Donald Trump

Romney’s Third-Party Delusion

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

If Romney believes that Trump is an unacceptable nominee and would be an intolerable president, and that Republicans have a moral obligation to prevent this, why does Romney not man up and take on the assignment himself?

Republicans trust Trump over Ryan to lead party

Kelly Cohen, Washington Examiner

Republicans are more inclined to trust Donald Trump over House Speaker Paul Ryan to lead the GOP, according to a new poll. Fifty-eight percent trust the presumed Republican presidential nominee to lead the party over the Wisconsin congressman, according to a new NBC News/SurveyMonkey Weekly Tracking poll.

Trump creating committees to raise big money for GOP

Alex Isenstadt and Kenneth P. Vogel, Politico

The creation of the joint fundraising committees comes as Trump and the Republican Party are taking steps to mend the wounds left by a contentious primary during which the anti-establishment candidate repeatedly called out the GOP’s leaders and donors — sometimes in deeply personal terms.

Kasich 'not inclined' to be Trump's VP

Jesse Byrnes, The Hill

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said during a CNN interview broadcast Monday night that he's "not inclined" to be presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump's running mate. "It would be very hard for me, unless he were to change all of his views and become a uniter, for me to get in the middle of this thing," Kasich told CNN's Anderson Cooper.

Nolte Quit 2 Months Ago, Breitbart’s Loss Is Everyone’s Gain

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

Breitbart News has sold out, not to Trump’s candidacy, but to crass, ugly, filthy money. The Donald may be into overglitzed burlesque and gold-plated opulence, but at least his burlesque has some degree of style (sometimes tasteless, but definitely with style). Breitbart lacks even the most basic spray-on version of class. It’s a walking, animated, Internet billboard for a truckstop strip club.

Larry Craig: A Case for Donald Trump - Muslim Immigration

CHQ reader and author Larry A. Craig says bringing Muslims into our country could be the single worst mistake in our nation’s history. Our nation will bend to their will, first through polite accommodation, then through demands for equality and fairness, and then frankly you will be afraid not to give them everything they want because, frankly, you will be afraid of what will happen if you don’t. Bad laws can be undone.  Bad taxes and bad trade policies can be undone.  Bad immigration cannot. Donald Trump is the only candidate for president who has talked about stopping, even if only temporarily, Muslim immigration to America.

Newt Gingrich responds to VP question

Sara Gonzales, RedState

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Chris Wallace Sunday morning that if he was asked to be Trump’s running mate, he would have to sit down and talk with Donald Trump before saying “yes.”  But he also added that he “would be hard pressed not to say yes,” he just wasn’t sure if he wanted to take on the challenge.

Trump: Rubio not being considered for VP

Evelyn Rupert, The Hill

Donald Trump is denying the information about his VP search that Ben Carson reportedly gave the Washington Post, saying specifically that Marco Rubio (and most others mentioned) is not being considered.

Larry Craig: A Case for Donald Trump, Part 2

Larry Craig says our elected officials seem to have forgotten the purpose of government in our country.  One thing that it is not for is for the government to do something and then tell the American people to like it.  Our government officials and elected representatives need to have a copy of the beginning of our Constitution printed out and mounted on their desks.  It provides a 6-point checklist for everything they do, and allowing unlimited immigration is contrary to almost every point.

Signs of thaw as Republicans see a different side of Trump

Scott Wong and Jonathan Easley, The Hill

In a meeting with Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-Wis.) leadership team on Thursday, the typically brash Manhattan billionaire was polite, professional, and even deferential at times. During two-plus hours of meetings at the Republican National Committee offices, the presumptive GOP nominee did something he doesn’t seem to do very often on the campaign trail: listen.

'Never (Again) Trump' sets sights on 2020

Kyle Cheney, Politico

Conservatives, still reeling over the looming nomination of Donald Trump, are pushing new Republican primary rules that might have prevented the mogul’s victory in the first place: shutting out independents and Democrats from helping to pick the GOP nominee.

How Parties are Revitalized

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Trump may bring more excitement than some folks can handle. But Clinton has become a crashing bore, until she gets agitated, and then the voice rises to where she sounds like the siren on the hook-and-ladder in “Chicago Fire.”

Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are better off without each other

Phillip Klein, Washington Examiner

Should Trump win in November, Ryan's failure to endorse Trump won't ultimately matter. Office holders are frequently forced to work together with people who they didn't support during the elections. Ryan and Trump could collaborate on specific issues on which they both agree. If Trump wants accomplishments, he'd need to go through Ryan's House. If Ryan wants any parts of his agenda to become law, he'd need Trump's signature.

GOP Leaders learning to live with Trump

James Arkin and Caitlin Huey-Burns, Real Clear Politics

Behind the hoopla, the GOP was coming to terms with the new reality: party leaders may have rejected the now presumptive nominee, but millions of voters didn't. For that reason, Trump and the establishment are now in this together.

Larry Craig: A Case for Donald Trump, Part 1

Larry Craig says, "For me there are five issues that are the iceberg sinking the ship.  And if the ship sinks, nothing else is going to matter.  In each case, Donald Trump is either the only one who understands the problem, has the right solution to fix the problem, or is the only one I believe will actually do what is needed to fix the problem."

Trump Is Right: Jeb Bush Is “Not A Man Of Honor”

Donald Trump may not be a paragon of virtue and personal rectitude on par with George Washington, but he’s right about Jeb Bush. A pledge is a guarantee, there’s no outs, and in refusing to offer even a pro forma endorsement of Trump Jeb Bush dishonored his pledge.

Trump Now Saying Banning Muslims Was ‘Just a suggestion’

Brandon Morse, RedState

Those who supported Trump for his hard stances must now live with the fact that “hard stance” does not mean the same thing to Trump as it does to anyone else. Regardless, this will likely be written off as Trump playing politics until he can assume power and come through with every promise that ever left his lips.