Donald Trump

Donald Trump Doesn’t Know the Nomination Rules And Cries About It

streiff, RedState

The guy who promised us he’d give us winning until we were tired of winning is being out hustled and out organized by Ted Cruz. Trump is whining about the process because he is not running his campaign any better than he has run any of his business ventures.

GOP faces hurdles if it runs an anti-Trump third-party candidate

Cate Martel, The Hill

Donald Trump’s rise has sparked rumblings of an anti-Trump Republican candidate running as a third party if he wins the nomination. But to do so would take a concerted effort to get on states’ ballots, convince voters of the candidate’s viability and ultimately, leap over rules to capture enough members of the Electoral College.

Part 3: What Should Conservatives Do if Trump Wins the Republican Nomination?

The idea that Ted Cruz and his movement conservative supporters should join forces with the establishment Republican perpetrators of what has become a near-treasonous sellout of our country would prove to be a disaster for the conservative movement and provide no guarantee of a conservative victory in November.

Trump and Cruz Getting Suckered into Destroying Each Other

The “War on the Wives” between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, that has grown increasingly cruel over the past week, should have conservatives and their populist allies asking “Cui bono?” an old Latin legal term meaning “Who benefits?” from the hostility that now threatens the hoped-for anti-establishment alliance at the Republican National Convention.

Cruz: Wisconsin primary will change the course of 2016 race

Ryan Lovelace, Washington Examiner

"Here in Wisconsin, we are effectively tied with Donald Trump for first place — the latest polling shows us ahead by one point," Cruz said. "Now the entire country is looking to Wisconsin. Wisconsin has a national platform, a national megaphone ... And a victory here in Wisconsin will have powerful national repercussions, will impact each and every primary coming up after this."

A vote for Kasich is a vote for Trump

Michael Barone, National Review

Kasich has won only one primary, in his home state, and finished second in three more, all in New England. The chances are vanishingly minimal that a convention, once Trump falls short of 1,237, would nominate him for president. But vice president? Maybe — if, despite Kasich’s recent claim that he would never be a running mate, his 143 delegates put Trump over the top.


Rich Lowry, Politico

There is no excuse for Kasich, who knows a thing or two about elections, not realizing this. It’s hard to avoid the conclusion that he is still in the race only because he is less realistic and, sadly, less honorable than the candidates who have dropped out before him.

Can either Trump or Cruz unify the GOP?

W. James Antle III, Washington Examiner

While Cruz once seemed best positioned to keep Trump in his supporters in the fold — that was certainly his initial strategy — the contest between them has gotten increasingly nasty. That's more Trump's fault than Cruz's, but it doesn't help anyone unite the party in the end.

Part 2: What Should Conservatives Do if Trump Wins the Republican Nomination?

What we see on the part of the Republican establishment is not an effort to deliver the nomination to Senator Ted Cruz, but an effort to create a chaotic situation in which no outsider has a majority, thereby delivering to the Washington Cartel’s powerbrokers and insiders the ability to choose the nominee at the Republican National Convention. If that happens, then conservatives will have to face the reality of working with Donald Trump or opposing him at the GOP Convention.

Cruz dismisses Trump win in Arizona

Jesse Byrnes, The Hill

Cruz said the billionaire picked up a majority of ballots cast during early voting, before recent events. "The momentum is with us," Cruz said early Wednesday on CNN's "New Day," touting his new endorsement from Jeb Bush, along with figures such as Mitt Romney, Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and conservative radio host Mark Levin.

Trump Threatens Heidi Cruz Over Tiny Liz Mair PAC Ad

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

For his part, Cruz didn’t flinch. Attacking wives is a pretty cowardly act, but if Melania posed naked, nobody can reasonably expect that wouldn’t come out eventually. Trump is the one who needs to be careful here.

Part 1: What Should Conservatives Do if Trump Wins the Republican Nomination?

Part One Of A Four Part Series: Trump won Arizona handily with a near-majority of 47 percent and his current cache of at least 739 delegates pretty much seals the math against any other candidate approaching a majority of 1237 delegates going into the Republican National Convention. So what should conservatives do if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee? Today we examine the first of four scenarios.

Cruz on Trump: 'His entire campaign is built on a lie'

Jesse Byrnes, The Hill

"The lie behind Donald's campaign is that he will stand up to Washington. He is the system," Cruz told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. "Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are flip sides of the same coin: Donald Trump has made billions buying influence in Washington, Hillary Clinton has made millions selling influence in Washington."

John Kasich’s utterly strange, bizarre campaign

Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call

Kasich’s campaign has bordered on the bizarre. He has survived for two reasons: First, he has refused to get out, no matter how badly he has done. And second, he has been so irrelevant that nobody attacked him, leaving him generally unscathed in a race where there is plenty of blood on the floor.

How Many Delegates Will John Kasich win for Trump Today?

Leon H. Wolf, RedState

If John Kasich were not still (pointlessly) in the race, Ted Cruz would likely walk away with all 98 delegates that will be awarded today. Based on the polling and the way that Ted Cruz has closed races lately, if he loses in winner-take-all Arizona, it will be close. Probably the margin will be way less than whatever John Kasich brings in.

A very simple question for Trump supporters

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

How will Donald Trump win the General Election? It’s obvious that less Clinton voters will stay home than Trump voters, because Trump will have twisted his party’s arm so far behind its back to win the nomination that the voting arm will literally (in the “literal” sense of a body of voters having their arms twisted) have a dislocated shoulder.