Donald Trump

The Nine Lives of Donald J. Trump

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Such is the unrelenting popular furor at political correctness, the political and media aristocracy, the Obama record, and the immorality of Hillary Clinton that a candidate with no political experience, little campaign cash, and serious character problems may overturn a century of conventional wisdom. The choice of winning or losing the election is now mostly Trump’s own.

Trump promises 'new legacy' at Ohio rally

Gabby Morrongiello, Washington Examiner

In one form or another, Trump promised voters in Charlotte; West Bend, Wis., Dimondale, Mich.; Fredericksburg, Va. and now Akron, that his proposals will introduce a new era of prosperity, unity and tolerance in a nation that has been divided and decimated by Democratic policies.

Trump to supporters: 'Go out and watch' on Election Day

Rebecca Savransky, The Hill

A page on the GOP nominee's website lets supporters volunteer to assume the role of a "Trump Election Observer." It is not clear what the Trump campaign plans to have the volunteers do.

We Endorse Dan Bongino, the Conservative in Florida-19

Dan Bongino earned our endorsement when he said, “I want my campaign to be a salute to working-class Americans just like me – the farmers, the small business owners, the manufacturers – who have been forgotten by this administration, they are now, and have always been, my inspiration and are the reason I’m running for Congress.”

The New Puritans vs. Trump's Revolutionary Conservatives

The 2016 presidential election has pitted the Revolutionary Conservatives inspired by Phyllis Schlafly's "A Choice Not An Echo" against individuals inspired by 19th century preacher Charles H. Spurgeon, until the rift is healed conservatism is in danger of becoming politically irrelevant.

Where Has THIS Trump Been?

Ross Kaminsky, The American Spectator

If you buy the argument, then, that Trump’s real persona, while hardly demure, is not the incorrigible blustery demagogue of recent months but rather a man who is at least occasionally capable of quiet thoughtfulness, respectful disagreement, and even a soft side, the rapid change in campaign style over the past two weeks may be less of an act than it is better coaching urging him to drop the tiresome and divisive shtick.

What Trump’s Foreign Policy Gets Right

John Bolton, Wall Street Journal

National security should be central to the 2016 presidential contest. Mr. Trump’s speech is a serious contribution to that end. He needs to maintain his focus and discipline, and by so doing compel Mrs. Clinton to defend her intention to continue President Obama’s failed polices.

From Donald Trump, a stunning admission and a new direction

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Trump's speech in Charlotte suggested a candidate willing to take a new approach to the formidable problems he faces in this race. Perhaps the old Trump will come roaring back at any moment. But Trump in Charlotte was something entirely new.

Missteps aside, Trump still only alternative to Beltway corruption

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

Donald Trump may not be the exact reincarnation of George Washington, but you cannot blame him for the mess we are in. And for as long as he represents a departure from the crowd who gave us this mess, he is far and away the better choice.

It ain't over till it's over

Patrick J. Buchanan,

Trump believes populism and nationalism are the future of America, and wants to keep saying so. Nor is this stance inconsistent with recapturing the ground lost in the weeks since he was running even with Hillary Clinton.

Viguerie: Trump Campaign as Exciting Now as Reagan's in 1980

"If you look at Donald Trump's campaign now . . . These are charter members of the conservative movement. It's very exciting. I haven't seen anything like this since the 1980 Reagan campaign against [Jimmy] Carter."

Trump Beginning To Meet Viguerie’s Foolproof Test

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
“Who you walk with tells me a lot about who you are” is an aphorism that I have long applied as a foolproof test of whether a candidate or elected official is going to govern as a conservative. This might be seen as a companion or corollary to another one of my favorite rules of politics – personnel is policy.

Stephen Bannon poised to do battle for Donald Trump

Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times

As the new playcaller behind Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Stephen K. Bannon has drawn instant, nervous news coverage — already deemed a “street fighter” by CNN, a “right wing Rottweiler” by Vice, a “rogue and provocateur” by Politico, and “Trump’s latest Svengali” by Mother Jones.

'Let Trump Be Trump'? Who Else Could He Be?

Heather Wilhelm, Real Clear Politics

Trump will be Trump, and voters should be thankful for this: Finally, perhaps the usual suspects in the Republican Party will finally stop attempting to sell us an imaginary proto-Trump. Voters, meanwhile, can pay attention, do their research, and then take or leave the real version. Unlike the various machinations of the pro-Trump forces inside the GOP, it’s the honest thing to do.

Roger Stone: You Bet Elections Can Be “Rigged”

That the entire political system is rigged to favor Clinton is self-evident, but now Trump confidant Roger Stone has published a column in DC’s political journal The Hill documenting how elections can be rigged and the evidence that some actually have been rigged.

Viguerie: Movement Conservatives Now Leading Trump Campaign

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
With Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon at the top of the campaign team, Mike Pence as Vice President and Senator Jeff Sessions at Donald Trump’s side the Trump campaign is shaping up to be the most ideological campaign since Ronald Reagan’s 1980 campaign against Jimmy Carter.