Donald Trump

Two Things Donald Trump Got Absolutely Right

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

First, Donald Trump and Mike Pence went to Louisiana. In the midst of terrible devastation, while President Obama was on vacation and Hillary Clinton was fundraising, Team Trump went to Louisiana. They drew positive media exposure and looked Presidential. Second, Trump went to Mexico and Hillary did not.

Trump: Maybe we can deport Clinton

Jonathan Swan, The Hill

Trump told the raucous Phoenix crowd that as president he'd be establishing a "special deportation task force" to "find the most dangerous illegals who have evaded justice." "Just like Hillary Clinton has evaded justice," Trump added, as the Phoenix crowd roared. "Maybe they will be able to deport her."

Hillary's Former Chief Campaign Strategist Calls Trump's Mexico Speech A 'Home Run'

Chuck Ross, Daily Caller

The chief strategist and communications director for Hillary Clinton’s last presidential campaign offered a surprising take on Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico on Wednesday. Howard Wolfson said on Twitter that Trump appeared “presidential” and hit a political “home run” during a joint press conference he held with Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto.

Trump Delivers A Speech For The Ages

If Hillary Clinton has been looking weak and haggard on the campaign trail she must be positively terrified now, because last night Donald Trump rallied an army fiercely determined to take its country back and reclaim the promise that she and Barack Obama have stolen from them.

Hillary Clinton’s New Classified Email Revelation

Fox News’ award winning chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge observed in an appearance on Greta Van Susteren’s “On the Record” that the email exchange was almost office gossip in nature. Which begs the question what kind of judgement was Clinton exercising in gossiping about classified information via email hosted on her unsecured server?

Polls tighten in presidential race

Jonathan Easley, The Hill

Donald Trump is gaining some ground on Hillary Clinton in the polls, leaving the Democrat with a smaller lead heading into the crucial month of September. Clinton’s lead has shrunk to 4.3 points in the RealClearPolitics average, and she’s fallen short of the 50 percent mark in the last six national polls. The Democratic presidential nominee has settled into the mid-40 percent range, presenting an opportunity for her Republican rival.

Trump Talk to Focus on Borders, Not Deportation

Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics

Trump now appears to have settled on a new manner of discussing his immigration views, if not a revised stance. He will focus on border security, as has been the tack of many Republicans, while leaving the question of illegal immigrants already in the country to sort out later.

Media defend aggressive standards for covering Trump

Eddie Scarry, Washington Examiner

Trump's campaign has benefited from billions of dollars worth of earned media, and has put him in a position where he doesn't have to run campaign ads as much, and yet still competes. However, more and more media figures are mounting an effort to end Trump's free ride.

The resentment election

Hugh Hewitt, Washington Examiner

Throughout American history some elections have been driven by resentment and revenge. 2016 seems to me to be one of those, ranking with the 1968 vote after a year of tears, misery and war, as well as the "Bloody Shirt" elections following the Civil War.

The Washington Post Joins The Elitist War On Country Class America

“Americans have a fundamental, decent, and just demand: that the people they elect defend their interests. And every issue to come before us in the coming months will have to pass this test: does this strengthen, or weaken, the position of the everyday, loyal American citizen?” The inhumanely elitist views expressed in The Washington Post’s editorial “Don’t Fall for Trump’s Pivot” fail – grossly – to meet that test.

Trump is finally focusing on attacking Clinton

Gabby Morrongiello, Washington Examiner

For a little over a week now, Trump has kept his focus on his Democratic opponent by capitalizing on the numerous developments related to her private email practices and the questionable dealings between Clinton Foundation donors and the State Department.

Hillary Clinton and Establishment GOP Join Forces Against the Alt-Right

The reason why Brexit resonated and Trump resonated isn’t that people are racists or too stupid to understand the arguments. The reason they resonated is that people have been so screwed by the prevailing order in such deep and fundamental and enduring ways that they can't imagine that anything is worse than preservation of the status quo.

Trump vs. The Elites

Patrick J. Walsh, Daily Caller

Trump, who called himself in his nomination speech a “Redneck from Fifth Ave,” understands the silent majority’s concerns. He is pushing back against an elite media who want a world of no borders, no allegiance and no identity.

Trump drives agenda while Hillary Clinton hides behind jokes

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Corporations need cheap illegal labor, importers need cheap goods from China and the military industrial complex needs to keep America’s wars rolling. Every one of these entities has armies of high-paid lobbyists to make sure that the establishment stays put no matter what the voters want. Hillary Clinton? Her entire campaign is built on celebrity, pay-for-play wealth and establishment politics against a backdrop of gender wars.

Clinton buries Trump in negative ads

Niall Stanage, The Hill

Many of Clinton’s ads have been attacks against Trump for being rash, lacking in basic decency, or for engaging in outsourcing as a businessman only to oppose it as a candidate. When advertising from outside groups backing Clinton’s candidacy is factored in, the disparity in the TV “air war” is even more startling.