmy Carter’s feckless response to the seizure of U.S. hostages in Iran consumed the last year of his presidency. The critical foreign theaters where Trump could face problems with his presidential re-election include Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea. In former times, a confrontation or shooting war often benefited the incumbent, as there was almost always a rallying to the flag. Those days are gone. This generation has had its fill of wars.

Assault on America, Day 363: Auld lang syne and what holds the future on the doorstep of 2020

2020 is destined to be another memorable one in the annals of United States history. The presidential campaign and election will dominate the news cycles, one side will claim a mandate and the other will cry foul. What comes afterward will determine the fate of the country. Will we survive?

Here’s What Is What’s Going To Happen In 2020

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

If you thought you can’t top the stupidity we experienced in 2019, brace yourself for 2020 because it’s going to be a pronoun-fueled weather cult pinko freakshow. But it won’t be all amusing antics – the left hates us and its ugly mask is coming off, revealing the even uglier fascist visage lurking beneath. Be motivated to engage in the cultural melee. Vote. My predictions for 2020: 10. Trump Will Be Impeached…Yawn. 9. The Economy Will Stay Strong, Disappointing Democrats. 8. Virginia Will Declare War on Its Citizens. 7. Replacing Justice Ginsburg. 6. Trans Fascism Backlash. 5. Pardon This. 4. Durham's Indictments. 3. Foreign Policy Success. 2. Democrats Will Lose the House. 1. Trump Will Get Reelected.

Assault on America, Day 362: How do you kill a presidential campaign stone dead? Ask Biden

No one ever claimed running for president was easy, and it’s brought low a number of good people as well as exposed frauds who just can’t keep their message straight. Joe Biden is telling liberals what they want to hear, but one can’t help but sense his days on the campaign trail are numbered.

Assault on America, Day 359: GOP establishment and Democrats are light years behind Trump

Neither the Democrats nor Trump’s few remaining intra-party GOP boo birds will change the outcome of impeachment or win the greater fight for the honest affections of the American People. This is one area where the establishment is most definitely not striking back; they might as well quit while they’re light years behind.

Assault on America, Day 358: Trump expands GOP base while Democrats pander to radicals

Both parties’ candidates pay a lot of attention to their base voters. It’s a myth to claim that Trump isn’t even trying to expand the GOP base -- he does it all the time through outreach to various interest groups and ethnic constituencies. In 2016 he said to black voters, “What do you have to lose?” It still rings true, and will likely be reflected in the 2020 election results.