Donald Trump

National poll: Trump now leads Clinton by 1 point

Mark Hensch, The Hill

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has overtaken Democratic rival Hillary Clinton for the first time since May in the ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll. Trump has a 1-point lead over the former secretary of State, 46 to 45 percent, as of Tuesday morning. Clinton led Trump by 1 point, 46 percent to 45 percent, in the same poll over the weekend. She held a 12-point lead, 50 to 38 percent, in the poll just more than one week ago.

Possibility Grows Of Epic Trump Electoral Victory

Stewart Lawrence, Daily Caller

There’s a sea-change occurring in public opinion that Clinton and her allies don’t want to admit. After weeks of trying to depict Trump as a compulsive groper and a sexual predator, the so-called “average” voter wants to hear about the issues again. Issues like the no-growth recovery, persistent joblessness, deteriorating inner cities, illegal immigration, and Obamacare – all of them big negatives for the incumbent.

Why Hasn't Obama Campaigned More For Hillary?

Maybe Obama hasn't been campaigning for Hillary because even the tone-deaf Clinton campaign figured that a third term for Obama wasn’t that popular with the voters they needed to win, and now that they are losing, only a desperate last minute attempt to reassemble the Obama racial coalition is their only hope of victory.

The Fact that Foreigners Back Clinton for President Supports the Case for Trump

Perhaps the best justification for voting for Donald Trump is to upset the expectations of those who believe that American taxpayers exist for the benefit of the rest of the world.

Reagan for Trump: Meese leads 240 Reaganites to Team Trump

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner

Edwin Meese, the keeper of the Reagan flame, is leading an army of 240 Reagan alumni to Republican Donald Trump's presidential campaign as it heads into the final week before Election Day.

No, the Election Isn’t Over

To win outside the margin of fraud, Republicans, Trump supporters and independent conservative organizations, such as must keep the pedal to the metal until the polls close, and then be ready to litigate every vote in every state as the results come in and anything looks amiss.

America Is Worth It PAC: The corruption of American journalism is the issue.

Asking the Republican National Committee Chairman to urge GOP Senate candidates to “nationalize the election” the Super PAC America Is Worth It, yesterday published an open letter to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus that cited an “unprecedented opportunity” in this year’s Senate contests. Here's an exclusive look at the letter and the ad that could change the campaign for GOP Senate candidates.

So Far, Trump Is Not Sinking Down-Ballot Republicans

Michael Barone, National Review

So far, down-ballot contests look less like the straight-ticket battles of recent years, in which few candidates ran significantly ahead of or behind party nominees. Instead, they look more like 1970s and 1980s contests, in which many incumbents and challengers, mostly Democrats but also Republicans, continually improvised and created individual personas tailored to their constituencies and capable of distinguishing them from unpopular national party leaders.

FedUp PAC Launches Unprecedented Catholic Voter Outreach

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
This election is winnable.  It is close enough to be turned around overnight.  The key to shifting the Catholic vote in Trump’s favor is to reach individual Catholics, and Catholic women with specific information and facts the media has not reported.  And through FedUp PAC there is a way to do that.

A Reagan Game Changing Idea For Trump

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
A Trump victory is in sight, but not assured. Trump needs a bold, game changing closing strategy to take charge of the conversation, bypass the establishment media filter and close the deal with America’s long suffering country class voters.

Trump introduces his 'new deal' for black America in Charlotte speech

Gabby Morrongiello, Washington Examiner

In a speech tailored to black voters in the crucial swing state, Trump outlined a series of policy proposals aimed at tackling urban renewal and bringing prosperity to African-American families across the country.

Trump Voters: Send Them A Message Nationalize The Election

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
Despite the abysmal failure of the GOP’s national leadership to fight the campaign on national issues, the election has been at least partly nationalized on a broader theme – a simple rejection of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s failed policies and their stated goal of fundamentally changing America.

Hillary Clinton Wants You Demoralized And Afraid – So Fight Back!

Political elites like to make empty promises, all while average folks foot the bill. And if we object then intimidation and lies are their answer. It's not a question of when they'll start giving a damn about you, it's a question of how long you're going to take it. If you are ready to fight back, we urge you to join us in helping get out the vote in North Carolina.

Only Trump Has a Chance to Bring the Country Together—and It's Slight

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

If Trump wins, it will create aftershocks reverberating way beyond his enemies on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and Beverly Hills. In order to govern in this parlous situation, Trump has to break one of his campaign pledges immediately. He must pardon Hillary Clinton, not "lock her up"—or at the very least, don't initiate new punitive actions against her.

"Come Home" to Trump, Pence Will Tell Utahans

Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics

It will now fall to Pence, who built his political career as a respected voice among religious conservatives, to make that case to Utahans. His message, an aide said, will appeal not only to pragmatism, but also to values, “to remind people that our opponent and her campaign have expressed disdain for Catholics and have disrespected evangelical Christians.”

Trump team vetting cabinet members

Jessie Hellmann, The Hill

Kellyanne Conway told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that Trump's transition team, led by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, has begun vetting potential cabinet members. "Yes, because we're going to win so we have to get ready to form a government," Conway said.