Donald Trump


Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  We have a binary choice. One or the other will be our next president. Let's be clear if you are a Republican or a conservative and you don't vote for Trump you are helping Hillary Clinton become the next president whether you vote for her or not.

How the System Is ‘Rigged’

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

In what sense is the system rigged? Consider Big Media—the elite columnists and commentators, the dominant national press, and the national and cable networks, save FOX. Not in this writer’s lifetime has there been such blanket hatred and hostility of a presidential candidate of a major party.

The Cheap Moralizing of Never Trump

William McGurn, Wall Street Journal

Trump's voters support him because they get the contempt dripping from Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton whenever the subject is the things they cherish: faith, patriotism, the decency of ordinary citizens, and so on. Above all, they support him because they also get that the elite contempt for Donald Trump is a proxy contempt for them.

I'm a Bible-thumping etiquette teacher for Trump

Diann Catlin, USA Today

Neither eloquence nor unworldliness can save our cherished America. Radical change is needed to fix the problems that have crippled our country, especially in the last eight years. I believe the Republican platform, Trump, Pence and justices who know and uphold the Constitution will bring exactly that. But to make it happen, the etiquette police and evangelicals must put aside their reservations and vote — please.

I’m A Sexual Assault Victim Who Still Supports Trump

D.C. McAllister, The Federalist

Trump is my only option at this point to stop the Clintons and the Democratic Party, to put an end to their corruption, sexism, and political agenda that will make women less safe, less prosperous, and less free.

Daniel Oliver: The Easy Case for Donald Trump

Mega-crony capitalist/socialist Barack Obama and his would-be successor Hillary Clinton are the two people on the planet most destructive of traditional American values. Given the binary choice between Trump and Clinton I prefer Trump.

The Case for Trump

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

The irony is now upon us that Trump may have been the most conservative Republican candidate who still could beat Hillary Clinton — and that if he were to win, he might usher in the most conservative Congress, presidency, and Supreme Court in nearly a century.

Trump is existential threat to establishment, still has support

Stephen Moore, Washington Times

What I’ve come to discover is that it is the Trump movement, more so than Donald Trump himself, that is an existential threat to the establishment elites on the right and left. They are the front-line victims of government in Washington run amok. One Trump voter said it well to me at a recent rally in Colorado Springs: “All we want from government is less of it.”

Trump's Misdemeanors vs. Hillary's Felonies

Roger Kimball, PJ Media

Here, as in Britain, the smug, inbred uniformity of elite opinion obscures the depth and determination of competing forces.  It was enough to shock all establishment opinion when the vote came through for Brexit. Whether it will be enough to propel Donald Trump over the victory line is yet to be determined.  It would be a rash man, however, who declared it to be impossible.

Poll: 41 percent of voters think election could be 'stolen' from Trump

Jessie Hellmann, The Hill

More than four-in-ten of American voters think the election could be "stolen" from Donald Trump due to voter fraud, a poll released Monday shows. The Politico/Morning Consult Poll finds that 41 percent of voters think widespread voter fraud could cause the GOP presidential nominee to lose the election.

Tim Macy: Hillary Clinton’s Five Point Plan to Destroy the Second Amendment

With an estimated 80 to 100 million gun owners in America (about a third of the electorate) pro-gun voters could put an end to the political aspirations of the current generation of Clintons.  And gun owners have every reason to shudder at the thought of another Clinton in the White House.

America's Decadent Leadership Class

Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal

I don’t know about you but when people look down on me I want them to be distinguished or outstanding in some way—towering minds, people of exquisite sensibility or learning. Not these grubbly poseurs, these people who’ve never had a thought but only a sensation: Christians are backward, I saw it in a movie! It’s the big fact of American life now, isn’t it? That we are patronized by our inferiors.

Trash Talk and the White House

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

Something good could come from this tawdry presidential campaign that seems to have no end. Women, perhaps led by a past and present first lady, could lead a clean-up of the culture. God knows the culture needs it, and only women could get it done. But it will require more than throwing the first stone.

Jerry Falwell Jr.: Trump has 'emails' to prove sex allegations untrue

Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. said on Thursday that Donald Trump told him he has email evidence proving he did not sexually harass or assault the women who have accused him of doing so. Falwell did not disclose details about the email information the Republican nominee claimed to have, but said some of the accusers had asked the billionaire businessman for jobs afterward.

Trump's 'scorched earth' becomes new worry for Clintonworld

Amie Parnes, The Hill

The “scorched earth” playbook employed by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is stirring alarm among allies of Hillary Clinton, with some fearing the negativity will depress turnout on Election Day. Some Clinton supporters say they they’re concerned that voters are nearly fed up with the constant accusations and name-calling that has defined the campaign.

Penny Nance: Hillary Clinton is Wrong on Life, Religious Liberty, and the Rest of the Conservative Agenda

Donald Trump is not a perfect candidate, far from it.  However, as a pro-life American, I must not contribute to the destruction of human life. I could never support Hillary Clinton, and if you disagree with her policy — woman or man — you should vote against her. In this election, that means voting for the only other viable candidate, Donald Trump.


It would be wonderful for the Clinton campaign to repudiate the content of these ugly WikiLeaks emails. All of us backward-thinking Catholics who actually believe what Scripture and the Church teach would be so very grateful.