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N.J. Politics Roundup: Christie loses ground to Trump; state deficit at $10.2B

Brent Johnson, NJ Advance Media for

Two new polls show Gov. Chris Christie lost support in the early-voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire as Donald Trump surged into the top two of the crowded field vying for the Republican nomination for president.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: “Why is he here?”

Today’s look at the 2016 GOP presidential race includes the “big” news concerning Jim Gilmore’s impending announcement, Carly Fiorina’s answers to real questions from conservatives and President Obama warns the world about the Republican candidates.

Where is the outrage, GOP candidates?

Eric Erickson, RedState

GOP presidential hopefuls should be talking about the Republican congressional leadership’s utter betrayal of conservative voters rather than making routine campaign stops. When Mitch McConnell refuses to allow a vote to defund Planned Parenthood, why aren’t they speaking up?

Trump’s Rise and the Tea Party: Rooted in the Failed Leadership of the GOP

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
Readers asked me to expand on my Friday column about the rise of Donald Trump as a contender for the Republican nomination for President. In my view Donald Trump is just the latest in a long line of message carriers who have spoken for grassroots Americans fed-up with the duplicity and betrayals of the Republican establishment and Washington’s ruling class. One of the great ironies of the 2016 Republican presidential campaign may very well be that the establishment Republican political class will finally receive their comeuppance at the hands of Donald Trump, the most unlikely of populist conservatives.

Viguerie: Lack of Trust on Right and Left Fueling Trump and Sanders

Ed Schultz Radio Program

CHQ Chairman Richard Viguerie told liberal talk radio and television personality Ed Schultz that, “People are angry out there, they're losing trust... there's a lack of trust across the board on the Left and the Right,” and that lack of trust is fueling the rise and poll numbers of Donald Trump and of Bernie Sanders.

Establishment’s Games Will Only Solidify Trump’s Support

A recent poll reveals that Donald Trump’s comments on John McCain were not as damaging as predicted and the establishment’s continued attempts to undermine Trump will only end up making him more popular with a very angry conservative Republican voting base.

It’s Not About Trump – It’s About The Failures Of The Republican Establishment

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
What the Republican establishment, and the Washington political elite in general can’t seem to grasp is Trump’s support is coming from the same place in American politics that the 2009 Tea Party movement came from -- the failure of the Republican establishment to stand for its own principles.

Why Donald Trump Is Right

Jeffery Lord, Conservative Review

Many in the room applauded and cheered at the idea that Romney and Bush should not run. letting the moderate Republican Establishment yet again pick a nominee is a sure sign of yet another loss to come.

Rove Tells Trump Not to Lecture Romney on ‘Choking’

Evan McMurry, Mediaite

“I love Mitt Romney being lectured by Donald Trump on choking,” Karl Rove said. “Trump is the guy who constantly chokes on becoming a candidate. He says he’s gonna run & then goes out & gives a lousy speech & ultimately decides his TV show is more important.”

Trump: I Can Make America Great Again

Robert Wilde, Breitbart

After delivering a rousing speech that shook the auditorium at the Iowa Freedom Summit in Des Moines, Trump told said that he is “very, very serious” about what’s at stake for America and the need for new leadership in '16. 

Trump to Romney: Don’t Even Think About Running Again

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Trump said that Romney fails to appeal to the Republican base and as such would lose yet again. “Many Republicans stayed home,” Trump said of 2012. “If the Republicans came out and voted, he would have won…John McCain actually got more votes than Mitt Romney.”

Bush Draws Boos from Conservatives

Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill

A mention of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R), a potential 2016 presidential contender, by Donald Trump brought boos from a conservative crowd in New Hampshire.

Conservatives To Rally For First Principles

How can we get America back on a course that adheres to the bedrock principles that have made our country a beacon of freedom for the world? Citizens United's David Bossie has a solution.

At CPAC, Trump Muses on Ukraine, Immigration and More

Carrie Dan, NBC News
Donald Trump said that the GOP should be wary of addressing the problem of undocumented immigrants because they would not vote for R's “no matter what.” “You better be smart, you better be tough, and they’re taking your jobs and you better be careful,” he said.

Trump Eyeing Presidency; Says Christie Hurt

Richard Valdmanis, Reuters

Donald Trump said he may seek the Repub. presidential nomination for 2016, adding that Chris Christie's prospects for a White House run have dimmed since a scandal erupted.

Governor Trump?

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Philosophically, Donald Trump is no Nelson Rockefeller. Unlike Nelson Rockefeller, Trump built his fortune himself, overcoming every considerable challenge along the way. He may have a real chance.

Cruz Fights Back Against Estab.

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Cruz came out swinging against his GOP Establishment critics, saying they needed to learn how to negotiate. Cruz also said that countless constituents wanted something done immediately to stop Obamacare, rejecting the notion that the GOP should simply stand back and let the program collapse of its own merit. 

Trump Agrees with Viguerie: Christie Choice a Disaster

Donald Trump knows a thing or two about winning, and apparently he agrees with Richard Viguerie: Stuart Stevens and the Romney campaign team did a horrible job for Romney and will be a disaster for Chris Christie.