Donald Trump

Would Donald Trump Save Americans From Unnecessary War?

Subsidizing prosperous, populous allies and attempting to remake failed states provides little benefit to most Americans, who do the dying and paying. Hillary Clinton’s foreign support actually reinforces Donald Trump’s point: the need for an international policy that advances the interests of the American people.

Viguerie: Conservatives Cheer Trump Court Picks, Want More Assurances

Emily Cadei, Newsweek

“Although I’d add Janice Rogers Brown and J. Michael Luttig to the list, the list of potential Supreme Court nominees released by Mr. Trump is very good,” said conservative leader Richard Viguerie. “However, it is but a tiny step on the long road to convincing conservatives they should support him.”

Donald Trump, Constitutional Conservative

F. H. Buckley, American Spectator

The list of potential Supreme Court nominees Donald Trump released tells us he’s a constitutional conservative. But even before that we should have figured it out. It’s impossible to imagine him as president doing anything other than negotiating with Congress. Fish got to swim, birds got to fly, the Donald got to negotiate. And that’s the way back.

Big poll story is not Trump's strength but Clinton's weakness

Michael Barone, Washington Examiner

You would expect that the numbers for the putative Democratic candidate for president would rise in tandem with a rise in the numbers for the Democratic president — and one for which that candidate served in a top position for four years. You would expect that — but it's not happening.

GOP elite line up behind Donald Trump

Alex Isenstadt, Politico

While a small group of Republicans has wrung its hands raw over the choice between the GOP’s nominee and Hillary Clinton, the party’s firmament – social and intellectual conservatives, the lobbyist and donor class, powerful operatives and outside groups – is increasingly getting in line behind Donald Trump.

How Trump is Drawing in Democrats

Monica Crowley, Washington Times

Mr. Trump isn’t going to win over huge numbers of black voters, but given his unconventional candidacy, he may attract enough black voters to win. Throughout the primaries, he has demonstrated substantial crossover appeal to Democrats, many of whom crossed party lines to vote for him (over 100,000 in Pennsylvania alone).

Krauthammer: Trump’s Supreme Court Picks ‘Will Have A Dramatic Effect’ On GOP Unity

Steve Guest, Daily Caller

Appearing on Fox News’s “Special Report” on Wednesday, host Bret Baier asked if Trump naming his nominees to the Supreme Court had any impact on Republican unity, to which Krauthammer said, “I think it will have a dramatic effect in doing that. The one thing holding back people who have resisted supporting Trump or at least the major thing is the fear of what a Clinton presidency would do to the Supreme Court and how it would change it for a generation.”

Trump seeks truce with big GOP donors

David M. Drucker, Washington Examiner

Trump's formation of two joint fundraising agreements with the RNC is common practice — and smart. The GOP standard bearer is running against a Hillary Clinton machine that could spend as much as $2 billion to defeat him, and this approach could help him even the playing field.

Donald Trump mentions rape in discussing Bill Clinton

Nick Gass, Politico

The allegations raised against Donald Trump in a recent New York Times article are nothing compared to the Clintons’ history, the presumptive Republican nominee said in an interview with Fox News’ “Hannity” aired Wednesday night.

Trump: Missing EgyptAir flight looks like terrorism

Kyle Balluck, The Hill

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump early Thursday weighed in on a missing EgyptAir flight, saying it looks “like yet another terrorist attack.” “When will we get tough, smart and vigilant?” he asked on Twitter.

Pining for Perot

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

A #NeverTrump third party run is more like Ross Perot in 1992. Perot was a cross between Trump and Ron Paul, but he was the real thing versus a Macy’s Thanksgiving parade inflatable of himself. I voted for Perot in ’92. Now I pine for Perot, who threw himself on the funeral pyre in protest of the “read my lips” betrayal.

The Shameless New York Times

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

It's safe to say that Trump is no one's idea of Mr. Manners. His rudeness toward women was summarized by Fox's Megyn Kelly at the first GOP debate. And the way Trump treated her afterward underlined it. But The New York Times now has no right whatsoever to pass judgment on presidential candidates and their treatment of women.

Trump: 'Absolutely I have regrets'

Rebecca Savransky, The Hill

"Absolutely I have regrets," Trump said in an interview with Fox's Megyn Kelly that aired Tuesday night. "I don't think I'm going to discuss what the regrets are, but absolutely I could've done certain things differently." Trump said he could have used different language in a few of instances, but is overall "very happy" with the outcome.

Trump boasts about 'tremendous cash flow' in new financial report

Nick Gass, Politico

While the 104-page document is not yet publicly available from the Federal Election Commission, Trump said it is the “largest in the history of the FEC” – his prior one was 92 pages – and that his runaway business success is “the kind of thinking the country needs.”

Rep Dave Brat Weighs In On Trump, America’s Unsustainable Debt Problem

Juliegrace Brufke, Daily Caller

While the Republican party appears to be shifting away from the establishment toward a more populist direction, Brat says many lawmakers are not taking the hint voters want to see something different.

Romney’s Third-Party Delusion

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

If Romney believes that Trump is an unacceptable nominee and would be an intolerable president, and that Republicans have a moral obligation to prevent this, why does Romney not man up and take on the assignment himself?